12 Best Free Image Hosting Sites

Are you looking for the best image hosting sites? Well, we must say that you have arrived at the ultimate destination.

Here, we have featured 12 Best Free Image Hosting Sites for you.

The image hosting sites allow you to save your content on external servers (known as the ‘Cloud’) so that you can get a reliable backup of your images or photos.

So, with photo hosting sites, you never lose your photo, even when your gear is damaged, lost, or stolen.

By uploading photos to photo hosting sites, you can also save space on your phone or computer. It will allow your gears to work faster.

Plus, your images or photos will be available anytime. You can access your photos from anywhere and by using any device. So, you will be able to share your pictures with clients or friends easily.

Let’s put across to you a situation that brings out the importance, relevance, and utility of image hosting sites.

Suppose you have worked countless hours to shoot an event or an artistic project. Now, you finally need to send photos to your client. You turn on your desktop and find its dead. There’s no chance that it will resurrect soon. It means that the files have been lost forever.

However, you could have avoided this kind of drama from disturbing you if you had used photo or image hosting sites.

The photo hosting sites would have provided you with a reliable backup. So, you would not have lost your photos even when your gear got damaged.

So, to help you out here is a compilation showcasing 12 Best Free Photo Hosting Sites. The post contains details about some of the best free photo hosting sites.

Best Free Image Hosting Sites

These image hosting sites offer a wide range of features to users. Moreover, these photos or image hosting sites are useful for beginners as well as professional photographers out there. These sites specifically fulfill the purpose of free image hosting.

Free image hosting has become a “must-have” these days with the web becoming more and more visual.

So, if you are searching for some excellent image hosting and sharing websites, then do check out this post. Here, we have featured some of the best free image hosting websites out there.

Here, we have shared with you the key features of these top 12 image hosting websites with you so that you can easily take the decision and select the best one from the list according to your needs.

Now, let’s get going and explore these 12 Best Free Image Hosting Sites.

12 Best Free Photo Hosting Sites

Here’s the listing for you:

1. Imgur Free Image Hosting Site

Imgur happens to be one of the most popular image uploaders out there. Moreover, it’s a free photo hosting website. You can upload and share pictures on their site. Imgur makes it very easy for you to upload images in very less time.

Imgur allows you to store an unlimited number of photos. Moreover, you need not to worry about your photos expiring. Plus, there is no need to have an account for uploading photos to Imgur.

However, Imgur allows you to create a free account if you need to create albums, and want to upload your images through email attachments.

Imgur offers a direct linking feature. So, it gives you a link for each image that you can post in the forums or embed it as HTML.

For uploading photos to Imgur, you need to paste the picture onto the Imgur website by entering the image URL, or by selecting an image from the computer. You can even take the help of apps for uploading photos from desktop computers or mobile devices.

Imgur allows you to upload JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PDF, XCF, APNG, JPEG, and Animated GIF TIFF file formats. You can upload non-animated files up to 20 MB and GIFs up to 200 MB.

The best thing with Imgur is that it allows you to upload photos quickly and painlessly. Plus, you can share out the photos with their generated embed code. The images can be shared easily on just about any social networking site.

Overall, Imgur is a highly rated photo hosting platform.

Imgur Image Hosting

2. Google Photos Best Image Hosting Site

Google Photos is another very generous photo hosting website. It’s home for all your photos. It offers free storage and an automatic organization for all your memories. Google Photos allows you to back up unlimited pictures and videos for free (up to 16MP and 1080p HD).

You can access the photos from any phone, tablet, or computer on photos.google.com. Moreover, your photos are safe, secure, and always with you. With Google Photos, there’s no tagging required. The images are organized and searchable by the places as well as things in them. For example, if you want to see all the photos of your pup, then you simply have to search for “dog.”

So, with Google Photos you need not to worry about running out of space on your phone again. Once the photos are backed up, they can be safely removed from your device’s storage with just a tap.

Its shared albums feature allows you to pool photos with friends and friendly. So, you never end up missing a moment irrespective of the device everyone has with them.

In fact, Google Photos brings many pluses with it. For example, it automatically syncs with your Google accounts allowing you to access and share your photos easily. Google Photos allows you to create your collages and animations using the photos that you’ve uploaded. Plus, Google Photos allows you to organize your photos easily by location, date, or with people appearing. Moreover, there is an editing tool integrated with it.

All you have to do is to upload your photos more and more. Its algorithms are geared up to learn about your habits. So, Google Photos sorts up your content automatically for you.

Free image storage capacity that you get with Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive is 15GB.

Google Photos Image Hosting

3. Flickr Free Photo Sharing Site

Flickr is not only one of the most appreciated images hosting websites, but it’s also one of the oldest images hosting websites in the world.

