How Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising Works?

Your online success is largely dependent on how successful you are in driving large volumes of traffic for your site.

So, for every online marketer or advertiser the prime task or challenge is to drive the large volume of traffic to their website.

As a matter of fact, the demand for online traffic is increasing every day.

The reason is quite obvious.

Large traffic means high number of leads, and this means increase in number of conversions and sales.

Actually, online marketers are constantly on the lookout for viable traffic sources and methods which can be instrumental in increasing the volume of traffic to their site.

If you are also interested in boosting traffic to your site, then Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising can turn out to be a powerful paid traffic generation method for you.

In fact, PPV Advertising offers many benefits to online marketers.

However, in spite of the fact that PPV Advertising offers wide utility as far as generating online traffic is concerned, there are many marketers who are still not aware of PPV Advertising or have never tried doing it.

In this context, if you get all the necessary information related to PPV Advertising and get to know how Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising works, I am pretty sure that all your ignorance about PPV Advertising will vanish instantly and moreover, you will start PPV Advertising in order to bring the large volume of traffic to your site. PPV Advertising can eventually turn out to be a viable traffic generation resource for you.

How Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising Works?

Hereunder, I have explained PPV Advertising and follow it up by showing you how does PPV Advertising works.

What is PPV Advertising?

PPV Advertising has evolved as an advertising platform in recent years and has gone onto becoming one of the most popular channels for driving large volume of traffic to your website. Actually, PPV Advertising is pay per view advertising where you pay when your landing page is viewed as a pop-up. It is quite similar to CPM (Cost Per Impression) Advertising. However, there is a major difference.

Unlike CPM Advertising, PPV Advertising is based on Ad-Ware. PPV Advertising actually appears as a pop-up on your computer screen instead of appearing in the form of discrete contextual advertising. There’s another important element in PPV Advertising. You have to use a suitable PPV Network, which serves the targeted traffic to you. Further up, you need to create a PPV Account. PPV platforms are known for providing large volume of highly targeted traffic, so you stand a great chance of increasing your online income.

How does PPV Advertising works?

As already pointed out, PPV Advertising is based on Adwares.
Actually Adwares serve PPV Ads.

In fact, people need to install Adware software on their computer. They agree to the terms and conditions of specific Adwares and go onto receive Pay Per View Ads in exchange of free to play games, watch movies or use a piece of software for free. The Adwares are usually provided by PPV Networks.

The users have the freedom to uninstall the Adware if they no longer wish to receive pay per view ads.

So, when a user who has the adware installed (which serve PPV Ad network) look for something using a keyword or URL, your ad is displayed to that potential consumer in the form of pop-up. However, you need to bid for that keyword or URL.

Here, it is important to enumerate the role played by PPV Ad Networks. First you need to sign up to PPV network(s) like Traffic Vance or Direct CPV. These PPV Ad Networks allow you to bid for keywords for which you want traffic. When users trigger these keywords, your pop-up ad is displayed which serves to attract visitors or potential customers to your site or landing page. This actually interrupts the users as your PPV Ad pops up when they trigger the keywords for which you have already done the bidding.

Apart from the keywords, you can even bid on a URL.
So, when a user opens that URL, your webpage is shown first.
Your potential customers are served with the ad directly. They don’t have to click to go through your Ad. Moreover, your ads are not shown along with other competitor ads.

Advantages of PPV Advertising

PPV Advertising has evolved with time and has quickly grown to become one of the most popular online marketing channels.
In fact, PPV Advertising offers numerous advantages.

Firstly, PPV Ads are associated with low advertising cost. PPV Ads can cost as low as 0.015 cents per view.

Secondly, PPV Advertising is well targeted. You get to target keywords, URLS, and websites of your choice so that you are successful in getting well targeted traffic for your offers and landing pages. This way, you can boost your overall conversion rates.

Then pay per view ad eradicates the need of creating ads. The pop-ups that appear for a person using Adware is mostly of your site or even an affiliate website.

The PPV Ads interrupts your potential customer and gains access to their attention.

There is one more advantage about PPV Ads is that they are directly shown to your viewers. You potential customers don’t require clicking to view an Ad.

So, you get more views and thus are able to generate number of conversions and sales.

Some Downsides of PPV Advertising

Disruptive – Sometimes pop-up ads (of PPV Advertising) can be very disruptive to your potential customers. So, instead of going through the Ad, the user may decide to close the Ad. Thus, there can be high bounce rates associated with PPV Ads where users just skip the Ads.

Low Conversion – This in turn affects your conversion rates as a large number of users happen to close the PPV Ads instead of performing the necessary actions. However, carefully designing your landing page or offer can definitely reduce the bounce rate.

Some Affiliate Advertisers do not allow PPV Traffic – This is another downside of PPV Advertising that there are many affiliate advertisers which do not allow affiliates to gain traffic from PPV networks. So, you need to be careful while selecting your affiliate network.

Few Quality PPV Networks – Another downside of PPV Advertising is that there are limited numbers of quality PPV Networks such as Lead Impact and Trafficvance.

High Deposit Rates – Moreover, most PPV Networks have high deposit rates. Deposit rates can go as high as $1000.

Having seen the pros and cons of PPV Advertising, I can safely conclude that it can turn out a major traffic source and revenue generation platform for you. You basically need to understand how PPV Advertising works and learn to take advantage of this powerful online marketing channel. You have to target your biddings properly and come up with unique, creative and compelling landing pages and offers so that instead of closing your pop-up window, your visitor is eager to perform the desired actions so that you get a lead and preferably a sale.

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