8 Best Instagram Bio Link Tools

In today’s post find out some of the Best Instagram Bio Link Tools, enabling you to add links to your Instagram posts. By adding links to your Instagram post, you can gain a lot of traffic to your website through Instagram.

Do you know what the most frustrating thing about Instagram is?

Well, here’s it.

Instagram is one such platform that doesn’t allow you to place links on individual posts. Moreover, it limits you to a single link in your bio.

Well, this turns out to be a big headache for businesses and marketers.

It means that you cannot drive traffic from Instagram to multiple pages at once. Moreover, your campaigns have much shorter shelf lives.

However, fortunately for you – There exists a workaround.

You need to use an Instagram bio link tool.

These tools allow you to do a lot more with that single link. In this post, we share the 8 Best Instagram Bio Link Tools on the market with you.

Instagram Bio Link Tools

Bio link tools are very useful Instagram marketing tools. With the help of these Instagram Bio Link Tools, you can share all of your important links using just one URL.

Its working is like this:

You need to use the tool’s landing page builder and build your own landing page for Instagram. You have to fill it with links to your priority content and pages. This landing page will have its own custom short link.

So, although you cannot link each of your pages individually in your Instagram Bio. What is possible for you is that you can include that single landing page short link.

So, when your visitors click that link, they’ll be directed to a page that contains a bunch of other clickable links.

Moreover, these Instagram Bio Link Tools also offer other useful features. For example, you can better optimize your bio link, landing page, as well as social campaigns. It even includes other things like branded URLs, customizable designs, analytics as well as link tracking.

Before we take up the list of Best Instagram Bio Link Tools, here’s a quick snapshot of some useful information for you, which includes things such as:

  • What is Instagram Bio?
  • Benefits of Instagram Bio Link?
  • How to add an Instagram Bio Link?

So, let’s get started with it straight away:

What is Instagram Bio?

Instagram Bio is a place wherein individuals, influencers, and organizations go on to share “essential” information about them.

It contains details such as:

  • Contact information
  • Nature of their Business
  • What it sells

Moreover, it includes a “link in bio,” which is a clickable URL. It is used by visitors to see your most valuable online real-estate. This can be a product page, landing page, or about-us section.

However, Instagram is the most complex social media platform with the link in bio. It only allows a single link in your bio. So, you need to use it intelligently.

The Instagram Bio is particularly used for generating interest for your brand. When used correctly, it can help drive engagement and loyalty among your customers.

Benefits of Instagram Bio Link

Here, we share some of the benefits (ways) of using your Instagram Bio Link:

  • You can promote a sale or upcoming discount
  • You can draw attention to your product launch
  • It can be used for sending people to a landing page
  • You can share additional information about yourself using the “about us” page
  • You can link to your most popular product
  • You can use it to involve your visitors with a giveaway or competition
  • You can use it to direct people to your popular blog post
  • You can use it to send people to a popular video or podcast
  • You can even include a free sample of your product

Moreover, Instagram Bio Link can be a powerful source for driving traffic to your website(s). This external link can be used to encourage visitors to “click-through” to your website.

So, Instagram Bio Link can become a superb source for growing your business. However, this calls for optimizing your bio link.

Here, we list out some of the important points that you should consider when strategizing your Instagram Bio Link:

  • You need to identify your Business Goals

As you’re only allowed one link in your Instagram Bio, you need to use it intelligently. You need to make sure that you can reach your business goals.

This calls for optimizing your Instagram Bio Link.

Firstly, you need to be certain about what you want to achieve when people visit your Instagram Bio (Profile).

It means that you need to identify your business goals. For example:

  • Do you want to build brand awareness?
  • Do you want to improve sales?
  • Do you want to grow your newsletter subscribers?

Once you have listed out your business goal, you can identify which link will work best.

For example, suppose you want to grow your newsletter subscribers. In that case, you should directly link to a landing page that allows your Instagram followers to join your mailing list.

Moreover, you should double-check that your Instagram Bio Link works. It should lead your followers where you promised them. So, you should be aware of a broken link. It will result in a loss of sales and Instagram followers as well.

  • You have to focus on your Instagram Bio

You should know fact that your Instagram Bio should be working for you. It means that it should drive your followers to click that link.

You need to give some time to review your bio copy. In fact, you only have 150 characters to play with. So, you should be including a “strong” call-to-action in your final line.

