15 Best CPA Affiliate Tracking Software

Every CPA affiliate marketer wants to know which traffic source and keywords are converting. For this, they need affiliate tracking software. So today, we are going to list some of the Best CPA affiliate tracking software.

I am just talking about CPA affiliate marketers, not cost for sale marketing, because CPA marketing needs quick action; they want to know which offers, landing pages, keywords, etc., are converting.

Most of the CPA networks allow affiliates to track conversions instantly. In addition, affiliate networks allow conversion pixel or server to server tracking, but most of the cost per sale networks don’t allow easy and flexible conversion tracking.

To know from which traffic source you are getting traffic and which traffic source is converting, which keyword is converting, which landing page is converting, for all these, you need tracking software.

CPA tracking software is different than affiliate tracking software. Don’t be confused with affiliate tracking software and CPA tracking software. What affiliates network use software to track affiliate activity is also called affiliate tracking software. Affiliate marketers also use tracking software that they normally call affiliate tracking software, which is different from what affiliate networks use.

CPA affiliate tracking software tracks and manages affiliate campaigns, tracks traffic from different sources, managing landing pages, manages offers, and tracks convergence for affiliate marketers.

Tracking software for affiliates provides reporting by which affiliates can know how much money they are making, which campaigns and traffic sources are working, and many more reports that give full details of how their affiliate campaigns are going.

Today we are listing some of the Best CPA Affiliate Tracking Software that can help you to track your affiliate marketing performance and ease your work.

Most of the tools are paid, and some of them are on a subscription base. So go ahead and check out all these affiliate tracking software.

15 Top CPA Affiliate Tracking Software

1. Thrive

If you are a big affiliate and have a lot of traffic, Thrive can be for you. Thrive comes as hosted and self-hosted affiliate tracking software. Thrive tracks web and mobile campaigns. With Thrive, you can track any funnel.

Thrive is a powerful self-hosted tracking solution that means all your tracking data is with you. The more advanced affiliate with a lot of traffic can use Thrive’s managed cloud solution for this; you don’t need your own hosting.

Thrive is optimized for faster redirects on mobile devices; you can view multi-variable drill-down reports; you can view dayparting reports, and much more.

Thrive is a subscription-based service that means you have to pay the fixed monthly fee for using Thrive.

Thrive Affiliate Tracking Software

2. RedTrack.io CPA Affiliate Tracking Software

RedTrack.io is a highly effective platform for affiliate campaign tracking. In fact, it’s easy to use an affiliate campaign tracker. With RedTrack.io, you can easily handle complex performance tracking issues. It functions as an “all-in-one” solution for effective affiliate campaign tracking & analytics.

Using RedTrack.io, you can open doors for higher ROI with your affiliate campaigns.

RedTrack.io leverages machine learning technologies helping you to automate campaigns optimization.

It offers numerous powerful tools such as Affiliate Marketing Tracker. Plus, it supports the most advanced modes of data deployment such as Cloud, SaaS, Web, etc.

RedTrack.io gives media buyers, agencies, and affiliates access to:

  • Advanced Analytics & Instant Reports
  • Smart links optimization
  • Fast click redirects
  • Custom dashboard
  • High-loaded Interface
  • Automatic offer Integration through CPAPI

Moreover, RedTrack.io functions as a friendly solution for starters.

It is loaded with all the core set of features for affiliates and performance marketers.

For example, it tracks the following attributes for each click: source, offer, network, geo, campaign, OS, device, connection type, IP address, browser type and version, click date & time, and referrer.

Plus, there’s much more with RedTrack.io!!

RedTrack.io CPA Affiliate Tracking Software

3. AdsBridge Affiliate Tracking Software

AdsBridge leverages groundbreaking tracking technology, helping you launch winning ad campaigns. In addition, it offers one single platform for managing and optimizing all ad campaigns.

It’s an easy-to-use affiliate tracker which offers you the opportunity to monetize your traffic effectively and allows you to track costs across all channels.

If you are looking to elevate the performance of your marketing campaigns, AdsBridge can be the best solution for you with its secure and flexible SaaS platform.

You can save enormous time and money on massive traffic amounts optimization. With AdsBridge, you can collect vast volumes of rich click-forward data. As a result, you can stay in control of your traffic and go on to scale your business.

You get multivariable performance reports in real-time. It shows all key performance indicators letting you determine the best digital outlet.

All in all, AdsBridge functions as the best affiliate campaign tracker allowing you to track, manage, analyze, and optimize your affiliate campaigns. It’s one-up on pricing, features, and user-friendliness to function as a “must-have” tool for affiliate marketers.

