Direct Buying Selling Ad Space Basics

In my last post I wrote about Contextual Advertising basics. This post is about Buying Selling Ad Space on any Website or Blog.

If you are advertise or Website publisher then selling or buying ad space is another way of advertising. As a Website publisher you can sell ad space on your Website. Advertisers buys ad space on publisher Website and pays a fix amount for that ad space. Price depends on for how long ad space is available it can be like for a week or month.

When you buy or sell ad space advertiser put a banner or text link ad on publisher site. When you buy or sell ad space it does not count costing or earning on CPM or click cost. Advertiser pays fix amount to publisher and publishers earning not affects how many clicks that ad is getting. Advertiser also do not need to pay any extra money if their ad is getting good response.

Benefit of Buying Ad Space

As advertiser there are many ways of advertisement but question is why to use Ad space for advertisement. Advertisers normally use contextual advertisement, CPM ads or Affiliate Marketing so why buying Ad Space?

When you use any other form of advertisement you may not save that much money compares to direct buying ad space. When you buy ad space on any Website you put banner on that Website you may get lot of clicks on your banner which can lows down your cost per click compare to Pay Per Click program. If you use affiliate marketing then you pay some commission to your affiliate but when you get visitors from direct ad space and they buy product you do not need to pay any commission. Thus you can save lot of money on your promotion.

Benefit of Selling Ad Space

As Website publisher you make money by Pay Per Click ads CPM Ads or affiliate marketing. If you are not expert in any of them you may not make good money. When you sell ad space on your Website you get a fixed amount for you ad space. You do not need to take care of clicks or conversions you are free to just focus on your Website growth.

How to Buy or Sell Ads on a Website

There are two ways of buying or selling ad space. As publisher you can sell ad space directly by your own or use any direct ad selling advertisement company.

Many Website owner directly sell ad space on there Website. As an advertiser if you are interested in advertising on a Website you can contact Website owner by using their advertisement or contact page. Direct buying or selling ads save your money as you are not going through mediator company which charges some fee for serving or selling ad space.

Same rule applies for publishers they can sell there Website ad space directly or use any ad network who helps selling your Website ad space.

Ad Space Buys Selling Networks

There are many ad network who help you sell your Website ads. These network share revenue with publishers. You can search around and you will find some good advertisement network some of good ad networks are:

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