All About Push Ads: Monetization That Worth Your Attention

Did you know that Clickadu provides such formats as Push-up and Push Notifications? But apart from a similar name they have many differences! Let’s go through the main points about Push ads.

Firstly, how do they look like?

Push-up Ads

A Push-up is a native mobile dialog window that appears when a user touches the screen of the site. A dialog window has a title box and a short description where an advertiser can place a message, and two call-to-action buttons for users to decide whether they are interested in this content or not. This is done by pressing the buttons OK or Cancel.

Here’s an example of how they work on a mobile device:

Push-up Ads

The Push-up format is designed exclusively for mobile devices; however, it can be used on a desktop too, your site does not need to be responsive.

Push Notification Ads

Push notification is a short message with an icon that appears in your customer’s browser or a mobile device screen even when he’s not browsing the web. Unlike the push-up format, notifications support images: icons and banners that can be added into the push notification message.

A format is working on a subscription basis; a user should accept the subscription to get ads.

The user gets a notice; a simple tap will redirect to an advertiser page or app. Also, the user has an opportunity to unsubscribe from getting notifications.

Here is an example of Native Subscriptions (as they also called):

Push Notification Ads

The format is created to work both on the desktop and on the mobile, but their appearance is slightly different. We have shown you a mobile variant when a user receives the ad message after subscription. On a desktop, the ad will appear in the lower right corner, less often in the upper right corner.

So, we found out they are different in appearance and online status.

Push up – text only, two options for user behavior and appears only on site.

Push Notifications – a text and image(s): icon, banner or both, appears even if the user is not online.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of each of the format.

What can you get from push-ups if you are an advertiser:

  • High delivery and conversions rate

They are native cause push-up ads look like system windows, and a user gets an advertising message immediately or after a few seconds. We advise to setting 1/12 frequency for campaigns not to bother your audience too much:)

The format is unusual and noticeable, appears right in front of the content. This is certainly one of the factors of a high conversion rate.

High conversions, and low rates? That’s not a fake! The statistics from Shakes affiliate program reveals the full power of using the format.

Push up Ads Conversion
  • New opportunities for promotional ideas

You can put any of your promotional messages with emojis or symbols. Moreover, it is a great chance for A/B tests cause you will know for sure what to change – text)

  • Compatibility with all mobile devices. The argument speaks for itself. It really works on all devices!

As for Publishers:

  • Google-friendly advertising format.
    • It is a Google complaint ad format and push-ups compatible with other ad formats. You can combine all of them or put them together.
  • No mobile-optimized website is needed!
  • User-friendly: a website visitor can choose whether they are interested in the ad content.
    • No redirects, easy return to content, family safe ads and more other advantages.
  • Integrates into your website without interfering with the existing content and ad spaces.
    • No extra content and space can be left for other needs; is this not happiness?
  • ● A way too cool rates! Just look at these:
Push Ads Earning

Okay, let’s try not to make this day all about Push-ups. So, what about Push Notifications?

Push Notifications for Advertisers

Advertisers, there is a wide pool of advantages to starting your campaigns with this ad format:

At first, the format guarantees that the traffic you’ll receive is bot-free. This is achieved by the way that users consciously subscribe to a notification they have received.

Highly-effective advertisement due to the non-browsing principle of work. Your message ensures a high CTR in comparison with other formats. We will note once again that the user should not necessarily be on the Internet to get the ad.

High delivery. You decide when your user will see the message, it gives a significant advantage over other formats, especially when you promote hot offers or crucial events.

Here is the place to be the wide range of promotional ideal: put whatever you want in the message. Likewise, you put any of your cool graphical ideas on a picture, of course, in terms of size.

Push Notifications for Publishers

Publisher, we haven’t forgotten about you, this format is also an ideal offer for your web source.

It is Google friendly and permission-based. Currently, it is very popular among advertisers so the rates will be pretty high. More sweet CPM, we accept all GEOs! Waiting for your registrations on our platform:)

In sum, all those characteristics empower formats to provide their own unique advantages, with a minimum of common features. The flow is also quite different.

What can you promote with Push-ups and Push Notes?

Both advertising formats are universal and work with any type of products, services and CPA offers. We have prepared some ideas for you:

Push Ad Verticals

We confidence in these verticals, but such a list is not exhaustive or final. Always try new and you will definitely find something converting.


Of course, it’s best to understand how each of the formats works in practice.

If you are an advertiser, pay attention to the used vertical, offer and targeting features. These parameters can be repelled when you choose a format. As for publishers, the choice is all yours, which format goes better with your site and type of user’s interaction you choose.

We advise you to try and decide what suits you best.

Profit to all! Sign up!

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