Unlocking Adsterra’s Interstitials: 5 Crucial Facts

Head out on a journey of discovery with Adsterra‘s newest offering: Interstitials. Self-Serve Platform advertisers have been craving this ad format to be available, and now it is! We’ll unravel the key aspects of this thrilling news in 5 simple points. Let’s dive in!

1. Catering Interstitials to Everyone on SSP

Formerly limited to the use on managed accounts only, Interstitials are now open to all advertisers on the Adsterra SSP. Adsterra’s pre-designed templates shine across diverse industries such as Mobile Utility, Finance, E-commerce, Dating, and iGaming. Simply add your branding, and you’re good to go!

2. Laying the Foundation: What Are Interstitials?

Before delving into the specifics of Interstitials on Adsterra, let’s zoom in to the core of this ad format. What exactly are Interstitials? Take a look at these key points to get an idea:

  • Immersive full-screen ads that overlay website content.
  • Contains a set of elements such as a large image/text area, a darkened background, optional heading and description, CTA, and a “Close” option.
  • Capture 45% to 80% of the webpage: you can’t fail to notice it.

    Let’s visualize it!
Adsterra's Interstitials

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3. A Deeper Dive: What Makes Adsterra’s Interstitials Special?

Introduced within the unparalleled and prominent Social Bar format, Interstitials uphold Adsterra’s ongoing commitment to innovation. Here’s what they bring to the table:

  • Effortlessly conduct A/B tests on Interstitials with up to 15 visuals.
  • UX-friendly and brand-oriented.
  • Experience simple creative uploads.
  • Exceptional viewability.
  • First-in-row ad placement eliminates the need for a prelander.
  • Perfect for CPI, CPD, and CPL campaigns.
  • Competitive CPM rates.

4. Paving Your Way to Marketing Success with Adsterra’s Interstitials

Gala Grigoreva, CMO at Adsterra, emphasizes, “Powering our platform with Interstitials, we intend to unlock new opportunities for communicating the ad message in its utmost creativity yet efficiency.” A truly encouraging comment this is, and it roots in the countless benefits Interstitials bring to advertisers. Here are some of the things the new format can lend a hand in:

  • Scale Popunder campaigns with valuable traffic segments.
  • Introduce creative flair to Social Bar campaigns for top-tier leads.
  • Reignite user interest by appealingly redesigning ad messages.
  • Send your CTR, or CR, to the moon, and meet your KPIs.
  • Deliver a friendly, smooth user experience.
  • Embrace an immersive, modern alternative to a little outdated pop-up window.
Adsterra's Interstitials Ads

5. Pro-Level Insights: Tactics to Win with Interstitials

Having grasped the essentials, it’s the very right moment to kickstart your Interstitials campaign on Adsterra. Implement these tips to ensure success:

  • Don’t fret to let Smart CPM algorithms do the work: they’ll bid in real-time for optimal traffic based on your targeting.
  • Activate CPA Goal to fine-tune CPM traffic to boost conversions.
  • Broaden your targeting during the test period, and narrow down based on high-converting placements later.
  • Diversify your creatives with various templates: this is good for engagement.
  • Discounts, bonuses, and bargains tend to enthrall your audience.
  • Keep images concise; steer clear of lengthy texts.
  • Grab attention: headings should do it.
  • Numbers enhance credibility, so don’t hesitate to support your claims with stats.
  • Impose time limits to offers for higher conversions.
  • Play a fair game!

Closing thoughts

We hope these 5 points provide a comprehensive understanding of Adsterra’s Interstitials. Covering the visual appeal along with the ways to reach your marketing milestones, you have the complete information to enhance your online advertising. Apply the suggested tips, attain impressive outcomes, and don’t forget to showcase them! Your case study might as well be the first one for Interstitials, and you can earn $200 for your success narrative.

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