How To Get Most From Pop-Under Ads

Online advertising has evolved over the years much for the benefit of advertisers, publishers, and affiliates. Still, it’s a serious affair which demands a good understanding of the available options before investing in any marketing strategy.

Largely online advertising techniques are used for increasing brand awareness and brand affinity thereby generating ROI for the entrepreneur.

However, before using any online advertising technique, one has to make sure that it doesn’t lead to annoying visitors. It should not have a negative impact on a website’s traffic.

If your visitors get frustrated by the advertisements, it spoils your whole effort. It not only affects your reputation and CTRs but also goes on to hamper the overall user experience.

So, one has to be quite careful before employing any advertising method for generating leads and sales.

Plus, you have to look at the overall costs that you go on to make for any advertisement method. It has to be minimal yet effective in spreading the word about a product or service.

These are some of the key issues which should be at the top of your mind before you go on to select and use any online advertising method.

Today, our focus is on Pop-Under Ads which have become quite popular with advertisers, publishers, and affiliates alike.

In fact, these ads are one of the best ways to monetize your website traffic. Users “positively” react to Pop-under ads as they do not spoil the user experience.

They prove successful in drawing the attention of the visitors as users do not leave your site, block or ignore the ad.

What is Pop-Under Ads?

Typically, Pop-Under Ads can be seen in a new browser window or Tab which is hidden under the active window. They are non-intrusive and do not interrupt the user until the covering window is closed.

So, the Pop-under ads do not disturb the user who is viewing the site content. They are hidden behind the main browser window and can only be seen when the main browser window is either minimized or closed. Pop-under ads are extensively being used in advertising on the Web.

Pop-under ads are a form of pop-ads.

The other being Pop-up ads.

Both Pop-up and Pop-under ads are functionally very similar as both open in a new browser window using some Javascript code. While a Pop-up ad will launch a new browser window over the one which is currently being viewed, in a Pop-under Ad, the new browser window opens behind the one that is currently being viewed.

How To Get Most From Pop-Under Ads

So, Pop-Under Ads does not hamper the user experience. Users only come to know about a Pop-Up Ad once they have closed the page they were viewing at first.

Moreover, users are less likely to figure out where that page came from. So, users do not have a “negative” emotion about the page that loaded the pop-under.

Want more on Pop-Under Ads; simply refer one of our earlier posts on “What is Pop-Under Ads?

Pop-Under Ads vs. Other Ad Formats

The closest competitors of Pop ads (typically PopUnder Ads) are normal, banner, and display ads. While they remain as one of the most popular ad formats on the web, banner or display ads suffer from a phenomenon known as “banner blindness.”

It is a phenomenon which leads a user to ignore banner ads or anything resembling them unconsciously. And this is not what an online entrepreneur strives for when he goes for online advertising.

It is here where PopUnder Ads win over banner ads and other ad formats.

Pop-Under Ads effectively tackle “banner blindness.”

Pop-Under Ads provide a perfect platform for a user to engage with an ad on a conscious level. They are less aggressive than a pop-up ad and goes on to hold the attention of a user.

With Pop-Under Ads, the bounce rate tends to be relatively low as compared to other ad formats.

Plus, the numbers also advocate for Pop-Under Ads. The CTR for Pop Under Ads averages around 7% which make them a much better-performing ad format than banner ads with CTRs averaging around just 1%.

Why are Pop-Under Ads best?

Pop-Under Ads work significantly much better than banner ads as well as Pop-Up Ads. It is because these Ads are much more visible and likely to get more clicks.

Unlike banner ads, Pop-Under Ads do not consume up space for content. They are only visible to users once they have either minimized or closed the main browser window or tab.

So, Pop-Under Ads are less intrusive and do not disturb the users.

That’s the reason they have a high CTR as compared to banner or display ads. Pop Under Ads provides you an opportunity to be a lot more creative with your ads.

You get more space, specifically a whole screen worth of space to play with. Thereby you can easily drive your audience towards your goal. A whole web page or landing page is opened in Pop-Under Ad.

