How Bloggers Make Money? Income Roundup

If you are planning to make a career in blogging, the blogger’s income report will certainly motivate you to start a rewarding journey in the blogosphere.

It is because blogs have turned out to be a major medium for making massive income online. Successful blogs are earning in millions each month. So, blogging provides a huge opportunity for making massive income online.

Here, we showcase blog income report roundup of some of the top bloggers who are making huge money using the blogging platform. It’s an eye opener for those who leave the blogosphere just because they have a bad start.

Mind you; it’s not a miracle but certainly a reality for every blogger who has joined the blogosphere with great hopes of making huge money.

So if you too want to make it big in the world of blogging, it would be immensely helpful for you to know How Bloggers make Money. This can be vital information for you as it reveals the methods they are using to make money from their blogs.

How Bloggers Make Money

Though it takes a lot of dedicated efforts and time to build a successful blog, getting to know How Bloggers make Money can certainly help you to streamline your efforts and adopt such methods that can prove profitable for you too.

It is not the first time that we have compiled blog income report of top bloggers. We had earlier published bloggers’ income report. However, as we can figure out, things have immensely changed in the blogosphere as far as income generating methods are concerned.

That’s precisely the message that we want to share with our fellow bloggers who are looking forward to making it BIG in the online world. If you want to succeed in the blogosphere, you too have to devise and follow new strategies of monetization your blogs. You have to be daring enough to upgrade or change your business model.

The traditional methods are no longer fruitful.

The change is the only constant thing in blogging.

And that’s the challenge in blogging.

However, as we say this, making good money in blogging is very much possible. It is easy if you follow the right methods.

As the bloggers’ income report revealed to us, top bloggers are using diverse methods of making income from their blogs. Moreover, they have come a long way from just depending on traditional methods of making income from their blogs.

Earlier, bloggers were simply relying on methods such as Google Adsense, Banner Ads, In-Text Links, and Ad Space Selling. Now, they are earning from Affiliate Marketing, Course Sales, Native Programs, and Niche Sites. In fact, Affiliate Marketing has become the biggest earner for bloggers.

So, the change is obvious.

It is primarily because there are many affiliate programs that are offering huge commissions. Moreover, there is a shift in users attitude. Visitors nowadays do not like aggressive selling. They value your recommendations when they see you as an expert.

So, the top bloggers focus on building relationships with their users. Their blog does not look like a sales page. It is neat and clean. They come up with useful posts that help their visitors in resolving their queries and confusions. In doing so, they market their affiliate offers and courses which are needed by their users.

The change is very much evident in authority or niche specific blogs. Entertainment blogs still earn from Google Adsense. However, the authority blogs are the biggest grosser and end up earning as much as six-figure monthly income from their blogs.

Today we have compiled a list of successful individual bloggers who are making great money through their blogs. We have listed down blog income report roundup of their August/September 2016 earnings and have also mentioned the main method they adopted to make money online through their blogs.

And if this is not all, we have also enumerated the top method that bloggers use to make money online. It is Affiliate Marketing. We have listed down its advantages and benefits and shown why it has become the chief sources of revenue for them.

So, you can go through the post, How Bloggers make Money, and we surely believe that it would be a useful source of inspiration and motivation for you so that you can also start making a huge income from your blog(s).

Bloggers Income Roundup (September 2016 Earnings: $167,314.31)

Pat Flynn of total income for the month of September 2016 was $167,314.31. His prime source being Affiliate Earnings through which he earned $102,179.90. The breakup of his earnings and net profit is shown below:

BOOK SALES – $5,552.58
COURSE SALES – $22,275.87
NICHE SITES – $6,612.81
SOFTWARE AND APPS – $15,876.63
TOTAL EXPENSES – $36,983.70
TOTAL NET PROFIT -$130,330.61 (August 2016 Earnings: $58,465.41)

Lindsay of August 2016 total income was $58,465.41. AdThrive being the major source of revenue for her. Here, I have listed some of the major income sources for Lindsay:

AdThrive – $29,204.84
Sponsored Content – $7,350.00
AdThrive Video – $5,973.04
Bluehost – $4,140
Amazon Associates – $2,974.12 (September 2016 Earnings: $3,634.20)

