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About Class C Ip Checker

The Class C IP Checker by EarningGuys is a simple and efficient online tool for displaying the class of IP address for the domain so that you can come to know whether or not the same address has been duplicated. So, the tool helps you to determine whether the same C range is hosting various websites.  

It’s a reliable and fast Class C IP Checker to know whether or not the same C range is hosting various websites. You can find out duplicated IP addresses and Class C IP blocks. It is recommended that you should host all your websites on different Class C IP ranges. 

Knowing the IP Address Classes

There are as much as five classes of IP addresses. 

These are as follows: 

  • Class A: The first bit for a class in an IP address is always set to zero. So, it means that you can use seven bits for the network portion of the address. The Class A addresses range from to Thus, there are only 128 network numbers. 
  • Class B: In Class B, the first bit is always set to 1 and the second bit is set to 0. So, in all 16,384 networks can be assigned Class B addresses. These can range from to
  • Class C: In Class C, the first two bits are set to 1, while the third bit is set to 0. So, in all, 2,097,152 networks can be assigned Class C address. These numbers are from to 
  • Class D: In Class D, the first three bits are set to 1, while the fourth bit is set to 0. The Class D addresses are assigned to multicasting applications. These numbers range from to which has been reserved for multicast groups. 
  • Class E: The Class addresses are used for experimentation and testing. These have never been used for any standard form. 

What is C Class IP? 

Class C is recognized as the most popular class of IP addresses. It is the most used IP addresses and is assigned to small companies. Generally, small as well as medium-sized internet service providers go on to purchase a pool of Class C IP addresses and assign to their customers. The class C IP addresses are cheap and suitable for websites and users who are not “heavy users” of the internet. Moreover, the Class C IP addresses are shared across multiple nodes. 

Using the Class C IP Checker Tool

The Class C IP Checker by EarningGuys is an easy-to-use online tool for checking the Class C of your domain. You can enter up to 40 domains in the space provided for it. Each domain must be on a separate line. Once you have entered the domain names, you need to click on the “Submit” button. 

The tool will run the test and show the results to you. It will go on to display the host names that you have entered along with their IP address, Class C, and the status. The tool is helpful to know which other websites are sharing the same IP address. You can use this tool to check Class C IP address anytime.