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Backlinks Checking Tool is an important resource for webmasters, site owners and bloggers. As checking backlinks is significant from SEO point of view, webmasters can use this tool to check their own sites’ backlinks or for that matter even competitors’ backlinks. With backlinks data in your hand, you can further work to build up your site’s backlinks so as to improve your search engine rankings.

Although there are quite a few Backlinks Checking Tool available in the market nowadays, but most of them come as Paid Tools, and if you get free backlinks checking tools, they do not provide you with a comprehensive set of backlinks information.

So what you want is a powerful Backlinks Checking Tool which has a large link intelligence database and provides a vivid information about backlinks. Majestic Site Explorer from Majestic SEO fulfills all these criteria and is ranked amongst the top most backlinks checking tool. Majestic Site Explorer is by far the most comprehensive and fastest Backlinks Checking Tool.

Thousands of users depend upon Majestic Site Explorer to get their link data source for their sites or even for competitors’ sites. It has a large and freshly updated index which includes Fresh Index, as well as Historic Index. It sophisticated web robots, helps you to get backlinks count and detects number of backlinks for given URLs, sub-domains or domains.

Moreover, Majestic Site Explorer is now available free for verified domains and as well as provides quite a few subscription plans, as well. So you have the option as a free user and as well as paid user.

Majestic Site Explorer is easy to set up. Register and get your free account. Then enter your site to verify domain. That’s it. You get detailed reports about backlinks. Majestic Site Explorer provides standard reports as well as Advanced Reports. The back link data is much richer than most of the other Backlinks Tools (example: Google Webmaster Tools).

Majestic Site Explorer provides value of each back link. Each link is marked as no-follow or do-follow. It also provides crawl dates, redirections, anchor text, new links, and even flow metric data for each of the back-link. Well, if this data is not sufficient, you can click on the tabs to get more in-depth information. Moreover, Majestic Site Explorer is simple to use and has an intuitive User Interface.

Majestic Site Explorer
Using Majestic Site Explorer you get top level backlinks information so that it becomes easy for you to understand the make-up of links for any website. You get information about top influencing domains to a site. You get information in an easily understandable report form. It provides back-link information such as back-link history, sub-domain information, referring domains, top backlinks and much more. With regards to backlinks and referring domain, it displays information such as Referring IP Addresses, Class C Subnets, NoFollow Links, Indexed URLs, Images, Frames, Redirects, and Deleted Links.

You get the count of overall external backlinks and as well as count of referring domains. It also provides the BackLink History Tool. Its Top Backlinks area shows details such as Source URL, Target URL, Anchor Text, and Last Crawl Date. Whereas it’s Top Pages area displays information such as Title, URL, AC Rank, External Backlinks, Referring Domains, and Date.

The beauty of site explorer is that it provides overwhelming wealth of back-link data, and that can be easily comprehended by you. The data aids in the back-link analysis which can be used to benefit your business. You can use it regularly (on a monthly or quarterly basis) to do competitors’ backlinks analysis. You can get keywords which you can target and use to build backlinks. The information about referring domains is also useful as you can use this data to build quality backlinks for own website.

Majestic Site Explorer
You can easily identify top pages that link to your site as well as identify top pages of your websites and continue to build quality backlinks for them. And that’s not all as you get to have pages which are presently of low importance and so you can work on its content to generate more backlinks for such pages.

On the whole, Majestic Site Explorer is an amazing and extremely useful BackLink Checking Tool that can streamline your link building efforts. It’s an extremely intuitive and easy to use tool. Even a true beginner will find the tool easy to use. The amount of data provided is really overwhelming. The reporting system is absolutely great. Majestic Site Explorer provides two sets of reports such as Standard reports and Advanced reports. Standard Reports includes information such as overview, backlinks information, as well as anchor text information. Whereas Advanced Reports provides every possible information that you want to know about a domain.

So if you are interested in gearing up your linking building efforts then Majestic Site Explorer is a tool to watch out for. It’s fast, easy to use, intuitive and includes different pricing options, so it provides options for everyone. Moreover, if you are a beginner, it’s free version might be very interesting to you. On the whole, you can check backlinks for free with Majestic Site Explorer.

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