Key Components of AdsBridge:

  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Tracking of Ad Campaigns
  • Split Testing
  • Automatic Campaigns Optimization

AdsBridge offers these tools to manage everything related to affiliate marketing.

AdsBridge Affiliate Tracking Tool

4. Post Affiliate Pro

Simply put, Post Affiliate Pro is affiliate software that allows you to sell more. It’s affiliate software for growing your affiliate marketing revenue.

It lets you track clicks and signups together with the option of reports and payouts.

Moreover, Post Affiliate Pro is aimed at non-tech professionals and is fairly easy to use. It’s easy to set up and operate. In addition, it connects with virtually any website or payment gateway.

As of now, more than 30,000 businesses trust Post Affiliate Pro as their #1 choice for affiliate software.

Post Affiliate Pro offers rock-solid tracking, scalability, and endless customization. Plus, it grows with your needs. In addition, it offers multiple unique tracking features.

It employs new standards of visitor tracking with state-of-the-art tracking methods such as flash cookie tracking or direct link tracking.

Post Affiliate Pro supports all types of affiliate links. It allows you to track sales in multiple currencies. Further up, you can recompute them into one default currency.

You get multiple comprehensive reports with which you can effectively track the performance of your affiliate program. Some of the reports implemented in Post Affiliate Pro include Quick Report, Trends Report, Map Overlay Report, Top Affiliates Report, Top URLs Report, Online Users Report, etc.

And here is the biggest “plus” with Post Affiliate Pro. It is available at an affordable monthly fee. Post Affiliate Pro has much more to offer as an affiliate campaign tracker.

Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Software

5. Voluum Best CPA Affiliate Tracking Software

If you are an advanced affiliate marketer, then Voluum is for you. Voluum is hosted solution means you don’t need any hosting or software installation.

Voluum is an affiliate tracking solution that can track web and mobile, mobile app tracking, and much more. With easy use dashboard, excellent reporting, live conversion tracking makes Voluum a great solution.

With Voluum, affiliates can easily split test landing pages and offers. Affiliates can manually update cost per click. Voluum comes with a subscription option means you have to pay a fixed monthly fee for using Voluum.

Voluum CPA Affiliate Tracking Tool

6. TrackingDesk

TrackingDesk is a powerful traffic & conversion tracking platform for affiliate marketers & media buyers.

It offers one simple dashboard for managing all your campaigns. It’s a single platform for monitoring and comparing your campaigns.

With TrackingDesk, you have an opportunity to improve and scale up your campaigns.

Simply put, TrackingDesk is meant for offering ease and efficiency with affiliate campaign tracking.

It is a tracking platform that saves your time and effort.

With TrackingDesk, you get more out of your resources and can optimize your campaigns faster.

TrackingDesk will allow you to run your business with literally no technical resources. You can manage your clients and traffic sources with ease. It’s a thoroughly professional platform for managing and tracking your affiliate campaigns.

With TrackingDesk, affiliates can better monitor their performances across all their affiliate programs. They come to know which offers to promote, in which countries, and from which traffic sources.

Media buyers can easily and quickly set up, run, and optimize campaigns. They can quickly scale up performing campaigns and stop under-performing traffic segments.

TrackingDesk offers lots of features as an affiliate campaign tracker. It offers insightful, actionable analytics. You can track multiple conversion funnels (CPL, CPA, CPS) and A/B test landing pages. You can run global or geo-targeted campaigns.

All in all, TrackingDesk functions as a complete affiliate tracker.

TrackingDesk Affiliate Tracking Software

7. SYC Tracker

The SYC Tracker was released in June 2018 and replaced its forerunner CPV Lab.

SYC Tracker has many similarities with CPV Lab. Its interface is 90% identical with CPV Lab. It can track and optimize any traffic source. It helps affiliates and media buyers to test, track, and optimize their campaigns.

The SYC Tracker is self-hosted, offering total data privacy and security. It allows you to track unlimited keywords, ads, pages, and offers. Plus, it is easy to set up and easy to use. It delivers control and flexibility from a direct link and landing pages.

It allows you to set up simple & complex campaigns. You can run unlimited offers and pages rotation. All this can be done with SYC Tracker without any coding skills.

It can be implemented for multiple business models, including affiliate and performance marketing.

The SYC Tracker is best for tracking conversions and sales up to extremely detailed levels. You can test and optimize landing pages, keywords, ads, creatives, and offers.

There’s much you can expect with SYC Tracker.

