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It takes much to be a successful Affiliate Marketer. Basically, because the world of Affiliate Marketing is constantly evolving, and also because the competition is becoming bigger all the time.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you want to promote a product or service. For this, you create a landing page where your visitors have access to said product or service. You then drive traffic to that landing page and finally earn a commission when those visitors convert.

However, this is not easy and many Affiliate Marketers struggle at this.

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To overcome this problem, many Affiliate Marketers use different tools for managing their Affiliate Marketing Campaigns. Some help in designing killer landing pages while others help in affiliate link and conversion tracking. Also, there are tools that specialize in split testing and related analytics.

Having said this, none of these tools offer a full spectrum solution for handling all the aspects of Affiliate Marketing.

Herein, comes the role of AdsBridge, which functions as an all-in-one solution for Affiliate Marketers. With AdsBridge, you don’t have to go from one tool to another for launching and managing affiliate marketing campaigns. This is one of the most valuable aspects of AdsBridge.

So if you are finding it difficult for running successful affiliate campaigns, AdsBridge can turn out to be the most useful solution for you. Whether it is pricing, features, and User-Friendly UI, AdsBridge scores on every front to be one of the most essential tools for Affiliate Marketers.

The following article presents some of the key features of AdsBridge and helps you to take a decision on using the tool for managing your Affiliate Campaigns.

AdsBridge traffic tracker

The AdsBridge Capabilities

It is very essential for you to know what AdsBridge can do for you. It’s much more than a normal affiliate tracking platform. Actually, it can do a wide range of things so as to keep all of your decision-making information in one place.

These are the key components of AdsBridge that you must know:

Creating Landing Pages: AdsBridge allows you to create great looking landing pages that have been tested and proven to convert well.

Tracking of Ad Campaigns: AdsBridge allows you to track the performance of your Ad Campaigns.

Split Testing: This aspect of AdsBridge allows you to split test different types of landing pages and offers to check which ones are giving best results to you.

Automatic Campaigns Optimization: Through this feature you can come to know which landing pages and offers are performing better.
AdsBridge runs algorithms that automatically evaluate your affiliate marketing campaigns progress and statistics.

AdsBridge combines these tools in a great way to manage everything related to Affiliate Marketing. As per our latest knowledge, there is no other tool that combines the three options in one program.

AdsBridge Features

AdsBridge Landing Page Builder

The AdsBridge Program comes with a powerful Landing Page Builder with which you can make a high-quality landing page. In the context of Affiliate Marketing, it should be remembered that a landing page has a very important role to play. It essentially helps to convert traffic into sales.

So the AdsBridge Program provides a wide array of landing page templates that you can use for creating your own custom page. The templates that have been listed are proven to be effective for converting traffic into sales. Furthermore, they can be customized into a high converting landing page. You can set your own images, text, videos, and other useful components.

AdsBridge Landing Page Builder

AdsBridge Traffic Tracking

This portion of AdsBridge Program is for traffic tracking. So once your landing page is up, the AdsBridge Traffic Tracking Tool will start to track the traffic that is sent to it or direct traffic. The Tool will track all the essential information about the traffic.

This includes:

Geographic Location: It will track the physical location of your visitors.

Traffic Source: It will track how people got to your site. This piece of information can be immensely valuable for planning Ad Campaigns.

Traffic Type: This feature helps to track Web and Mobile Traffic and illustrates details such as Device Type, ISP, Browser Technology, etc.

This aspect of the AdsBridge Tool provides valuable information that can be used for improving your ad campaigns. So you can come up with campaigns targeting specific types of users such as where they belong, the language they use on the browser, OS, device type and much more. You can also create campaigns that run at specific times of day or days of the week.

The AdsBridge Traffic Tracking System helps you to find out which users are browsing to your sales page. You can know what type of traffic is converting. So, you can adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Besides Traffic Tracking, AdsBridge also provides extensive reporting. So you have all the information in one easy to read place. This essentially helps in devising business marketing strategies and supports in bringing best traffic that converts well.

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Split Testing

Finally, the AdsBridge program enables you to perform split testing on your landing pages or ad campaigns. Moreover, the program offers a variety of options for split testing. Actually, Split Testing is a sure shot way to know what works best for your business. For example, you can run two or more landing pages and direct half of your traffic to each. This will help you to know which one works better.

Is AdsBridge an Effective Tool for Affiliate Marketing?

The big question is – whether AdsBridge is an effective Affiliate Marketing Tool.

Actually, it can be easily seen that AdsBridge brings together lots of useful features that can be helpful in building your business. It’s an exceptional program that has combined useful tools into one platform.

So, this is a huge benefit for Affiliate Marketers.

Additionally, AdsBridge price is lower than many competitor options.

Therefore, AdsBridge can certainly be called as a useful program which helps Affiliate Marketers in more than one way. It allows managing ad campaigns from one convenient location.

Second you don’t need any hosting account as it offers landing page and affiliate tracking on one platform.

Final Words for AdsBridge

AdsBridge is undoubtedly an excellent tracking tool and all in one solution for Affiliates. It can handle a high volume of traffic. Additional Plus is the fact that it is an affordable solution and can be used by all kinds of Affiliates such as beginners, and even those who run high volume traffic

AdsBridge cost on a monthly basis and offer a basic free plan. Paid plan starts from $25 per month.

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