20 Best Cost Per Sale (CPS) Affiliate Networks

Cost Per Sale Affiliate Network

In one of my earlier posts, I had listed down 20+ Best Cost Per Action (CPA) Affiliate Networks.

However, I felt the need to complement it with a post showing you Best CPS Affiliate Network.

This time round I have come up with yet another useful collection showcasing you 20 Best Cost Per Sale (CPS) Affiliate Networks.

So, if you are an affiliate and looking for a high paying, secured and advanced CPS Affiliate Network, the ongoing post can turn out to be highly beneficial for you as you get to have varied choices for effective and efficient CPS Affiliate Network. [Read more...]

Are You Using Google AdSense Custom-Sized Ads?

Custom-Sized Adsense Ads

Are You a Google Adsense Ads Publisher?

If yes, then hold on, as there is fantastic news for you.

Well, how many times you had thought and cherished to have the flexibility of customizing the layout of your Google Adsense Ads. You desperately wanted to increase your advertising revenue but to no gain as you only had the option of using standard sized Google Adsense Ads. [Read more...]

7 Useful Ad Spying Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Ad Spy

For Affiliate Marketers, it is important to run offers, design landing pages and have Ad copy which bring them good results as far as traffic and conversions are concerned. As an Affiliate Marketer, you often take the route of split testing by experimenting with different Ad copies, landing pages and offers. However, following this method may take a lot of time in order to bring desired results and invariably involves a lot of expenditure. So you are putting in your time, effort and money and still not getting the desired results. This is not what you expect out by doing Affiliate Marketing. [Read more...]

Benefit of In-Text Advertising for Publishers and Advertisers

In-Text Advertising

Innovation drives the online world. This is very true even for online advertising.

Given the penetration of the online marketing channels, advertising over the Internet has become immensely rewarding.

Just see the massive explosion in the number of websites. Today there are millions of websites which span and cover almost every niche that you can ever imagination. Then there are social media channels which have become a huge success with a vast number of populations throughout the world. You get to have portfolio sites, business websites, e-commerce and shopping sites and lots more. All these online mediums are massive drivers of traffic of visitors. [Read more...]

15 Best Mobile Advertising Networks

Mobile Advertising Networks

Online business is fast evolving.

Not only there is a vast scope for Internet marketing, but also the relevance and importance of mobile marketing has increased by many folds in the recent years.

Mobile Marketing has acquired the status of “Mobile Economy” and it has become a major source of revenue generation for advertisers, publishers, as well as app developers. [Read more...]