Setting Purpose and Goals for Blogging

Blogging has carved out an important place in the online world and has gone onto becoming one of the most prominent professions of the Internet Age. Today there are thousands of bloggers who have made it “BIG” and are successfully running their blogs.

If you too are looking for that elusive and grand success in the blogging arena, it’s important for you to set your blogging purpose and goals as soon as you decide or take upto blogging.

Research studies have revealed that bloggers who do not set the purpose and goals for blogging end up as being failures. They waste their time, effort, and money and achieve nothing substantial out of blogging. It’s important to be enthusiastic and adventurous when you take upto blogging. However, you have to realize that blogging is not all fun. In fact, there is a lot in blogging, and it requires your sincere and dedicated efforts just like any other profession.

So, if you want to join the league of successful bloggers, you invariably have to start it right and stay on the right track in order to make it “BIG” in the blogging world.

Here, I have safely presumed that you want to be known as a successful and famous blogger.

By setting purpose and goals for blogging you not only begin right, and remain on the right track, but go onto ultimately achieve the success that you are looking for in the blogging world. You are well prepared and have the much needed direction and guideline to proceed and make it a successful blogging journey.

Blogging Purpose

So, you need to be absolutely clear with your purpose and goals for blogging.

You need to be absolutely clear as to why you want to blog.

Your purpose and goals of blogging serve as benchmarks. They help you to focus and motivate you to continue your efforts in the right direction so that you ultimately taste the sweet nectar of success.

Having said that, there is no general formula for goal setting in blogging. As a blogger, your niche is different from other bloggers.
Your goals and purposes can be highly specific depending upon your needs and requirements. However, there are few points, which can be useful for you when you take upto goal setting for blogging.

So, in order to be effective, your goal setting should be:

  •  Specific meaning it should answer the basics such as who, what, when where, why, and which.
  •  The Goals you set should be measurable so that you get ample scope for improvement.
  •  Your goals should be realistic enough to be achievable.
  •  Your goals should have a “time-cap”.
  •  You should be aware about the skills, attitude, abilities and other capabilities you need to possess in order to match your goals

Keeping these basic guidelines in mind, you can begin the task of goal setting for your blogging career.

The crux of blogging involves figuring what you want to achieve out of blogging.

The purpose of blogging should be clear to you.

So, you need to know exactly why you want to blog.

Thus figure out the reason for your blogging.

This is not a painful and difficult task at all. A little bit of drilling will bring out the reason for blogging. So go onto discover your reason and purpose of blogging.

Some of the prominent purposes of blogging include the following reasons:
(Just try to figure out what’s your purpose and reason for blogging)

Blogging for Passion or Hobby – For many, blogging is born purely because they love to write and want to share their ideas, knowledge, and information with the world. Blogging comes as their number one passion. Blogging provides them with a wonderful platform through which they can express their ideas and put them across for the world. They simply blog purely out of passion and are often referred as casual bloggers.

Although when you take up blogging for passion or hobby, you may not require performing complicated SEO tasks; however you still need to promote your blog on popular social networking sites so that your blog posts gets visible to your friends and people at large. They may like your blog posts, and may also share it up, thereby giving you access to a large number of traffic.

Blogging for Business – Then there is a second category of bloggers who take upto blogging because they want to promote their business. Blogging for business helps them to strengthen their brand value, foster customer relationship and go onto build authority in their industry. It requires a thoroughly professional and dedicated approach. Other than just writing quality content, bloggers need to take up lots of other activities in order to promote their business online.

They have to perform SEO tasks, find new channels for traffic generation, carry on social media promotion, increase reader engagement, go for product creation, and carry on extensive research and analysis. Blogging for business also requires building upon your mailing list so that you can adopt email marketing techniques to promote your product and services. So you see that you have to come up with an effective strategy to promote your business by blogging.

Blogging for making money online – Then you may take to blogging because you want to make money online (through blogging). Blogging can result in a powerful channel for making money online.

You may offer valuable e-courses to your readers. Come up with various subscription plans and offers. You may also promote products or services. You can include AdSense Ads in your blog posts.

If you want to make blogging a major online earning resource, you need to adopt follow different SEO techniques, promote your blog on different social media sites, as well as take other initiatives to increase your online income opportunities through blog.
All this requires a definite plan of action and thoroughly dedicated approach. You need to be mega productive in your approach and should keenly watch your progress in blogging.

So you need to set up your blogging goals and purposes, follow it up with appropriate action plan and monitor your progress at regular intervals in order to ensure that you succeed in blogging. Absence of solid goals simply means that you are making efforts in vain that will only bring failure. When you have your goals and purposes underlined clearly, you know exactly what you have to do each day in order to reach your ultimate destination of success. By setting purpose and goals for blogging you actually lay the foundation of success. You set up your vision for blogging which keeps you focused and motivated. You exactly know where you are heading when you define your purpose and goals for blogging.

All-in-all, Blogging offers great potential and to realize it you invariably need to set up your purpose and goals for blogging.

So, have you set your purpose and goals for blogging?

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