This content will play a big part in directing your followers to click that link. You can use Emojis, special characters, icons, and alternative fonts for drawing the eye down to the link. It helps to make your bio stand out.

Make sure that your Emoji, font, and call-to-action are in line with your company’s branding, aesthetic as well as the tone of voice.

You should know that your Instagram Bio Link can be a “big” part of driving traffic to your website. It calls for optimizing your linking strategy to convert your Instagram followers into website visitors & customers.

So, your Instagram Bio Link can be a powerful traffic driver for your business.

How to add an Instagram Bio Link

Instagram Bio-Link is essentially a “call-to-action” that allows you to promote more information outside of Instagram’s parameters. Here, we share with you the steps of adding an Instagram Bio Link:

  • Firstly, you need to open your Instagram mobile app
  • Now, visit your Profile. You need to tap the “person” icon that is given on the bottom right
  • Now, tap “Edit Profile,” which is shown at the top of the screen
  • You have to write a custom description in 150 characters or less
  • Now, add a brief link to your website, such as yourdomain.com
  • You need to add links to other profiles by tapping “@,” which is followed by the Profile’s handle
  • Now, you need to add hashtags by tapping at “#,” which is followed by the hashtag you associate with
  • • Lastly, you can tap on “Done” for saving your bio

Note: The above instructions can be used on the latest version of Instagram – 37.0 on iOS. However, you can also edit your bio on Instagram’s website. You need to navigate to your Profile and click on “Edit Profile” next to your name.

8 Best Tools for Instagram Bio

Now, we take up Instagram Bio Link Tools. Here, we have explored 8 Best Tools for Instagram Bio. Let’s begin:

1. Linktree

Linktree is one of the simplest yet effective bio link tools on the market. In fact, Linktree is one of the oldest bio link tools out there. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the most popular ones out there.

It offers a free version as well as a paid option too.

Its free version comes with very basic analytics. It lets you know the total views and clicks for each of your links. However, with its paid plan, you can come to know metrics like CTRs and much more.

Talking about the free version, it offers you 9 pre-designed themes for building your landing page. These themes are pretty nice overall. However, you will get Linktree branding on the page. If you want to remove this, you would need to upgrade to its paid version.

Its paid plan comes loaded with some cutting-edge tools and features. You get options like:

  • Automated link scheduling
  • UTM Parameters
  • Integrated Email
  • SMS opt-in forms
  • Video links
  • Social icons
  • Timed ‘Leap Links’
  • Moreover, more

Plus, in the paid plan, you get tons of premium themes together with advanced customization options with which you can modify headers, buttons, fonts, and backgrounds. It can also be integrated with other software solutions such as MailChimp, Google Sheets, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, and more.


  • Free plan
  • Linktree Pro @ $6 USD per month
Linktree Instagram Bio Link Tool

2. Lnk.bio

Lnk.bio is one of the simplest Instagram bio link tools. It comes with an elegant style that easily blends in with Instagram’s UI design seamlessly.

This tool offers a lot of features such as:

  • Link tracking
  • Unlimited links
  • Custom URL available
  • White label available
  • Cross-link social media profiles

So, this tool happens to be simple yet effective.

It allows you to create your page and fill it with as many links as you need. It also allows you to track the links afterward with stats.

Thus, it allows you to have a simple page layout that is studded with your profile picture, Instagram handle, and important links. Plus, you can insert a heading above your links.


  • Free
  • Premium plan @ $0.99/mo
  • Lifetime Plan: $24.99
Lnk.bio Instagram Bio Links

3. Feedlink

Feedlink is another simple yet powerful Instagram bio link tool. It helps you to assemble a clickable Instagram feed in a single place. This tool enables you to tag each photo in the feed with a unique link so that you can optimize the potential of your Instagram account in the form of a sales and distribution channel.

Feedlink offers you the following advantages:

  • A mobile-optimized landing page
  • Instagram bio link page
  • A shoppable landing page that takes your followers to product pages where they can buy the product
  • A reusable link that can be used in other social media networks
  • It offers the facility to transform the feed page without having to change the link in the bio
  • Boost traffic and conversions with your Instagram profile


  • Free
  • Paid plans start from $19 up to $99 per month
Instagram Bio Link Tool

4. Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio is another excellent Instagram bio link tool that has been created by Later. It can drive much web traffic to your brand.

