How TechCrunch Earns? is one of the most popular tech blogs today millions of visitors come to their website every month or day. They post plenty of tech news every day but have you ever wondered how TechCrunch earns?

You will not find any Google AdSense advertisements on the TechCrunch website then how they earn? Most of the bloggers depend on AdSense earnings and AdSense is the best source for many blogs today. TechCrunch doesn’t use AdSense ads but you will find some advertisements on their blog. Look at the image below showing some ads on TechCrunch blog.

How TechCrunch Earns

You will find two ads above the fold and there are some 125×125 px ads after the post and some text ads in the sidebar. Now you have found the ads but do you know which type of advertisements TechCrunch accepts. These are not cost per click ads, nor affiliate ads most of these are CPM (Cost per thousand) advertisements and fixed price ads slot like 125×125 px ads.

CPM ads pay a fixed price for every 1000 ad views, it does not depend on cost per click or cost per action. The advertiser pays for every 1000 ad views and earning per CPM can vary. If you have experience with CPM ads then you may know the average rates of CPM ads. For many small publishers, CPM rates are very low which starts from $0.10 to $2.0 per CPM and it does vary country to country and site to site.

TechCrunch also sale fixed price weekly and monthly advertisements. They sale there 125×125 ad slot for fix rates and bigger size ads like 728×90, 300×250, 300×600 banner ads CPM rates.

Now you know how TechCrunch earns but do you know what price they get per for per CPM ad and for fixed price ads? If you are not a big publisher then this pricing can surprise you.

To advertise on TechCrunch you have to pay $19.25 to $36.50 per CPM (Cost Per Thousand) which is a very big amount for every CPM. For fixed price ads of 125×125 px banner, you have to pay $5000 per week. Again a big amount.

How TechCrunch Earns

Now you know the pricing but do you know what minimum budget you need to advertise on TechCrunch? For fixed price ads like 125×125 banner ads, you need minimum $5000 budget for consideration and for CPM banner ads you must have a minimum $25000 budget for consideration to advertise on TechCrunch. Is it a big amount?

Now you know how TechCrunch earns and what pricing they charge but do you know how much TechCrunch earns per month. It can be difficult question for this you have to see their balance sheets but you can learn how much approx they earn from their ad sales.

According to TechCrunch, they get 12+ million unique visitors per month and 35+ million page views per month according to this figure if you calculate their earning it will be something like:

35 X 1,000,000 = 35000000 monthly page views
35000000/1000= 35000 CPM
35000 X 19 (Minimum CPM rate) = $665000 of revenue per ad slot if they use 2 ad slot double this figure
They also sell fixed price ad slots (125×125 banner) that revenue is a minimum of $15000 per ad.

This is rough calculation and revenue can be much more.

This is how and how much TechCrunch earns. This earning calculation is done by me and it can be wrong but I have tried to use statistics available on the TechCrunch website. You can also estimate TechCrunch or any other website earnings by picking data from their website.

Learning what and how other website earns can help you to increase your earning and help you find various ways of advertisements and sources. I hope you have liked this article and I am waiting for your opinion.

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