Timm Morgan of grossed a total income of $3,634.20 for the month of September 2016. The breakup of her earnings is shown below:

BlogHer – $1,551.56 (Sponsored posts & Ad Revenue)
Hostgator – $850 (Affiliate Marketing)
TapInfluence – $600 (Sponsored Posts + Social Campaigns)
BabbleBoxx – $350 (Sponsored Post)
Izea – $250 (Sponsored Post)
YouTube – $18.37 (Ad Revenue)
Amazon – $14.27 (Affiliate Marketing)
Total: $3,634.20 (August 2016 Earnings: $62,164)

Melyssa Griffin grossed a total income of $62,164 in the month of August 2016. Her major source of income was from E-Course Sales from which she earned $53,365. She earned $8,799 doing Affiliate Marketing. (August 2016 Earnings: $4411.57)

Jessica Gavin earned a total income of $4411.57 from her blog in the month of August 2016. The breakup of her earnings is shown below:

Grateful – $2,431.78
Sponsorships – $1,820
BlueHost – $80.00 –> (from our 3-step guide on how to start a food blog
Amazon – $134.23
Etsy – $1.80
Swoop – $1.14
YouTube – $1.09
Total Income: $4,411.57 (August 2016 Earnings: $44,940)

Abby Lawson’s income report for the month of August 2016 shows that she has earned a total income of $44,940 from her blog Some of her major sources of earnings include:

Simplify + The Intentional Life Planner – $14,518
Bluehost – $11,685 –> How to Start a Blog
Building a Framework eBook and course – $8,231
BookBoss – $3,064 –> Build your launch list!
ConvertKit – $1,938
Sponsored Posts – $1,200
Paperless Home eBook – $1,148
Genesis Framework – $1,070
Amazon Associates – $1,028 (August 2016 Earnings: $21,686.09)

Matthew Woodward total earnings for the month of August 2016 stood at a whopping figure of $21,686.09. The breakout of his earnings is listed below:

Earnings Total
Affiliate Income – $11,326.54
Other Income – $11,267.91
Expenses – $908.36 (September 2016 Earnings: $31,890.69)

Harsh Agarwal of grossed a total income of $31,890.69 in the month of September 2016. Here, we show some of his major sources of income:

Affiliate marketing: $24,065.83
Direct Ads: $3,327
ShoutMeLoud store: $381.99
ShoutUniversity: $687.98 (September 2016 Earnings: $17,407.61)

Johnny FD is another top blogger who grossed a total income of $17,407.61 in the month of September 2016. His Affiliate earnings stood at a figure of $14,137.87. The other earning sources include:

Income from Courses – $1,182
Income from Udemy – $473.20
Income from Book Sales – $198.08
Income from Dropshipping – $1,536.96
Income from YouTube – $66.77 (September 2016 Earnings: $102,911)

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents earned a whopping total income of $102,911 in the month of September 2016. The breakout of his earnings is listed below:

Affiliate income – $56,414.93
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course – $36,418
Sponsorships and advertising- $8,500
Display advertising – $1,578

As we did our research on how bloggers are earning, it became amply clear that there can be various ways by which bloggers make their online earnings.

How Bloggers Make Money

The Blog Income Report shows that ways of making online income have gone a tremendous change. The inclination is towards Affiliate Marketing. Bloggers also make income by selling Courses, and EBooks.

However, Affiliate Marketing is the clear winner as most of the bloggers are earning huge income by doing affiliate marketing. It is the biggest income generating source for the top bloggers.

So what makes Affiliate Marketing top the list of income sources for bloggers?

It makes sense to know the benefits offered by Affiliate Marketing.

We here under enumerate the reasons which make Affiliate Marketing the best sources of income for bloggers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is by far the highest revenue generator for the bloggers as compared with other traditional sources of online income.

The biggest advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that it is flexible and offers a big commission on every sale made through the affiliate link.

Then Affiliate Marketing can be done through various ways, and you can easily promote Affiliate Products or services.

You can run Banner Ads, write blog posts, do email marketing, promote the Affiliate products and services through various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Affiliate Marketing can become a recurring source of online income. You just require establishing this source of revenue by actively promoting it to your target audience.

We hope that you would have liked our post of How Bloggers make Money. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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