6 Best PPV Networks for Advertisers and Publishers

Advertisement plays an important role in branding or promoting a product or a service. It can be both online and offline. There are many platforms for both advertiser and publishers that provide online advertisements for your products or services.

Many webmaster and bloggers make money by placing various advertisements on their blogs or website. It can be fixed cost ads, CPC, CPM or CPV ads.

There are many kinds of ads that can be placed on the websites and blogs like banner ads, pop-up, in-text ads, pop-under, graphical banner and more. The advertiser has to pay the networks for getting their ads placed or displayed on the websites or blogs.

These networks charge from the advertiser in a different way. There are different criteria for charging the advertiser like the number of clicks on the particular ad, a number of times the advertisement is shown on the web page, and per thousand, times ads are shown on the web page.

Cost Per View is a very popular form of online advertising. The advertiser has to pay when the website is viewed by the visitor. Not on per impression or per thousand times of basis. In other words, the advertiser has to pay only when the user visit a blog or website.

In Cost Per Click, an advertiser has to pay every time there is a click on the advertiser ads. The rates of CPV are lower than the rates of CPC.

We have made a list of some of the Best CPV/PPV Networks for Advertisers and Publishers. These CPV Networks are good for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can advertise their products and services from these networks and publishers can earn some good money by displaying CPV ads on their websites. These networks charge the advertiser on per view basis.

This CPV/PPV ad network list is not in any particular order or ranking.

6 Best CPV/PPV Networks

1. Propel Media PPV Network

Propel Media is the most popular and leading CPV network, the platform for both contextual text-link and display advertisement. This network delivers most of the high-quality traffic with high purchase intent. Propel Media provides you with the best customer care services and easy to use interface with which you can optimize your ads within a few seconds as per your requirements. The only drawback of this network is its high cost, minimum deposit. You need a referral to get your application approved, and for that also you need to spend.

Propel Media PPV Network

2. RTX Platform PPV AD Network

RTX Platform (50onRed) is now my number one PPV traffic source. RTX Platform offers worldwide targeting at a very low price it can be as low as $0.002 per view. RTX Platform not just offer PPV traffic they also have InText and Display traffic which you can promote from same advertiser interface, you don’t need the separate budget for InText and Display Ads.

RTX Platform advertiser dashboard is one of the easiest and powerful among all PPV networks I have worked with. To get started with RTX Platform you need a $500 budget. The only problem I found with 50onRed is that some competitive keywords can cost as much as $1+ per view, but you can add a lot of less competitive keyword which can send traffic at just $0.005 per view. Traffic quality of 50onRed is really great. If you want to start PPV marketing I will suggest you go with RTX Platform.

RTX Platform PPV AD Network

3. Media traffic CPV Network

Media Traffic is a CPV/PPV advertising platform for the affiliates. It is used by many affiliates due to its certain advantages like highly targeted ads are shown in the big window for clearer visibility, superior return on investment and can reach millions of the audience. Media Traffic is very easy to use program with a quite simple interface, you can get started in just 5 minutes with 3 simple steps and customer care services are very good every user is provided with a separate account manager. The drawback of this program is the approval process, the advertiser has to send the printouts of the basic formalities with signature and many other details, and then it gets approval if all the documents are proper.

CPV Ad Network

4. DirectCPV

DirectCPV is one of the popular and cost-effective CPV networks for affiliates. It offers the best value of your every dollar spent on advertisement. DirectCPV allows you to target the related keywords, URL’s and locations getting the most out of your dollars, which helps in increasing the number of conversions. This network display interstitial ads, full-screen size ads, is displayed on your window as you go to the page in their browser. Advertising through DirectCPV saves your time you do not have to create your own landing page it will on its own create a full-screen size advertisement.

CPV Networks

5. Clicksor PPV Networks

Clicksor is a popular online advertising platform which supports all CPV, CPC, CPI and CPM ads. It displays related contextual banners, in-text ads, interstitial ads, search box, pop-under, and graphic banner. Clicksor advertises on a high Alexa ranking website with a large number of page views. The publisher gets 85% of the ads income. The drawback of this network is that malware is inserted in their ads or forced redirections.

Clicksor PPV Networks

6. ZeroPark PPV Network

ZeroPark is a well-recognized name in the affiliate marketing realm. In fact, ZeroPark is a leading CPV/PPV Network for both Advertisers and Publishers. ZeroPark was founded in 2011 by Robert Gryn and belongs to Codewise.

With ZeroPark, you can run three different types of campaigns:

  • Domain
  • Premium PPV
  • Search

Its platform interface is super user-friendly, intuitive, and well explained. So, ZeroPark proves perfect for those who are beginning their media buying journey.
One of its notable features is the “Targets daily budget.”

It allows you to specify a maximum expenditure for each target. So, you never end up overspending on a few expensive targets. You can test other targets, as well.
Then it also offers Traffic filters.

You can choose between three filters. For instance, you can choose Desktop & Mobile when you want your campaign to receive these two types of traffic.

ZeroPark serves full-page ad formats on a CPM basis. It includes Ad formats such as Pop Ads, Native, Domain Redirect, Interstitial, and much more. Plus, it offers several cool tools, together with amazing support from account managers. ZeroPark caters to adult as well as non-adult verticals.

Minimum Deposit: $200
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Method: PayPal

ZeroPark PPV Ad Network

We hope you liked this list of Best PPV Networks. Please share which network works well for you.

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