25 Top Digital Marketing Experts to Follow

Today’s post share some of the Top Digital Marketing Experts to Follow, and if you are blogger, affiliate marketer, or SEO you must follow these experts to grow your knowledge.

These digital marketing experts help you to keep updated with latest market trends.

The bottom-line in the digital marketing world is “Change, Change, and More Change!”

So, in digital marketing, the rules of the game keep changing. It means that you need to update yourself with the latest trends in digital marketing.

However, the biggest dilemma before you is – Who should you trust for marketing advice?

Here, we try to make things easy for you by listing 25 Top Digital Marketing Experts you should follow.

These are the most trustworthy names in the sphere of digital marketing and pioneers in their specialized fields. They are at the forefront of current trends in the digital marketing ecosystem. They have done spectacular work, and millions of people are following these digital marketing gurus.

So, you can make a big impact in the online world by following these digital marketing experts. These are the best marketers who regularly dish out useful insights and techniques via their blogs and social media channels.

They have proven experience in the sphere of digital marketing and always bring something special to the table. They are the top influencers in the digital marketing sphere. These digital marketing experts make it easy for you to learn the latest digital strategies for business growth.

So, by following these greatest digital marketing experts, you can come to know the most successful strategies for your business. Their insights can prove wonders for you in your digital marketing career. They are the most credible educators in the sphere of digital marketing.

Following these influencers can be a sure-shot technique for riding your vehicle to success in the world of digital marketing. You can be sure that you are in safe hands when you follow these guys.

We are proud to present the list of 25 Top Digital Experts to Follow. So, let’s jump into the thing to know who all the greatest digital marketing experts to follow are.

25 Best Digital Marketing Experts

Let’s get started:

1. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin Digital Marketing Expert

Rand Fishkin is the most eminent face in the search engine optimization industry. He is known as a “Superstar of SEO.” Rand is also the co-founder of MOZ, the fastest-growing SAAS company in the world. He has been conferred the title of being the “Wizard of MOZ.” He is also a very eminent blogger and digital marketer.

Rand specializes in clarifying the technical elements sensibly. He is a renowned speaker and author who regularly contribute to Whiteboard Friday (Series on the Moz blog), where he talks all about Content Marketing, Social Media, and of course, SEO.

Rand left MOZ in 2018 and founded SparkToro, a software and data business that helps people understand and deliver to their target audiences.

Rand is a celebrity in the SEO Circles with great insights on SEO. He is based in Washington. His Twitter handle is @randfish. You can follow him to know the latest in digital marketing. Rand has over 400K followers on Twitter.

2. Larry Kim

Larry Kim Digital Marketing Expert

Larry Kim is regarded as the most influential PPC expert in the digital marketing world. He holds an influential voice in Online Advertising.

In 2007, Larry Kim launched WordStream that offers Internet consulting services. He manages a team of marketers and engineers that’s into the development and selling of search engine marketing automation software.

Presently, Larry Kim is serving as the CEO of MobileMonkey that’s into the building of next-generation AI-based mobile marketing solutions. So, he holds vast experience in marketing automation.

Larry Kim is an influential voice in marketing circles. He is involved with software product management, software engineering, as well as Internet marketing for the past decade. Larry has done his B.Sc in Electrical Engineering (Honors) from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Twitter: @larrykim
Tools & Website: WordStream, MobileMonkey
Specialization: PPC/Advertising
Best Known for SEM Automation Tools

3. Neil Patel

Neil Patel Internet Marketing Expert

Neil Patel is best known for his tremendous fan base with millions of followers. He offers an interesting perspective and new insights into digital marketing through his blog, Quicksprout. Neil is also the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Hello Bar, and Crazy Egg.

He has been recognized as the top influencer on the web by the Wall Street Journal. He has over 300K followers on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @neilpatel, where you can follow him. He offers excellent tips about SEO, Content Marketing, and Analytics.

