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About Website Screenshot Generator

The Website Screenshot Generator tool by EarningGuys allows you to generate a screenshot of any web page. So, it allows your users to visualize your website before they actually visit it. It’s a very handy tool for website owners and marketers who want to increase the traffic to their website. You can upload the generated screenshots to image sharing sites.     

Moreover, it’s a completely free online tool and very easy to use. So, just enter the URL of your website in the text box and click on the “Submit” button. The tool processes your request and generates the screenshot of your website instantly. 

The tool has generated thousands of website screenshots and has helped scores of website owners and marketers to increase their traffic in the process. 

So, if you too would like to increase visits to your website, you can use this Website Screenshot Generator tool and upload the generated screenshots to image sharing websites. 

You don’t require to install any software on your PC. You can use this screenshot generator tool in a flash and generate a screenshot of any website page in just a few seconds. 

It captures the screen of any web page and generates its thumbnail so that you can use it as you want or share it with your users. It delivers professional captures that impress users from all around the globe. 

The tool requires no installation and is thoroughly easy to use. You simply need to enter the URL of the web page for which you want to generate the screenshot in the space provided for it. You need to hit the “Submit” button. That’s it. 

The tool will deliver the output (generates the screenshot of the web page) instantly. It is ideal for blogs and all professional websites. Try out this Website Screenshot Generator today!