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About www Redirect Checker

Redirect Checker comes as a URL redirect tracker.   

It’s a very useful tool which can be used for tracking the complete of where a redirected URL goes. If you have reached this page, you must know that redirection is the process by which one URL is forwarded on to a different URL. So, it’s a tool which can be used to inspect different URLs. It reports back the complete response code. 

It’s a very effective tool that can be used in the form of a free 301 redirect checker. 

What are the different types of HTTP redirects?

Now, as you are aware that what redirection is all about, it’s time to have a look at some different types of HTTP redirects:

301 Moved Permanently: When you use this redirect then all the future requests will be then redirected to a particular URL will be thrown to a given URL. 

300 Multiple Choices: The client may follow different resource options — for example, files with different extensions or word sense disambiguation or even different format options for video where they could be presented. 

307 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.1 Only): In such a redirect, the request should be repeated with another URL. However, it should be noted that all future requests should still use the original URL. 

Meta Refresh: This type of URL is executed on the page level instead of the server level. However, for SEO purposes it is not recommended. It is so because it is slow. Usually, it happens when you encounter a countdown saying, “If you are not redirected in given five seconds, click down.” This is associated with Meta Refresh. 

How may the Redirect Checker be useful to you? 

Redirect Checker or better known as URL Redirect Tracker is helpful in tracking down where a particular affiliate link goes to and which affiliate network is used. It ensures that those URL shorteners or bit.ly links are redirecting to a legitimate page. 

However, the Redirect Checker also helps users to check their own redirects. It allows you to know whether the redirected domain has been correctly redirected to your new domain. You also come to know where cookies have been set in the redirection path. 

This simple but amazingly helpful tool can figure out how many redirects have been used by certain websites. The results are much surprising!!

How can you use this Redirect Checker Tool? 

Using this Redirect Checker Tool is extremely simple yet easy. You simply have to provide the domain URL in the text box and click on “Submit” button. The results will be produced instantly to you. You will come to know the details of URL and the Redirected URL. So, if you are looking for a tool to check redirects, then you can use this Redirect Checker Tool. It is a fast, user-friendly, and most important reliable tool.

Moreover, it is absolutely free to use. So, what you are thinking for? Have a go at it!