Neil has been recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by former US President Obama. He also got recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

Neil is a top digital marketer who tests and tries everything before dishing out his ideas on digital marketing in a justifiable way. He has expanded his business over these years, and his companies are making millions of dollars.

4. Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz SEO Expert

Barry Schwartz is one of the most trusted voices in the digital marketing industry. He is even referred to as the “pulse of the search marketing community.” Barry has founded the Search Engine Roundtable. He is also the CEO of RustyBrick, which is a web-service company.

The digital marketing community trusts a lot on what he has to say on Google algorithmic updates. He has more than 13 years of experience in the digital marketing ecosystem. He is also the one to look out for when it comes to SEO. His Twitter handle is @rustybrick.

5. Brian Dean

Brian Dean is recognized as an SEO expert. He is the founder of the award-winning Backlinko blog, which has been listed by Forbes as a top blog to follow in 2017. He is a true SEO and content, marketing expert.

Brian Dean SEO Expert

Brian Dean is known for world-class SEO training with practically amazing techniques that digital marketers rely on. He emphasizes the art of link building, user experience, as well as content promotion. His blog, Backlinko, is geared towards helping digital marketers achieve just that.

Twitter: @backlinko
Tools/Website: Backlinko
Specialization: SEO
Best known for Link Building Techniques

6. Brian Clark

Brian Clark Content marketing Expert

Brian Clark is one of the most recognized names in the sphere of digital marketing. He is the founder of multiple social media and content companies such as Copyblogger.com, StudioPress, and others.

He holds an impressive portfolio as far as digital marketing is concerned.

Brian is a knowledge power-house in marketing and business. He continually shares his opinion online, providing helpful information and links concerning related content from around the Internet.

7. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn Blogging Expert

Pat Flynn is an expert in teaching passive income strategies. He has come out with one of the most influential blogs – Smart Passive Income. He offers the most up-to-date strategies on affiliate marketing as well as other passive income strategies.

Pat offers consistent content on his blog, newsletter, and podcast, as well as on his YouTube channel. He has also come up with some of the best business start-up courses online.

He regularly publishes his monthly income report, which can help you to see what strategies work. So, Pat offers real digital marketing strategies without all the fluff. You can follow Pat on Twitter @PatFlynn.

8. Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse Blogging Expert

Darren Rowse is another digital marketing expert. He is a renowned speaker, author, blogger, podcaster, and founder of ProBlogger and DigitalPS. His blog is one of the Top 40 Internet Marketing Blogs.

He is a prominent voice in digital marketing and shares irreplaceable thoughts on utilizing evergreen content. You can follow Darren Rowse on Twitter @problogger.

9. Seth Godin

Seth Godin Internet Marketing Expert

Seth Godin is an eminent name in the digital marketing industry. He is an American entrepreneur, author, public speaker, as well as a best-selling author. He has developed a captivating writing style, and his blog, Seth Godin, is hugely popular with internet marketing entrepreneurs worldwide.

Seth has worked as Yahoo’s Vice President of Direct Marketing till 2000. He is the man behind Squidoo, which is a community website. He did his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. You can follow Seth Godin on Twitter @ThisIsSethsBlog.

10. Tim Ash

Tim Ash landing page optimization Expert

Tim Ash is regarded as one of the early pioneers in the field of website conversion rate optimization. He is the President and CEO of SiteTuners that is focused on conversion optimization.

Tim is the founder and chairperson of the event known as the Conversion Conference. He is also a renowned speaker at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and PubCon.

His book on landing page optimization is one of the best sellers out there. Tim has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. You can follow Tim Ash on Twitter @tim_ash.

11. Ann Handley

Ann Handley Digital Marketing Expert

Ann Handley is a digital marketing expert, writer, speaker, and chief content officer at MarketingProfs. She runs a very successful blog, annhandley.com, which focuses on digital marketing strategies. Ann helps businesses escape marketing mediocrity to achieve tangible results. She has been the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “Everybody Writes” and “Content Rules.”