The SYC Tracker is a suitable replacement for CPV Lab.

SYC Tracker CPA Affiliate Tracking

8. Prosper202

If you have just started in CPA marketing, then Prosper 202 is for you. Prosper 202 is a free affiliate tracking software that tracks CPA convergence. Prosper 202 is self-hosted tracking software that can be installed on your web server.

The Prosper 202 let you add multiple traffic sources, multiple affiliate campaign, landing pages, etc. Prosper 202 helps you to track conversions, monitor which traffic source is converting and which keywords are performing well.

On Prosper 202, you can add any type of traffic source like pay per click, pay per view, or CPM ads. It shows beautiful reports which can help you to get an easy view of your campaign performance.

Prosper202 Affiliate Tracking Software

9. iMobiTrax

iMobiTrax is another self-hosted affiliate conversion tracking software with a monthly subscription fee. iMobiTrax is an excellent solution for heavy traffic affiliates. With iMobiTrax, your data is safe and secure with you as it is installed on your own server.

iMobiTrax features fast redirect speed, set up campaigns with Landing Page, Direct Link, Path Split Testing, you can set up multiple posts, click redirection rules, and much more. iMobiTrax costs about $179 per month, but it recovers its cost by fast speed, clicks fraud, great reporting, and much more.

iMobiTrax Affiliate Tracking Software

10. Binom Tracker

Binom is a self-hosted tracker designed for performance marketing professionals – CPA Affiliates. Binom excels in click processing and reports generation, thereby helping you to increase your earnings.

It’s a tool that specifically caters to the needs of the affiliate marketing industry. Binom tracks the campaign well.

The Binom Tracker manages affiliate marketing paths like CPA Campaigns, clicks, costs, sales, revenue, report building, and more.

With Binom, you can track your CPA Campaigns and come to know from where the main source of revenue is coming. It can track your affiliate operations without any redirects. Plus, you get in-depth reports about conversions and clicks.

It’s a fully-featured self-hosted tracking platform having capabilities such as a multi-level filter system, superb click processing, advanced traffic distribution, rock-solid API. It’s best at tracking your conversions. It makes affiliate marketing easier and more profitable for you.

Moreover, Binom is a low-cost tracking solution. It’s a fantastic solution for all those who run high-volume campaigns daily. It can handle millions of clicks per day. Its click processing time is 5 ms under any server load.

Binom Tracker is priced at $99/month with a monthly plan. However, it also offers a yearly plan of $69/month. An additional license is available for $49. It offers free support with any plan.

Binom Tracker

11. ClickMeter

ClickMeter is more of a link tracker software that allows you to track conversions. This single software (click tracking software) has over a hundred different unique features.

Here, we put forward before you some of its main features:

  • It allows you to track conversions for opt-ins, purchases, ads, and lots of others
  • It functions as an A/B Split Test Rotator for Links. It will enable you to create a link rotator so that you can A/B split test different landing pages or sales funnels
  • It facilitates full Excel Export. It means that you can export your link tracking report directly into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • ClickMeter allows you to retarget visitors across multiple platforms. So, anybody that clicks on your links gets retargeted using tracking pixels.
  • You can use your custom domains for creating links on any of the pricing plans
  • You can increase the conversion rate by monitoring, comparing, and optimizing all your marketing links
  • It allows you to monitor broken links, click fraud, latency, and blacklists
  • You can track clicks and conversions
  • It allows you to create a tracking link in seconds, use it in your ads and watch real-time reports

On the whole, ClickMeter helps marketers take control of their marketing links and maximize their conversion rates. It offers you a single virtual platform to monitor, compare and optimize all your links in one place.

The ClickMeter system has become one of the most widely used software solutions. It’s a service that can be useful to you if you’re in web-marketing activities.

Plans & Pricing:

  • Medium: $29/mo
  • Large: $99/mo
  • X-Large: $349/mo

12. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is one of the best and affordable all-around link trackers. It excels in allowing users to track ads easily by creating campaigns. It also facilitates you in making link groups, link rotators, and dynamic sub-ids for affiliate links.

Here, we have put before you some of its main features:

  • With ClickMagick, you can track & optimize your entire sales funnel. Moreover, ClickMagick allows you to track entire complex & elaborate sales funnels.
  • ClickMagick allows you to do cross-device tracking. So, if you want to track a user across multiple devices, you can use ClickMagick for doing just that.
  • ClickMagick facilitates automated & intelligent split testing. You can create split tests for your links and get notified when there’s a winner.
  • It allows you to do advanced retargeting (with pixels). So, you can add tracking pixels to any link & further retarget users across the web.
  • You can create highly advanced click rotators so that you can switch and vary clicks to different URLs.
  • ClickMagick debars fake bots to ruin your click tracking. In addition, it facilitates automatic bot filtering.
  • ClickMagick is all about click tracking and conversion attribution.