Pop-Under Ads are also great for A/B testing landing pages.

Normally, to reach your landing page, users are required to click on some primary ad. However, with Pop-Under Ads, you can skip this first step and can drive them straight to the landing page, thereby saving time and money.

So, Pop-under Ads are a good resource for promoting your brand or for generating revenue for your website. If you have in mind using pop-under ads the best solution for this is the ad network Clickadu.

Pop-Under Ads for Advertisers

Costs are the most important concern for any advertiser or entrepreneur who wants to spread a word about a product or service on the Web.

In fact, more than costs, the ROI is the major concern for all online advertisers. As Pop-under marketing is the cheapest of all internet marketing techniques, it requires a minimum investment to spread the word about a product or service.

Moreover, Pop-Under Ads offer high eCPM Rates and tend to have higher CTRs than banner or display ads. So, advertisers get value for money, better targeting and more visibility when they go with Pop-Under Ads.

Typically, Pop-Under Ads are operated on a CPM basis. It means that an advertiser has to pay to the associate ad network only when their landing or web page is opened. So, they are fewer chances of fraud or issues with publishers when they use Pop-Under Ads.

Pop-Under Ads for Publishers

The least thing a publisher wants to see is when users prematurely exit their website. As PopUnder Ads are non-intrusive in nature, they let a visitor view the website first and then turn the attention to the advertisements.

So, Pop-Under Ads do not irritate or annoy the website visitors. The user experience remains intact.

Plus, you get an opportunity to monetize your website without spoiling the user experience.

With Pop Under Ads, you have much more opportunities to engage with your audience. As your visitor is surfing your website and a Pop-under ad is opened silently in a new tab or window.

Pop-Under Ads pays on eCPM basis, so the publisher doesn’t need to worry about ad clicks or conversion. They are paid on how many time a Pop-Under Ad is opened.

Pop-Under Ads frees your website space for having valuable content for users. They show in a separate browser window and do not consume any space on your website.

It only shows up when the user has exited your website. So, Pop-Under helps to engage your visitors in a much better way than banner or pop-up ads.

Pop-Under Ads for Affiliates

Affiliates seek an ultimate level of audience monetization and high revenue per visitor. So, the conversion ratio matters most to the Affiliates. You don’t want visitors prematurely closing down ads and campaigns.

That’s the attitude of users when they are annoyed with the way advertisements are being served to them. When Ads don’t spoil the user experience, the users are more likely to notice the Ads.

Another important aspect is the landing page. Most of the time, users are not able to see the landing page, or they do not get to the landing page.

Usually, they ignore links leading to the landing page. For conversions to happen, you want users to see your landing page. Moreover, you want to get as much creative as possible with your ads.

That’s to grab the attention of your potential users.

On all these counts, Pop-under Ads come out as the winner.

Pop-under Ads have high CTRs, are non-intrusive and allow you to display your ad campaign creatively. When user experience is taken care, the user is more likely to pay attention to the ad campaign.

Pop-Under Ads have all the ingredients to hold the attention of the visitors, so your efforts are not wasted.

Many times it happens that Affiliates do not have their website. In that case, too, Pop Under Ads help affiliates to show up the ad campaign in the most creative way as possible to the target audience. For PopUnder Ads, it is not necessary to have your website. Affiliates can use an advertiser landing page or use direct linking which will open affiliate offer website.

Final Words

Pop-Under Marketing has become hugely popular with advertisers, publishers, and affiliates. The best thing is that they are non-intrusive and do not spoil the user experience.

In fact, Pop-Under Ads do not use your website space. They are only seen when users decide to exit or close the website they visited first.

From an economics point of view, Pop-Under Ads are one of the cheapest forms of internet marketing techniques. These Ads do not suffer from “banner blindness.”

Moreover, they are user-centric and help to engage visitors and increase brand awareness and conversions. So, Pop-Under Ads, make it easy for you to drive more money out of every visitor.

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