You get two options with this tool:

  • You can create a landing page with a list of links
  • You can also create a landing page with your Instagram grid wherein every photo is clickable

In fact, Later tracks your analytics using this landing page. You get to know stats like clicks and page views and even comprehensive metrics like your Shopify sales. In fact, Linkin.bio happens to be one of the most advanced Instagram bio link tools out there. However, this has been reflected in the pricing.


  • Linkin.bio Lite is free
  • Linkin.bio Standard range up to $192 per year
Linkin.bio Instagram Link Tool

5. Shorby

Shorby is one of the most popular Instagram bio tools out there. In fact, it’s a bundled solution that includes tools like:

  • A link shortener
  • A powerful social media landing page builder
  • A lead generation software solution

It comes with a ‘SmartPage’ page builder that’s really intuitive and helps you build attractive landing pages studded with priority links.

However, to get started with Shorby, you need to set up your Shorby account. So, you need to create a personalized (shor.by) URL. Once you’re done with this, you can start adding links on the landing page. So, you can include links to your:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Blog posts
  • Website
  • Product pages
  • Moreover, to other social platforms as well

To top it all, Shorby comes with a ‘Rich Links’ feature that allows you to embed super-clickable and good looking links that can help to boost your CTR.

Plus, you can even add other visual elements, including logo, brand name, images, videos, GIFs, stickers, and other content blocks for filling out the page. Moreover, you can also beautify your page. It allows you to customize the colors of the theme, buttons, as well as other elements.

You can add your tracking pixel so that you can retarget the people (who happen to click your links) across ad networks such as Instagram, Google, and Facebook Ads. Now, you can hit publish and add your personalized short link to your wait. Well, you’re now on your way to get the clicks rolling in.


  • Free
  • Basic option @ $15 per month
  • Pro plan @ $29
  • Agency plan @ $99
Shorby Instagram Link Tool

6. Sked Link

Sked Link is one such Instagram bio tool that allows you to make most of your Instagram account. It helps you to make better use of your Instagram profile link. It has been created by Sked Social.

Its ‘Gallery’ feature allows users to click through your bio link and go to your website to read or buy. It allows you to share a clickable Instagram grid. You can even customize the landing page. You can make your own shoppable bio link studded with a list of CTA buttons.

In fact, more than 10,000+ brands are using Sked for improving conversions from their Instagram bio.

You can link followers to your blog posts, email newsletter signups, products, website, and more.

It comes with a Basic, Pro, or Enterprise plan.

Some of the features included in Basic and Pro plans are as follows:

  • You can customize or choose from existing themes
  • Include UTM parameters
  • Access link analytics
  • Integrate with Facebook Pixel and Google analytics
  • Change links

Its Enterprise plan allows you to host your Sked Link on your domain name. Plus, it allows you to add other advanced integrations.

Its lowest plan has been priced at $25 per month. The Enterprise level plan comes at $260 each month.

Sked Link Instagram Link

7. Link in Profile

Link in Profile is somewhat different from other Instagram bio link tools. It allows you to add links to Instagram images. So, your followers can use these links and direct traffic to your website.

Link in Profile works to pull content from your feed. It takes users to linked content by using a specified photo.

Link in Profile comes at $9.99 per month and includes a 30-day free trial.

Here are some of its key features for you:

  • Zero effort management
  • A dedicated landing page
  • Stats and analytics
  • A branded landing page that comes with your Instagram name and profile picture
  • Enabled commerce links
Link in Profile Bio Link Tool

8. Milkshake

Milkshake is one such Instagram bio link tool that allows you to set up a stunning Insta website on your mobile in just a few minutes. This website resembles Instagram stories. In fact, your link in bio becomes an Insta website allowing your followers to connect with all your offers.

Milkshake allows you to create a beautiful landing page with all the relevant links for your followers to pursue.

Milkshake makes use of cards for listing your links. It allows users to swipe through the cards similarly as they would swipe through Instagram Stories.

You can customize the look of each card and attach information. You can then stick the link in your bio. You can also use Insights to see how it’s working.

However, Milkshake doesn’t include a desktop version. This tool is available only as an app. So, this tool wouldn’t allow you to create a bio link on the computer.

Pricing: Free

Milkshake Instagram Bio Link Tool

With this, we have reached the end of this blog post on Instagram Bio Link Tools. We hope that you would found the post beneficial. Thanks for visiting our website. Don’tforget to share this post across popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.

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