15 Best Business Name Generators

Here’s a post that will let you find the perfect name for your new business. It’s a post that features 15 Best Business Name Generators.

Using a business name generator, you can discover a good company name for your business.

So, if you are going to start a new business and are on the lookout for a good company name, then these best business name generators can indeed prove very helpful to you.

The fact is that it’s all in a name.

The appealing name is important for your business or company or website name.

The name of your company is the foremost identity by which it is recognized in front of your customers. Well, the name of your business represents and establishes your brand.

So, you must put your heart out and come up with the most appropriate name for your business.

However, sometimes even the best and the most experienced entrepreneurs find it difficult to name their new business.

It can be a hard task coming up with the right business name.

Well, you can hire an expert consultant or a naming firm for having the perfect name for your startup.

Free Business Name Generator

However, it will cost you. Moreover, it’s rather complicated to change the name of your business. So, it’s important for you to hit the bull’s eye at the first shot itself.

A right business name can be the “ice-breaker” for you. It can make your company.

So, what’s the way out when naming your company or startup?

Well, a company name generator can save the day for you.

With the help of a business name generator tool, you can find the perfect brand name and a perfect domain name, for your online business.

It’s cheap and reliable when you use online business name generators.

A company name generator turns out to be a perfect online tool for brainstorming the right business name for your company.

It offers you plenty of ideas. You come to know the most suitable business name as well as a domain name for your website.

Well, you can build a memorable brand when you use a best business name generator.

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Here, we have featured as much as 15 Best Business Name Generators.

So, let’s get to know the best business name generators out there.

15 Free Company Name Generator

Here’s the list for you.


1. Shopify Business Name Generator

The Shopify Business Name Generator proves an immensely helpful tool for searching business names and domain availability.

You can find the perfect business name and go on to select the most suitable domain name that suits your business and personality.

Moreover, the best advantage of Shopify is the fact that it is very easy to use.

You simply need to enter a keyword and begin your search for the best business name for your company. It shows up various possibilities that may or may not be suitable for your needs.

So, the Shopify Business Name Generator makes it easy for you to finalize a good name for your company or website. It lists out 100 two-word variations (business names) matching your keyword query. It’s full of options for your startup.

When you click on the obvious choices, it signals out whether a store with the name already exists or not.

So, if it is available, you can reserve your brand name and set up an eCommerce store through Shopify Business.

Shopify comes with a 14-day trial period for its eCommerce stores. It even has links with Oberlo (for finding products to sell), Hatchful (for logo design), Burst (for high-quality photos), and Exchange (for buying existing online stores).

So, when you determine the perfect company name for your business, you can set up an eCommerce Shop quickly with Shopify. Shopify is the way to go for a rewarding online business.

Shopify Business Name Generator

2. Oberlo Business Name Generator

The Oberlo Business Name Generator is another very easy to use and immensely helpful tool for generating business names for your startup, company, or website.

It offers hundreds of name options for your new business or company with a click of a button.

Finding business names for your company or startup is very easy with Oberlo Business Name Generator.

You simply have to enter a keyword that matches the core concept of your company, and click on “Generate Names.” It will list out as much as 100 business names containing the keyword that you entered for generating business names for your company.

You can scroll through the options and select the desired business name for your company or startup.

So, with Oberlo, you don’t have to worry about the business name for your company. You can focus on starting your business.

Moreover, you can use different variations of words in the search bar until you are satisfied and get the desired results (names) for your company.

So, rather than using generic words, you can go more specific for getting the desired results.

For instance, you can use “vintage clothes” instead of using the term “clothes.”

Another good thing with Oberlo Business Name Generator is the fact that it’s completely free. And it’s also extremely easy to use.

Once you have decided the name, set up a domain as soon as possible, so that it isn’t taken by someone else.

Oberlo Business Name Generator

3. Business Name Generator (BNG)

Business Name Generator is simply an awesome tool for generating business names for your startup, company or website.

It goes on to generate a list of possible business names.

The tool also identifies the domain names that are available for each possible business name.

Moreover, the Business Name Generator comes as a free tool and it’s very easy to use.

You simply need to enter one or two keywords in the search bar and then click on “Generate.”

The tool goes on to generate thousands of name ideas.

Business Name Generator can rightly be called a comprehensive tool for generating business name ideas.

It can filter results based on:

  • Popular
  • Modern
  • Short (under seven letters)
  • Phrases After
  • Phrases Before
  • Modern
  • Business
  • Tech

You can click on a business name and save the idea. You can then send the saved ideas to your inbox. So, you never lose the suitable names for your business.

The tool can also be used as a:

  • Domain Name Generator
  • Blog Name Generator
  • Brand Name Generator
  • Podcast Name Generator
  • Startup Name Generator
  • Store Name Generator
  • Product Name Generator
  • Magazine Name Generator
  • Café Name Generator
  • Beauty Business Name Generator
  • Gym & Fitness Name Generator

So, Business Name Generator proves an indispensable tool for business name ideas.

