Google AdSense Apps to Track your Earnings

As you may know, Google AdSense is one of the best methods of earning online for your website. Google AdSense is a great contextual advertising network which helps the publisher to monetize their website.

Implementing Google AdSense is very easy for a publisher they have to paste a simple code on their website and ads will start displaying, whenever a website visitor click on the ad publisher earns. Earnings per clicks vary it can be between $0.05 to $5 per click. If your website gets some good traffic you can easily earn a lot of money per day.

With Google AdSense, the publisher can easily track their earnings by login to publisher dashboard. Publisher love to track their earnings many times in a day especially new publisher likes to track their earnings in every few minutes or hours.

It’s not about new publisher every publisher should track their earnings on a regular basis this will help them to know how their website is earning and what they can do to improve their website earnings.

As all publishers can track the earnings by going to Google AdSense publisher panel but there are plenty more ways by which you can track your AdSense earning. Google provides some AdSense apps which will help you to track your AdSense earnings right from your mobile or web browser as an add-on.

Here I am listing some of the Google AdSense apps which will save your time and make your tracking work easily.

Google AdSense Android App

Google AdSense Android app will help you to track your AdSense earning from anywhere right on your mobile device. This AdSense app allows you to display account overview as well as detailed performance report. You can view report like top channels top ad units top countries etc.

On the main screen, you can see your today’s earnings, yesterday earnings, this month earnings, and last month earnings. You can also check payment sent and current holding. With this app, you can also add resizable widget on your mobile home screen.

Google AdSense Android App

Google AdSense iOS App

Google AdSense iOS App features same as Android app. It is for iPhone, iPad users. You can see all reports and earnings right in your mobile device. With this iOs app, you will add a widget, and alerts. On reporting just turn your device and you can see graphs too. You can see Bar charts, pie chart etc. This app supports many other languages.

Google AdSense iOS App

Google Publisher Toolbar for Chrome

Want to see your AdSense earning right from your browser while surfing or doing work than Google Publisher Toolbar for Chrome is for you. With Google Publisher Toolbar, you can view your AdSense, DoubleClick, and Ad Exchange data with Google Chrome add-on.

With this AdSense toolbar, you can view your account earnings, your AdSense ads, and creatives. Click on the AdSense icon on your browser and see the basic information about your ads and earning in the pop-up box.

Google AdSense Chrome App

Hope you liked these Google AdSense apps. If you are using any other app to see your AdSense earnings than please share it with us.

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