She runs an internet marketing training and education company (Marketing Profs) that trains marketers worldwide through its online and in-person education programs. Her previous company, ClickZ, was one of the first sources of digital marketing information in the world.

Ann has been cited in Forbes as a top thought leader. She has also been named by IBM as one of the seven people that are shaping modern marketing. Ann lives in Boston. Ann has over 420,000 followers on Twitter. You can follow Ann on Twitter @annhandley.

12. Mari Smith

Mari Smith Facebook Marketing Expert

Mari Smith is regarded as the world’s leading social media thought leaders. She is the premier Facebook marketing authority. Mari was ranked 4th out of 100 top social media influencers by Forbes. Facebook designated her as the “Small Business and Facebook Marketing Expert.”

Mari is engaged in delivering the most effective and engaging social media training, consulting as well as thought-leadership in the industry. Her digital marketing insights can help you to increase the reach, engagement, and conversions of your ideal customers.

Mari Smith has been named as the “Queen of Facebook.” She runs a website (marismith.com) that can help you achieve social media mastery. She has a strong background in Internet marketing since 1999. You can follow Mari on Twitter @MariSmith.

13. Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo Digital Marketing Expert

Brian Fanzo is a keynote speaker and millennial podcaster who has made a big name for himself in the sphere of digital marketing. Presently, Brian is serving as an entrepreneur and CEO of iSocialFanz.

Brian is one of the most enthusiastic as well as infectious personalities in the field of digital marketing. Brain works with new platforms with open arms and wants to utilize them to good effect. You can follow Brian on Twitter @iSocialFanz.

14. Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty SEO Marketing Expert

Ann Smarty is a professional blogger par excellence. She is the Brand and Community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. She is also the co-founder of ViralContentBuzz.com, as well as the founder of MyBlogU and TwChat. Her expertise in blogging and Internet marketing tools has led her to write tutorials.

She is also an active member of the SEO community for the past seven years. She is a regular contributor to several high-profile marketing and business media outlets such as Small Biz Trends, Business.com, and Chamber of Commerce.

Ann is a regular speaker at Pubcon Conference. She has also taken up many other roles. She has also been the Editor-in-Chief of one of the largest marketing blogs in the world. You can connect with Ann on Twitter (@seosmarty), Facebook, and LinkedIn.

15. Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall Internet Marketing Expert

Perry Marshall is a well-known business strategist in the world. He has been endorsed in Forbes and Inc Magazine. Perry Marshall has guided many clients such as FanDuel and InfusionSoft, from startup to hundreds of millions of dollars.

He has founded the $10 million Evolution 2.0 Prize that was launched at the Royal Society in London. It has been called the world’s largest science research award. His Google book has laid the foundation for the $100 Billion Pay per Click industry.

He has authored Ultimate Guide to Google Ads, which is the world’s bestselling book on internet advertising. He is consulted in over 300 industries. Perry holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. He lives in Chicago. You can connect with Perry on Twitter @PerryMarshall.

16. Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan SEO Expert

Danny Sullivan is a digital marketing “Guru.” He is the founder of Marketing land and Search Engine Land that are two of the web’s best marketing blogs. He works for Google and educates the public about search.

He has over 520K followers on Twitter. You can follow him on Twitter @dannysullivan. He blogs on social media and SEO. There are lots of interesting articles on his website (dannysullivan.com).

17. Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss Digital Marketing Expert

Ryan Deiss has been credited with the most effective systems in the digital marketing industry. He has created his own digital marketing methodology. Ryan has created the “Customer Value Optimization” tactic that brings strong results for any business that is trying to succeed online.

He is the CEO and Founder of DigitalMarketer, wherein you can find the most efficient and effective marketing techniques. You can follow Ryan on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (@ryandeiss).

18. Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen Internet Marketing Expert

Heidi Cohen is a digital marketer and journalist. She has appeared on a number of publications around the web. She shares digital marketing tips, as well as how to write awesome content marketing pieces. You can get some of her best content on her website, The Actionable Marketing Guide.

