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About Page Speed Checker

Our suite of SEO Tools includes the very powerful and useful Pagespeed Checker Tool for monitoring the speed of your website.  

Pagespeed Checker is ultra fast, reliable and efficient. 

It offers page speed insights and allows you to check page speed. 

Let’s get to know this tool in depth. 

In fact, every website owner, webmaster, or blogger wants to check website speed as it has a great impact on the overall user experience. 

When browsing, people want to get all the information in a snap. They don’t want to wait and require that the webpage should load fast and quick. 

Moreover, Google has also incorporated Pagespeed in its ranking algorithms. If your webpage loads slowly and takes much time, you stand to lose your search engine rankings. So, Pagespeed stands out as an important ranking factor for Google. 

So, there is every reason that you should check Pagespeed of your website and make efforts to increase it and improve your website performance. 

We are here to help you in analyzing the website load time with our very powerful Pagespeed Checker. 

The tool helps you to determine which of your web pages are fast or too slow. 

Moreover, the tool is ultra user-friendly. 

You simply require to enter the URL for which you want to run the page speed test and click on the submit button. PageSpeed Checker Tool furnishes the results right away. 

The tool helps in optimizing your site and attracts more site visitors. 

What is Page Speed? 

Page Speed can be described as the “page load time” which is the time taken for displaying the content on a specific page fully. More specifically, it is the “time to first byte” which is the time taken by the browser to offer the visitor with the first byte of information from the web server. 

Why is Page Speed important? 

Page Speed determines the usability and efficiency of your website. Well, faster pages tend to be more efficient. In fact, if your web page takes more than three seconds to load, the users will simply click away and move to some other site. 

So, users expect speed with a web page. 

This holds even for mobile users. 

Moreover, Page Speed also affects conversion rate. 

Last but not least; page speed is also important for SEO purposes. In fact, Google has included page speed as one of the ranking factors for their search index. 

Here, we share some interesting findings that bring out the importance of page speed: 

  • 40% of Internet users will shun a website if it takes more than three seconds to load
  • 47% of Internet users expect that a website should load in less than two seconds
  • 70% of Internet users won’t return to the website if it takes more than three seconds to load
  • 44% of Internet users who had a poor experience with your website will pass on the information
  • 80% of a page load time is determined by elements such as images, style sheets, widgets, etc. 
  • 30% of mobile users will shun a website if it does not load in 10 seconds

How to increase your page speed? 

  • Enable file compression and reduce the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that are more than 150 bytes. For example, you can use a program like Photoshop to compress image files and retain control over the quality of images. 
  • Optimize your code to remove spaces, commas, and other unnecessary characters. You should also remove code comments, formatting, and unused code.
  • Reduce any additional redirects that make your page load slowly
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Improve server response time by removing bottlenecks such as slow database queries, lack of adequate memory, or slow routing
  • Use a content distribution network for distributing the load of distributed content
  • Optimize images and ensure that they are in the right file format. So, you need to compress the images for the web

Why should you use our Pagespeed Checker Tool? 

The Pagespeed Checker Tool is one of the most efficient and reliable tools for search engine optimization. It will allow you to offer a better user experience to your website visitors when browsing their web pages. 

Remember that most website visitors have zero tolerance when they encounter a slow loading page or website. So, if you are experiencing high bounce rate, you can use this tool for improving website navigation and find out which pages are slow to load. 

It will help you to improve the performance of your website. So, you can use Pagespeed Checker for page speed test. 

You must know that successful online endeavor comes with quality content and fast loading website speed. 

With fast page speed, you offer better user experience to your website visitors thereby bringing in user satisfaction, increase in traffic and better conversions. 

So, your website efficiency is determined by page speed. 

Using the Pagespeed Checker Tool, you get an idea of how your website is performing on the web which pays the way for optimizing your website for enhanced user experience. You can then take necessary actions for improving your page load speed as well as overall performance. 

How to use the Pagespeed Checker Tool? 

The Pagespeed Checker Tool offers insights on: 

  • Page Speed Score
  • Page Code Analysis
  • Page Optimization Suggestions

It is super-easy to use. 

Here, we list out the steps that you should follow to use this tool. Let’s take a look: 

Step #1: Get on with the page 

Step #2: Enter the URL in the space shown with “Enter a URL.”

Step #3: Complete the Captcha or Image Verification

Step #4: Click on the “Submit” button. 

That’s it. 

The Pagespeed Checker Tool will deliver the results instantly. 

So, you can use the Pagespeed Checker and find out how fast or slow your webpage is to load. You can use it to perform a website speed test.