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About Link Price Calculator

The Link Price Calculator is a fantastic and easy-to-use tool that helps you in finding out the estimated price that is to be charged or paid for a particular domain.     

So, you can calculate the link price using this tool. 

It’s also known as Website Price Checker or Website Price Calculator. 

The tool offers an accurate computation which is based on factors such as Alexa ranking, backlinks, the age of the site, and other services, as well. These are important considerations for advertisers when they want to get the link price of a particular domain. 

The Link Price Calculator is helpful and easy to use the tool. 

You don’t need to possess any technical or programming skills at all. You simply need to copy and paste the URL into the interface. 

The tool offers instant results. 

It proves immensely useful for website owners, bloggers, advertisers, as well as internet marketers. It allows you to check several URLs.

You can use the Link Price Calculator by EarningGuys for getting quick price estimates for your links. You come to know how much you should be charging or paying for a specific link each month. 

So, the Website Price Calculator proves a useful SEO tool that generates the price of a URL in an instant. It employs a unique algorithm to determine the website’s reputation based on ranking, age, backlinks, and other factors. 

For a website owner, the Link Price Calculator tool gives an estimate of the amount that should be charged for a given URL or a text link. Plus, when you want to optimize your website or want to promote it on another site, the tool can be used to compute how much you should pay for the text link ad. 

So, if you are encountering difficulty in finding out the price estimate for links or text link ads, then you can use the Website Price Checker for calculating link prices.  

Once you get the estimated price for the link, you can then negotiate with website owners who wish to buy or sell their links

Moreover, the link prices are not constant. They can fluctuate based on the website’s traffic. So, if you have gained popularity and have more visitors coming to your website, then the selling price of your links can go up. If your website traffic goes down, then the prices of your links will decrease. 

How to use the Link Price Calculator Tool?

The Link Price Calculator is free and easy to use the tool. It requires no programming skills at all. 

Simply enter the URL in the space provided. 

You can enter as much as 100 URLs. 

Each URL must be on the separate line. 

You need to complete the image verification. 

Finally, click on the “Submit” button. 

The tool goes on to compute the results instantly. It shows you the link price in US dollars on a monthly basis. 

So, we recommend you to use the Link Price Calculator Tool to get a quick price estimate for your link.