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About Page Size Checker

Page Size Checker is one of the most useful SEO Tools out here at EarningGuys. The tool helps you to know the page size of any particular URL. It’s easy to use online tool for checking any website size.   

In case your website takes long to load (which you can come to know by using the Page Size Checker tool) then you ought to work on the size of your website. It means poor user experience and results in high bounce rate as Internet users don’t like to wait for a web page to open. 

On an average, the web page size should be around 12KB that will allow it to load very quickly. You should limit the number of images on your web page as well as optimize image sizes. It will help in reducing the web page load time. 

Moreover, the use of embedded videos, audio, images, graphics, flash, as well as other forms of media goes on to increase the page size and hence the load time. 

The Page Size Checker Tool will help you to check the web page size, and hence you can inspect the performance of your website. You can improve the performance of your website once you get to know the size of individual web pages on your website. You should limit the size of each web page to reduce load time and keep the bounce rate low. 

The Page Size Checker Tool by EarningGuys is one of the best out there for checking web page size online. It is a fast, easy-to-use, and reliable online tool. Moreover, it’s totally free to use for everyone, anywhere and anytime. 

You simply need to provide the URL of the web page you want to check in the text box. Finally, you should click on the “Submit” button. That’s it. 

The tool will quickly process your request and returns the result within just a few seconds. You come to know the page size of the URL in both Bytes as well as KiloBytes. So, the Page Size Checker tool makes it very easy for you to check the website page size online.