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The free online Ping Website Tool by EarningGuys allows you to index new content quickly and easily. You need to enter the direct link to your newest blog post. Now, enter the category describing the nature of your website. You also need to enter your blog RSS feed URL. That’s it. 

Now, you simply have to do image verification solving the Captcha and click on the “Submit” button. This amazing free tool will do all the work for you. 

A ping test is usually concerned to make out if your computer has been connected to a network. So, you can check whether your computer is connected to the Internet or not. 

A ping test has been run to a server and checks the latency between the computer performing the ping test as well as the server. It is not necessary to use a utility or tool to run a ping test. You can use your command line on your computer and enter the ping command and name a website in it. The result will show you the milliseconds it takes for exchanging the packet with the website. 

Generally, when managing a website, you want to ping your website to search engines and check whether your website will connect to all the search engines. So, you want that are website must stay visible on the Internet. 

Now we are offering you a ping website tool. It’s a reliable and free online tool to ping your website to search engines. It allows you to know whether the host computer you are trying to access is operating. It is used for troubleshooting and to find out the response time. 

Microsoft Windows offers a ping test command for running the ping test. You need to enter the IP address or the domain name.