Although, Flickr can stock a nice amount of photos (up to 1000GB for free!), however, its original calling meant it to be a free photo sharing site. To let you know, more than 13 billion photos have been shared on two million groups so far.

So, Flickr proves an excellent platform for photographers. It offers a huge exposure for photographers.

It’s an image hosting site, and it’s also an image hosting site. So, Flickr proves an endless source of inspiration for photographers. It’s a useful image hosting site and allows you to share your images and videos with the world. People with Yahoo account can easily login to this site.

In fact, Flickr offers three types of account. The first one is free. The second one is Ad free. Lastly, the third one is called the Doublr.

Here, we let you know the advantages that you get with the free account:

  • The free account comes with the photos and videos storage capacity of 1 Terabyte.
  • 200MB per Photo can be uploaded to Flickr
  • Video quality offered is 1080P HD quality
  • Three minutes per video playback facility
  • The upload and download quality is full of original quality
  • It offers unlimited monthly bandwidth

Flickr allows you to perfect your photos with its powerful editing tools before you can organize them into albums. Plus, Flickr allows you to configure your privacy options so that you can share your photos with a selected audience.

You can upload your photos via the web, your mobile device, using email, or other photo applications. There’s even the official Flickr mobile app. Plus, its Uploader tool enables you to seamlessly backup your photos from your computer, Dropbox, Apple iPhoto, as well as other places.

Flickr Photo Hosting

4. Dropbox Best Image Backup Site

Dropbox works the same way as its name. You can come to know about this platform in a very simple way. You just have to imagine a “virtual” box (one per account) where you “drop” your photos. Your photos are kept safe on the “Cloud” from where you can access them anytime, from any of your devices.

Moreover, Dropbox works as a free cloud storage provider. Dropbox can store all sorts of different file formats. Well, it can store photos too (of course). It offers a shareable link to a single photo file. You even get a shareable link to an entire folder containing multiple photos which can be shared with other people.

So, with Dropbox, you can upload and store different types of file formats, including photos. Just like Google Photos, Dropbox also offers automatic backup. Well, this turns out to be a good feature when you need to upload most of your photos.

However, Dropbox doesn’t change, resize, or edit the photos that you upload. So, your original, unaltered photos are there on the Dropbox. Plus, it allows syncing your photos to a Dropbox folder on your desktop.

Dropbox can organize your photos by creating folders and sub-galleries both on your desktop as well as on your smartphone. On Dropbox, you can even share your photos. With Dropbox, you get 3GB of storage.

All in all, Dropbox is a simple platform for storing and sharing photos. However, Dropbox lacks editing tools. So, it’s a good option when you need to upload the original, unedited copies of your photos.

Dropbox Image Hosting

5. Photobucket Best Photo Hosting Site

Photobucket is a user-friendly website for storing your photos. Plus, people can create or buy printed copies of photographs using its huge library. Photobucket allows you to convert your classic memories into home décor items, canvas posters, metal prints, regular prints, and even framed prints.

For free account users, the site allows to use up to 10GB of bandwidth per month and offers 2GB of storage capacity. However, Photobucket also offers a pro account facility. So, if you want to become a paid member, then you have to take its pro account membership.

Photobucket is best at organizing, sharing, and storing of photos and images. It can store photos, and it can print photos in their original dimensions. It also offers easy editing.

You can organize and host various animated GIF images. Photobucket also comes in the form of an interactive mobile application. Users can take out printed copies of photographs.

Photobucket offers 2GB of storage space for free. However, you can extend it to 8GB by downloading its mobile app. File formats supported for uploading include JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG.

Photobucket Free Image Hosting

6. TinyPic Top Image Hosting

TinyPic is a product of Photobucket. So, it has many features similar to Photobucket.

TinyPic doesn’t require you to create an account for uploading photos. Well, you can easily and quickly upload a photo for sharing.
Uploading a photo is very easy with TinyPic. For uploading a photo, you have to select the image, add the tags (if you want), and set the size of the photo.

TinyPic will offer you a link that you can use for sharing the photo anywhere. The tags that you have added will allow TinyPic users to find your photos when searching for them.

With TinyPic, you can upload JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP file formats. The file size limit has been set at 100MB. Plus, you can upload videos that are up to 5 minutes long.

TinyPic allows you to upload one image at a time. Each image should not be more than 1600 pixels in length or width. If your photos are more than 1600 pixels in size, the site will automatically resize it.

However, if your image is not viewed within 90 days, it will be deleted from TinyPic. So, TinyPic doesn’t store your photos permanently. TinyPic is a fine choice if you want to quickly upload a few pictures and share them in an email or on social media.

TinyPic Image Hosting

7. 500px

The 500px.com is another popular image hosting site which comes studded with social networking features. 500px allows both professional as well as amateur photographers to share their work, comment on photos, and follow their favorite users.

