20 Best Blog Submission Sites with High Domain Authority

You’ll come to know about the 20 Best Blog Submission Sites with high domain authority in this post.

These top blog submission sites help you to get high-quality links for your blogs. They even help you to increase your content exposure.

In fact, authority sites tend to rank better in Google search results because they get many other site’s links.

So, when you submit your blog or blog posts to these top blog submission sites, you can build some high-quality backlinks to your sites. Google offers rewarding results to those sites that have lots of quality links.

It means that blog submission sites are a sure-shot way to build high-quality links quickly. They even help to increase your content exposure.

Blog Submission Sites

Blog submission sites (also known as blog directories) allow you to submit your blog or blog posts to build quality backlinks to your site and gain more exposure for your content.

In fact, there are lots of blog submission sites out there. However, most of them are not active or don’t possess good domain authority.

It means that you should not submit your blog on every blog submission site to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Here, we have featured the top 20 blog submission sites with a good domain authority of over 30.

You can safely submit your blog on these top blog submission sites for building some quality links for free.

These blog submission sites offer you an excellent way to increase your blog’s exposure.

Moreover, submitting your blog or website on good domain authority blog directories allows you to boost your link authority.

Benefits of Blog Submission Sites

We must tell you that you should have a solid plan regarding the frequency of your submissions on these blog submission sites. Moreover, you should not be using duplicate content.

One of the significant benefits of blog submission sites is that they easily create link dispersion on search engines without spending too much.

Here, we have listed out some of the major benefits of using blog submission sites for you:

  • Blog submission sites allow you to build quality links for free
  • You can get greater link exposure in search engines
  • Submitting your blog on blog submission sites will enable you to gain more exposure and traffic
  • Blog submission sites help you to increase DA (Domain Authority). It’s a metric given by the Moz team.
  • Many blog submission sites offer advertising and marketing services
  • They are really helpful in improving your SEO

Disadvantages of Blog Submission Sites

The most significant disadvantage of using blog submission sites is “spamming.”

Spammy blog submission sites accept almost all types of sites and adult content, illegal content, gambling, etc.

So, such spammy blog submission sites can get your site penalized by Google.

It means that you should stay away from such sites. It calls for a proper selection of blog directories.

However, we must tell you that all the blog posting sites that have been listed below are absolutely safe to use.

Another common disadvantage of directory submission is that it is lingering and tiresome.

So, you should do some additional work to optimize your content as per SEO copywriting guidelines. It calls for the selection of proper blog directories for submission.

Now, it’s time to dive into the details.

Here’s the list of best blog submission sites for you. Let’s begin:

20 Top Blog Submission Sites

1. AllTop

AllTop is regarded as one of the top blog submission sites out there. It helps you to build quality links quickly and brings more exposure to your sites.

AllTop has been started by Guy Kawasaki, who is one of the finest Internet marketers around.

AllTop covers almost every niche, such as technology, marketing, fitness, real estate, and more.

So, you can make use of AllTop regardless of which niche you are in. You can easily get a relevant topic and submit your blog for free.

It helps to bring more traffic to your sites.

AllTop displays the headlines of the five most recent stories for any given topic. So, you should always use attention-grabbing headlines.

For submitting your blog to AllTop, you must register yourself with any username and your email.

AllTop will review your submission.

It will send you a confirmation email once your site goes live.

Domain Authority: 69

AllTop Blog Submission Sites

2. Blogarama

Blogarama is regarded as the oldest blog directory on the Internet. It allows you to submit your blog for free. So, Blogarama is a free submission blog directory. However, it also offers premium and business packages.

Blogarama has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and is positioned as one of the largest blog submission sites on the web.

For submitting your blog for free, you need to register yourself with your email. You can then add your new blog for free to their blog directory.

Blogarama includes numerous categories such as:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Design
  • Education
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Home & Garden
  • Moreover, lots more

Domain Authority: 63


3. Indiblogger

Indiblogger is the biggest Indian blogging community platform for all Indian bloggers. The platform allows Indian bloggers to share their links and contents for mutual benefit.

It’s an Indian blog directory that allows bloggers from India to share their links using Indiblogger.in.

It happens to be one of the best platforms for bloggers who want to create an online presence in blogging. It creates link exchanges from the community to your blog.

When you join Indiblogger, you will get a Dofollow link which helps to rank better in search engines. There’s a good opportunity for getting a huge amount of traffic when you share your article links in Indiblogger.in

Indiblogger allows you to submit your blog for free. Here, you get thousands of Indian bloggers from various blogging topics to engage and connect.

