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About XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator is a powerful and free online tool by EarningGuys which can be used to create functional XML Sitemaps for your website. The sitemap so generated can be added to your website easily for enjoying the benefits. The tool caters to your SEO requirements and helps you to get good rankings on the SERPs.      

The Sitemap Generator can generate a sitemap with as much as 500 pages, default priorities, and several change frequencies. The tool also serves as your webpage counter. It gives you the total number of pages. You also come to know the actual number of indexed pages on your website. 

Moreover, the Sitemap Generator is flexible. It supports most of the major search engines such as Google and Bing. It works for WordPress or any other site builder. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use. It doesn’t require any coding skills for generating XML Sitemaps with it. 

What is an XML Sitemap? 

XML means Extensible Markup Language (XML). It functions as a standard machine-readable file format which is usually consumed by search engines as well as data-munching programs such as feed readers. 

An XML Sitemap can be described as a document which helps search engines (including Google) to understand your website better when they crawl it. It lists out the URLs (pages) of a site in a structured manner thereby helping you to add info about each URL. You can include information such as:


  • When the page was last updated
  • How often it changes
  • How it related to other URLs in your website
  • It's important concerning the overall site

What is the importance of XML Sitemaps? 

XML Sitemaps make the search engines crawl your website more intelligently. It functions as a roadmap of your website and helps search engines to access all your important pages. 

XML Sitemaps are useful when your site is not well-structured or well-linked. They are useful when your site is new and does not possess many external links. It is also useful in case your website is large and is not well-linked. 

So, XML Sitemaps help search engines to index your website properly. It helps in search engine optimization. It allows Google to find all important pages on your website easily. With XML Sitemaps, you expose your web pages to the spider bots. 

In simple words, XML Sitemaps functions as a blueprint of your website. XML file helps Google to crawl your website quickly. 

So, to derive all these benefits, you should create XML Sitemap for your website. 

Using the XML Sitemap Generator

Step #1: Enter your website URL
Step #2: Specify the custom parameters such as the change frequency, default priority, and the dates
Step #3: Click on the “Generate Sitemap” button

The tool will analyze your request and crawl your site to generate the sitemap for you. You should access your Google Search Console Account and add your Sitemap URL. 

We hope that the information offered above will help you to get started with this free online XML Sitemap Generator.