Business Name Generator

4. Namelix

Namelix is a free AI powered business name generator.

With Namelix, you can generate short, a brandable name using artificial intelligence.

It’s a fantastic tool for generating short & catchy names for your business.

Using the tool is easy.

You need to enter one or two keywords in the search bar and click on “Generate.” You can use specific keywords for generating better results.

You can even find out available domain names. Moreover, Namelix is a free business name generator.

It helps you to find the best name for your business or website.

You simply have to enter the keywords and generate name suggestions.

It offers hundreds of potential names for your business or website.

So, have the power of Namelix and find the best names for your business or website easily and quickly.

Namelix Business Name Generators

5. Name Generator

Name Generator is one of the best business name generators and helps you to find the perfect name for your business.

It shows you a selection of quality available business names spinning simple ideas, puns and word pay, related expressions, and much more.

You can generate names for characters, babies, authors, bands, blogs, username, and lots more.

Name Generator is focused on providing you the perfect name for any occasion.

You can generate random names or guide the process.

It’s easy to use.

At first, you have to fill out a form. You can choose to fill out the form with random ideas prompted by Name Generator itself.

You have to then click on the “Write me some business names” button.

The Name Generator then shows you the list of most appropriate business names matching your suggestions.

Its robots also use a thesaurus and other words list. You can choose a category and give some keywords.

It will suggest names for you. It’s simple as that.

You get simple but stunning ideas and expressions for your business or company.

It offers a nice and long list of business names suggestions.

So, Name Generator turns out to be a very useful tool for generating business names.

Name Generator Business Name Generators

6. NameMesh

NameMesh is a business name generator tool that allows you to know every available business name variation imaginable.

NameMesh is a smart, easy to use and fantastic business name generator that offers thousands of ideas based on two or three keywords.

For instance, “clothes” delivered a decent array of choices, “vintage clothes” more than doubled it, and “Vintage clothes online” nearly exploded the screen.

You can enter your main keywords in the search bar and quickly generate company names and also check domain availability.

You have to enter the keywords in the company name generator and click on the “Generate” button.

It lists out thousands of names that are neatly categories by eight different naming techniques such as:

  • Common
  • New
  • Short
  • Extra
  • Similar
  • Fun
  • SEO
  • Mix

You can click on the company name that you find suitable and purchase it. The tool lists out available domains beyond .com and .net.

So, the compound-name idea possibilities through NameMesh are seemingly endless. You get several hundred variations on domain names beyond .com and .net.

NameMesh Business Name Generators

7. Anadea Business Name Generator

Anadea is a free and simple online business name generator.

It’s a free online source of name ideas for companies, websites, and apps. You can find exciting titles for companies and startups as well as stunning web and mobile app names.

So, if you are looking to craft a catchy name for your business, then Anadea is the best online tool to search for business names ideas.

Get an ideal name for your business that reflects your identity with Anadea

You can create business name ideas based on the keywords provided. With Anadea, you can find catchy and relevant names for your business.

Anadea is simple to use. You simply need to enter the keyword in the search bar and click on “Generate names.”

It lists out hundreds of catchy names for your business.

The free business search tool shows you lots of interesting company name suggestions immediately.

You can search business name ideas in the industry category. It offers different options such as healthcare, software, travel, tech, and many more.

The tool also allows you to discover a perfect name for your website. You need to enter a few keywords and get inspiring naming ideas with its business name maker.

Once you go on to choose a domain, you’ll be prompted to get a quote for the domain & website building service.

It’s also a great app name generator. You can use the tool to find unique and catchy names for your mobile app.

Anadea Business Name Generator

8. FreshBooks Business Name Generator

FreshBooks Business Name Generator is a very potent tool offering you a load of suggestions for business name ideas.

It generates lots of business name ideas relevant to your business as well as relevant to your industry.

It’s a tool for finding the business name as snappy as your idea.

FreshBooks is a free tool. And it’s simple and easy to use.

Get started by selecting your industry.

You can choose from Information & Technology, Trades & Home Services, Creatives & Marketing, and lots of other options.

Once you select an industry, the tool prompts you to enter a keyword. So, enter a keyword that you want to include in your business name.

You now have to click on “Make me a Name.” The tool then lists out a fresh batch of names.

Now, you can pick your favorite name and give a great start to your business. It’s simple as that.

If you are not satisfied with the suggestions, you can click on “Show me more names.”

FreshBooks Business Name Generators

9. Names4Brands

Names4Brands offers a set of tools to find the right business name for your company or startup.

As far as the ideal number of words in your business name, Name4Brands suggests that two words are the ideal number.

However, it is not necessary to have two words in your business name.