Heidi has also shared her marketing knowledge as a speaker at top conferences and events around the globe, including the US, Europe, as well as South America. She provides high-quality marketing information helping you to improve your business.

Website: heidicohen.com
Twitter: @heidicohen

19. Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik Web Marketing Expert

Avinash Kaushik is an Indian entrepreneur, public speaker, and author. He has been regarded as one of those rare professionals who can make the web marketing field simple. He maintains his own blog and has written two bestselling books – Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a Day.

The American Statistical Association honored Avinash. He also received the Most Influential Industry Contributor Award in 2011 that was honored to him by the Web Analytics Association.

You can follow him on Twitter @Avinash. He has over 188K followers on Twitter. He is popularly known as Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist. You can connect with him on his website at Kaushik.net/Avinash/

20. Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson Affiliate Marketing Expert

Zac Johnson is known as a super affiliate. He has been making money online over the last 20 years with content and affiliate marketing. He has been blogging since 2007 at ZacJohnson.com.

Here, you can discover how to make money online. He also shares affiliate marketing tips. He has posted the best content over the years. You can connect with Zac on Twitter @zacjohnson.

21. Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is an eminent social media strategist. He has been conferred as a leading global educator and effective implementer of social media strategy for business.

He has also played a major role as a global keynote speaker, university educator, social media agency owner, author, as well as a social media strategy consultant.

Neal has helped many leading brands reach their next level in social media marketing. He has authored books like Maximize Your Social. His podcasts keep you up-to-date with the latest trends. He has widely shared his insights on Influencer Marketing. You can connect with him on Twitter @NealSchaffer.

22. Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki Internet Marketing Expert

Guy Kawasaki is an evangelist, author, and eminent speaker. He is currently serving as the chief evangelist of Canva, which is an online graphic design company from Australia.

Guy is the author of fifteen books. These books have been both New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

Guy usually gives fifty keynote speeches every year. His topics include social media, evangelism, innovation, entrepreneurship, and enchantment. His clients include companies like Apple, Google, Nike, Gartner, Audi, and Microsoft.

Guy has shaped up as an inspirational marketing guru. He did his MBA from UCLA, and he has got an honorary doctorate from Babson College. You can connect with him on Twitter @GuyKawasaki.

23. Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi Content Marketing Expert

Joe Pulizzi is an eminent author, marketing speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He is the Amazon bestselling author of Killing Marketing, Content Inc., and Epic Content Marketing, which has been named as the “Must-Read Business Book” by Fortune Magazine.

His latest work is The Will to Die, which comes as his debut novel. He has founded three companies, including Content Marketing Institute. His Foundation, The Orange Effect, gives speech therapy and technology services to children in more than 25 states. You can connect with him on Twitter @JoePulizzi.

24. Pam Moore

Pam Moore Digital Marketing Expert

Pam Moore is a leading keynote speaker, author, trainer, and consultant. She has delivered key insights in the field of digital marketing.

Pam has been the CEO and Founder of Marketing Nutz, which is a training and consulting agency that specializes in social media, branding, and digital marketing.

Pam has helped many Fortune 500 brands develop and implement digital marketing, social media, and content marketing programs for delivering measurable results. You can connect with her on Twitter @PamMktgNut.

25. Mandy McEwen

Mandy McEwen Digital Marketing Expert

Mandy McEwen is a leading entrepreneur, author, and digital marketer. She is the founder and president at Mod Girl Marketing that delivers top-caliber marketing to fulfill all your online needs. Mandy has shaped up as a successful digital marketer and consultant.

She shares interesting articles on her Twitter handle (@MandyModGirl) about social media, marketing, as well as SEO. She also shares inspirational quotes. Mandy has over 80K people following her on her Twitter profile.

The world of digital marketing is ever-changing. These 25 Top Digital Marketing Experts can help you to make sense of these changes. Go ahead to subscribe and follow them so that you can remain in the thick of things in the world of digital marketing. We hope that this post proved useful to you. Thanks for visiting!

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