Joining Indiblogger requires you to sign up for their account for free. You need to enter your blog title and other information for submitting your blog on Indiblogger.

Domain Authority: 51

Indiblogger Blog Submission Website

4. Blog Flux

Blog Flux has been designed to function as a central destination for the blogosphere. It offers you everything for getting your blog up and running.

Blog Flux is essentially a blog directory. However, it also offers advanced services such as stat tracking, poll, and quiz makers, thereby helping you get your blog online.

Blog Flux even features a growing community to help answer your blogging questions. It has come up with a team of professional bloggers that have extensive blogging experience and provide you with expert advice and insight.

The best part is that Blog Flux is 100% free.

You can register your account for free. Once you get the confirmation email, you can add your blog from their home page.

Domain Authority: 53

Blog Flux Website Submission

5. Blog Adda

Blog Adda is one of the most popular Indian blog directories. It has a large network of bloggers. Here, the editors pick the best blog posts every day, thereby getting more exposure.

It’s a widely acclaimed platform for bloggers to connect and showcase their blogs and discover newer ones.

So, Blog Adda provides an excellent opportunity to build an audience. You can engage with brands and become better bloggers.

Blog Adda is a thriving platform that allows you to propel your brand’s visibility in the digital space.

It features a wide variety of categories about:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Parenting
  • Finance
  • Fitness
  • Moreover, lots more

Domain Authority: 53

Blog Adda Blog Submission

6. Blog Engage

Blog Engage is another thriving platform that allows you to submit your blog articles.

However, it’s not a free blog directory.

You can join it for $25/month.

You need to register your account with blog Engage. You will get the “submit” option once you have logged into your Blog Engage account. Here, you’ll be provided the option of adding an URL to your post.

You can also add some basic details about your post, such as headline, post summary, category, tags, and description. You can then hit ‘Preview and Submit.’ Once your post gets submitted, you can see it on its Upcoming page.

So, Blog Engage proves a viable platform for blog marketing and management.

Domain Authority: 45

Blog Engage Blog Submission Webite

7. On Top List

On Top List is one of the top blog & business directories. It mainly focuses on tech-related stuff. However, you can also find business pages as well as blogging-related sites from all over the globe.

On Top List offers the opportunity to find the best blogs to follow. You can even discover top businesses and service providers.

Here, you can explore the best blogs on thousands of topics. It functions as an extensive resource being one of the top business and blog directories.

It allows you to search thousands of top-quality blogs and websites in every niche you can imagine.

It’s a premier resource for the best businesses and service providers from the US. You can easily find the business that you’re looking for and contact them via its listings.

Its blog directory includes various categories:

  • Technology
  • Life & Style
  • Leisure & Activities
  • Health & Wellness
  • Business & Law

It provides an option of “Submit Site.”

However, you first need to register with them.

Domain Authority: 42

On Top List

8. Blogs Collection

Blogs Collection is one of the oldest blog directories on this list. It was started over nine years ago.

It’s a top-rated blog directory that collects all major blog articles from all over the globe.

It includes numerous blog categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Gaming
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Software
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Moreover, lots more

The good thing about Blogs Collection is that it allows you to submit your blog for free.

Domain Authority: 37

Blogs Collection

9. Entire Web

Entire Web is a top-rated blog submission site over the Internet. It allows you to submit your blog for free.

Once you submit your blog on it, your blog/site will show all-important search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It’s a free Search Engine Submission service that allows you to submit your site to various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.

It’s a 100% free service. Moreover, you can use it as often as you want. More than 5 million people have used Entire Web for submitting their websites.

Domain Authority: 52

Entire Web Directory

10. 1Abc Directory

1Abc Directory is regarded as one of the oldest blog directories in the world. It is functioning for the last 14 years.

1Abc Directory offers several submission options such as:

  • Featured links: $20/Yearly
  • Regular links: $5/Permanent
  • Regular links with reciprocal: Free
  • Free Links: Free

You can pick the free submission option and enter your blog details such as title, description, URL, and so on.

Domain Authority: 34

1Abc Blog Directory

11. Blog Listing

Blog Listing allows you to submit your blog for free. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing blog submission sites on the web.

You first need to register for Blog Listing.

Once you’re accepted into the directory, you can submit a new link. However, you must be logged in to submit a new link.

As soon as your blog goes live, you can start connecting with other bloggers to increase your site exposure.