It’s just a factor that you should take into account when finalizing a business name for your company.

The tool offers you a lot of options to create the best possible name for your business.

You can select from 18 languages. You can choose the letter each word should start with.

One can also choose how many words should be there in the name, random names as well as various other options.

All these options are designed to help you get the best possible names for your business. The business name ideas and suggestions are available in trademark/ domain/company registrations.

Name4Brands can be your right choice for simplifying your search for suitable brand name availability.

Names4Brands Business Name Generators

10. Wordlab Business Name Generator

The Wordlab Business Name Generator is a free and easy-to-use tool for finding the most appropriate business names for your company, products, or domains.

You simply have to enter the keyword in the search bar and click on “Get Name.”

Wordlab has it all, whether it’s a restaurant, a team, some sort of linguistic challenge, or various other styles.

It offers more than 7,200,000 potential names to choose from. You can sign up for a free Wordlab account.

You can even post a topic for your naming project in the Forum.

The Wordlab community will help you and suggest names for your project.

Wordlab Business Name Generator

11. Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas offers as much as three domain name generators for blogs, products, and businesses.

You have to enter your keyword and select options for getting thousands of suitable name ideas.

The returned names are also checked for domain availability. They appear simplest shortest first.

It offers advanced options for checking different extensions including extensions such as .com, .net, .org, as well as the main ccTLD.

It even offers you the facility to select where your keyword appears in the name and how long your name should be.

You can click on the name ideas for checking both the domain and Twitter availability.

Cool Name Ideas Business Name Generators

12. Getsocio Business Name Generator

Getsocio is free and easy to use a business name generator.

Moreover, Getsocio can rightly be called a fantastic brand name generator.

So, if you want to start a new business, a catchy website, an online store, or any small business, then Getsocio can serve your purpose.

Getsocio offers thousands of names for companies based on keywords.

It offers a good idea for naming your website. Its website name generator can give fresh thoughts.

Getsocio suggests thousands of possible domain names.

It generates unlimited random ideas free online.

Once you go on to select your domain, you need to fill out information such as name, email address, and password to create an e-commerce store with this free business name generator.

Getsocio Business Name Generators

13. Namesmith Business Name Generator

Namesmith is another very powerful yet easy to use a business name generator.

It’s a free business name generator.

The main highlight of this business name generator is that it allows you to include up to five keywords that you want in your domain name.

You have to enter your idea in the search box and click on the “Search” button.

Now, based on the keywords you choose, the Namesmith Tool shows you the domains with the exact, blends, pre-suffixes, rhymes, and modifications.

Once you select your desired domain, the tool redirects you to GoDaddy to purchase the domain.

However, purchasing a domain through this procedure will end up in paying an affiliate commission to Namesmith.

Another good thing about Namesmith is that it features many different name suggestion algorithms.

For example, they can construct portmanteaus meaning a blend of two words such as breakfast + lunch = brunch, using your keywords.

They can even misspell them in cool ways and can add suffixes/prefixes, and provide you with stunning company name ideas.

On the whole, Namesmith comes out as a very useful tool for business name suggestions.

Namesmith Business Name Generator

14. Hipster Business Name Generator

Hipster Business Name Generator is a very creative and easy-to-use business name generator on this list.

It offers a series of hipster business names.

You can click through and view a series of hipster business names. However, your niche won’t be listed in the domain.

This will allow you to expand your brand into other verticals if you want. The brand names offered are catchy, clever, and fun.

So, Hipster turns out to be one of the best brand name generators when you want a unique and stunning name for your company or brand.

It offers an option to buy a t-shirt with your brand’s logo and name on it.

You can even purchase a domain with this business name generator. It will pay an affiliate commission to Hipster Business Name.

So, if you want a catchy business name for your company or brand, you can surely turn to Hipster Business Name.

Hipster Business Name Generators

15. Panabee

Panabee is yet another popular tool to search for domain names, app names, as well as company names.

It presents plenty of suggestions that are original, catchy, and stunning. These are derived by abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes, syllables, phonemes, and popular domain trends.

You will love these alternatives.

You need to enter your keyword or idea in the search box and hit the “Search” button. A blue heart shows the Available domains whereas the unavailable with a broken red heart.

When you click on the domain name will take you to domain registrar GoDaddy.com.

Plus, Panabee goes on to check the availability of related social media usernames and also the app titles.

The names generated will surely kick start your imagination if you are stuck for a business title.

The site also features a “Startup Thoughts” blog which offers useful professional information.

So, Panabee turns out to be an immensely useful business name generator.

Panabee Business Name Generators

So, that’s all we have you in this presentation of 15 Best Business Name Generators.

We hope that you would have found it immensely useful. We have listed the most popular and most stunning business name generators.

Let us know which of these Business Name Generators you are using. You can leave your valuable inputs in the comments section below.

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