Although the site is primarily meant to showcase photography, it can also be used for uploading any photos you want. So, like Flickr, 500px is also a popular social network for photographers who want to share their best photos.

The best aspect of 500px is that it hosts a community of 12 million photographers who are connected through the niche social media. At 500px, you can follow your favorite members. You can like or share their pictures, or leave them a comment.

500px offers an opportunity to build a network of friends, colleagues, and mentors. You can learn valuable new skills from the community.

Moreover, 500px happens to be a favorite site for tons of magazine editors, art curators, and companies who are on the lookout for beautiful images. Its monthly package allows you to sell your pictures and make some extra bucks to invest in your photography business.

Maximum free image storage allowed is seven photos per week and 2000 photos in total.

500px Image Hosting

8. Imgbox Image Hosting

Imgbox is a completely free photo hosting a website that stores your photos permanently. It’s quick and simple to use and comes with unlimited storage space. It allows you to upload GIF, PNG, or JPG file formats that are up to 10MB in size. The platform comes with drag-and-drop uploading, direct links, forum-friendly codes, as well as image galleries.

With Imgbox, you don’t have to create an account to upload photos. However, you can create an account and revisit your photos and galleries. Having an account also allows you to preset your upload settings. It makes uploading photos much faster.

Imgbox allows you to share images on all social media platforms. It allows people to comment on your photos. It proves an easy option for uploading photos when you want to share them on social media sites.

Imgbox Image Hosting

9. PostImage

PostImage is a free photo hosting website. It allows you to store your photos permanently without the need to create an account for it. It even offers desktop software.

You can use the website and upload images of up to 8MB in size. You can even upload images using their URL. PostImage supports file formats such as JPG, GIF, PDF, TIFF, PSD, PNG, and BMP.

With PostImage, you can create a gallery and use a unique link for sharing with others. Individual files have a direct link which can be used to share with others. PostImage allows you to resize your photos when you go on and upload them. PostImage can be used for sharing images on forums and message boards.

The site offers an image upload module which can be used by forum visitors for sharing images easily. Its resizing feature is helpful for forum use as it allows users to resize images and use them as avatars.

PostImage Image Hosting

10. ImageShack

ImageShack has a layout similar to Pinterest which showcases its best photos. You need to create an account for uploading photos. However, its free account offers many helpful features to you.

For example, you can organize your photos into albums. You can add tags and keep track of your images. It will enable other users to discover your work.

You can even keep your images private. If you want, you can share your images with a selected audience.

You get a 30-day trial for its premium version. It offers features such as unlimited space, direct linking, watermarking, and image stats.

Its free account offers 10GB per month as a storage space.

ImageShack has multiple mobile and web applications which help you to upload and share photos easily. For example, its ShackIt app offers an image uploader button so that you can quickly upload photos to your account. Its Resize App allows you to resize, crop, and edit images easily.

ImageShack Photo Hosting

11. ImageVenue

ImageVenue can be used to upload JPEG images. It can resize large pictures and still retain the quality when you upload them. It preserves the image quality and aspect ratio when resizing. ImageVenue allows you to upload images up to 3MB in size.

The site offers a maximum storage capacity of 3GB per month. ImageVenue is best for bloggers and message board users who need to upload and organize large quantities of photos and share them with others.

ImageVenue Free Image Hosting

12. ImgBB

ImgBB is one of the most minimalistic image hosting websites that have been featured in this listing of best free image hosting sites. It’s also a hugely popular one around. You simply have to drag-and-drop your files on the homepage, and you’re all set to go.

ImgBB has a 16MB size limit and supports all major image file formats. However, it does not restrict the number of files that you can upload. Users don’t need to register on ImgBB.

That said, the photos you upload will be reviewed by human editors. However, the files you upload will not be compressed or trimmed. The best of all, your images will not be deleted from the server ever.

The site allows you to directly link to the images which can be used on forums and message boards. It even allows HTML thumbnails which prove useful in boards.

ImgBB proves best if you want to share images on forums and message boards without the need to register for the service. ImgBB works with GIF, JPG, PNG, and BMP file formats only. It’s fast and offers drag-and-drop functionality.

ImgBB Image Hosting

We hope that this post on 12 Best Free Image Hosting Sites proves helpful to you. We believe that we have made it easy for you to select the best free photo hosting site that serves your needs well.

With a good photo sharing and hosting website, you can conveniently store, access, and share your photos easily. Here, we had showcased free image hosting websites with basic as well as advanced capabilities making it all the more easy for you for uploading and sharing your photographs.

The above-mentioned image hosting and sharing websites will surely help you to achieve your goal. Lastly, please share the post on popular social networking sites. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks for visiting!

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