So, whether you have just started in the online world or running an established online business, ClickMagick is there to make things easy for you.

It functions as a “Single Source of Truth.” It offers you all the necessary data points to generate accurate and actionable marketing insights. ClickMagick is more than just a “link tracker.” It can track and optimize even the most elaborate sales funnel.

It has been built from the ground up to track and optimize your Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other paid ads. Moreover, ClickMagick offers you actual conversion data to the platforms that you advertise on.

In the end, you get more customers and better customers at the lowest cost possible.

Plans & Pricing:

  • Starter Plan: $27 per month
  • Standard Plan: $67 per month
  • Pro Plan: $97 per month

13. Bitly

Bitly is another very popular link tracker in this bunch of CPA Affiliate Tracking Software. It is studded with quite a lot of valuable features and is used by thousands of brands worldwide.

Here, we have shared some of its main features:

  • Bitly caters to Link Management. It allows you to easily manage your links (in your account) by assigning groups, tags, and lots more
  • Bitly allows you to create custom branded links for building trust and credibility
  • Bitly allows you to create mobile links that can be used in SMS messaging and deep linking for getting more app installs
  • Bitly comes with an informative user interface and dashboard for facilitating track analytics & performance of campaigns. So, Bitly is all about Campaign Management & Analytics
  • Bitly helps you to grow and protect your brand

Bitly offers pricing plans that help you to optimize and track every touchpoint with your target audience.

Let’s get to know Bitly plans and pricing on offer:

  • Free
  • Basic @ $29/mo
  • Customized Solutions – Get a Quote
Bitly Link Tracker

14. Any Track (Anytrack.io)

Any Track (Anytrack.io) is one of the best affiliate tracking tools out there.

It not only tracks your affiliate conversions but also processes your conversion data and synchronizes it (in real-time) with your entire marketing ecosystem.

So, with Any Track, you can have a consistent and 360 view of your marketing activity, thereby allowing you to improve your organic or paid traffic performances.

It can report on conversions and the actions visitors take, and then it relays the data back to Google Analytics. Thus, Any Track helps to measure your traffic performance.

It’s a tool for connecting data streams together:

  • Any Track allows you to make better use of the tools you already use
  • You get an enhanced overview of what’s happening with your traffic
  • It will enable you to run effective retargeting campaigns
  • It helps you to build up lookalike audiences for PPC campaigns
  • With Any Track, you don’t need to waste time setting up tracking links or parameters. There’s no hard work involved to make sense of your data.
  • Moreover, Any Track is straightforward to use.
  • It utilizes an exclusive tracking method known as Redirectless Tracking.
  • Google and Facebook don’t see it as a link “Cloaker.”
  • You can track any and all traffic sources and affiliate networks without the need to change a single link on your site. So, Any Track is genuine “Plug & Play.”

It’s paid plans at just $50 a month. You get three integrations and 12 months of data retention, and Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, & Bing integrations.

Its Personal Plan comes at $150 a month and includes 500,000 sessions, ad network support together with unlimited integrations.

Any Track also offers an Advanced plan at $300 a month with exclusive features like Facebook Conversion API.

Each of its plans comes with a 14-day free trial. In addition, any Track offers you extensive customer support.

Any Track CPA Link Tracker

15. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is one of those link trackers that allows for a custom domain on their free Plan.

Rebrandly comes with a user interface & click tracking dashboard, which is quite appealing.

In fact, over one billion branded links have been created with Rebrandly. It’s very popular that hundreds of thousands of customers are making full use of their software.

Let’s get to know its features:

  • Rebrandly allows you to collaborate and work on your tracking links with your entire business team together
  • You can create and manage custom domain links from your dashboard
  • For any branded link that you make, you can get custom analytics reports
  • Rebrandly facilitates traffic routing and deep linking
  • You can attach tracking pixels to links
  • Dedicated Onboarding and Account Management

Let’s now have a look at Rebrandly plans & pricing:

  • Free (for individuals)
  • Starter: $29/mo (for individuals)
  • Pro: $69/mo (most popular)
  • Premium: $499/mo (for teams)
  • Enterprise: Custom price
Rebrandly Link Tracker

Hope you liked this list of CPA Affiliate Tracking Software. Please do share which affiliate tracking software you are using.

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