Domain Authority: 30

Blog Listing

12. Cipinet

Cipinet is one of the oldest blog directories on the web. It has been functioning since 2002.

Cipinet offers freemium web directory submission. So, it offers both free and paid listings for adding links to your site.

It accepts top-level domains and sub-domains as well. They review your site within 24 hours. Its basic subscription plan comes at $35, which is a one-time fee.

Cipinet also offers free site submission.

However, the time period for reviewing is about four months. Only top-level domains are accepted. No sub-domains or individual pages. You need to select your site category.

Domain Authority: 34

Cipinet Blog Submission

13. So Much

So Much is one of the best free link directories on the web. Here, you can find the best human edited links that are sorted by topic and category.

You can submit a link to your site for free by entering your site URL along with its relevant category and a short description of your site.

Links are reviewed on a first-in, first-out basis. It could require anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks before your site gets listed, depending on the number of submissions yet to be checked.

They have also come up with a paid version (Cost: around $10) where your site gets approved within a day.

Domain Authority: 36

So Much Blog Submission Sites

14. Blog Directory

Blog Directory is another top-rated blog directory on the web that allows you to submit your blog for free to get links.

Blog Directory helps you to increase your content exposure. It lists different blogs under various topics such as Academics, Computers, Real Estate, etc.

You need to register an account on it for listing your blog. Now, choose a category that’s relevant to your blog’s topic, add details and submit.

Domain Authority: 31

Blog Directory

15. Gain Web

Gain Web is another beneficial blog submission site over the Internet. It features high-quality websites from around the blogosphere.

Gain Web offers multiple options for submitting links, including premium pricing plans.

Available Link Types include:

  • Featured Link Plus – $55/unlimited with 5 deep links, priority review, and accelerated inclusion of good quality & useful websites
  • Regular Link Plus: $29/Unlimited with 3 deep links
  • Regular Link – Free

If you want to opt for free submission, you need to pick the “Regular Link” option and enter your blog details, and you’re done.

Domain Authority: 31

Gain Web Website Submission

16. Blogging Fusion

Blogging Fusion is a highly rated blog directory that offers you the opportunity of great link exposure in search engines.

It is one of the oldest blog directories on the Internet. It was established in 2006.

Its spam free and has a human-edited database. It has some of the best blogs in the blogosphere.

Its editors tend to validate all submissions before approval or inclusion with the blog directory.

Blogging Fusion offers both free as well as paid submission.

Packages on offer include:

  • Regular: $10.00/yearly
  • Featured: $39.99/yearly
  • Regular: $100.00/Permanent
  • Featured: $200.00/Permanent

Domain Authority: 37

Blogging Fusion

17. Plazoo

Plazoo is a highly popular blog posting site which is based in Hamburg, Germany.

It allows you to add your blog feed or RSS feed.

It gives access to the Plazoo Reader, which allows you to add and manage RSS feeds easily.

Here, you also get access to all kinds of other media such as news, job offerings, movies, pictures, audio files, and so on.

It even supports multiple languages worldwide.

Domain Authority: 42

Plazoo Blog Submission Sites

18. Blog Ville

Blog Ville has become a leading blog directory over the Internet. It allows you to submit your blog irrespective of your niche.

They tend to manually review your blog for approving it to their blog directory.

You need to register yourself for free. It sends you a confirmation email after you register. Your blog will be manually reviewed. They send an email once it goes live.

Domain Authority: 26

Blog Ville

19. Top Sites

Top Sites Web Directory not only allows you to get links but also more traffic. This directory has been listed on every major web directory resource on the web. So, it has very high traffic.

Top Sites uses best SEO practices to be recognized by major search engines using the categories and descriptions you provide.

Your submission helps you to get better rankings for the keywords that you are interested.

Submitting your site for free requires you to enter your website details to proceed. They also offer paid submission for 10.00 Euros, where you can get your site reviewed in only 48 hours. You can even give them a reciprocal link for faster review.

Domain Authority: 36

Top Sites Blog Directory

20. Bloggernity

Bloggernity is a highly rated blog directory over the Internet. It’s a high DA submission site that offers a dedicated forum for interaction with other bloggers.

Bloggernity allows you to submit your blog for free. You need to sign up using your free email address. You can then log in using your email details and click on the “Add Blog” option for adding your blog to their directory.

Domain Authority: 40

Bloggernity Blog Submission Sites

We have reached the end of this post with this listing, which featured the 20 Best Blog Submission Sites with high domain authority.

We hope that this post proved beneficial to you. Thanks for visiting us.

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