12 Best Free Grammar & Punctuation Checker

“Error-free” writing can be a reality for you with these 12 Best Free Punctuation Checker Tools that we have listed hereunder.

You can come up with error-free English when you use a free punctuation checker and corrector tool.

Online Punctuation Checker Tools are a must for people that have English as their second language. Moreover, grammar and punctuation check is a must for every person who wishes to write error-free articles.

So, if you wish to write error-free English, then you should go through this post.

Herein, we have featured as many as 12 Best Free Punctuation Checker Tools that will help you check grammar and punctuation in your English articles. These tools will help you to enhance your writing and dish out error-free articles.

Here, we have shared the top & best grammar and punctuation checker tools or software. These tools function as proofreaders.

We want to emphasize that it’s a must-read article for all those planning to start a blog. Plus, it’s also a handy post for the ones whose job involves blogging duties.

So, if you have to write regularly for your blog, this article will prove a helping hand as it helps to improve your writing skills. Here, we have shared with you the best and free punctuation checker and corrector tools or software.

You got to understand that you cannot perfect your writing skills in a short period. Moreover, improving writing skills is a constant and long-drawn process. It requires much discipline and know-how of grammar and punctuation usage in English or any other language.

You should be willing to shell out hours and hours on self-improvement so that you can offer error-free writing to your readers.

Here, Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools come to your help in a “Big” way. In just a few minutes, the tools can check your article for grammar and punctuation errors. It offers suggestions so that you can make your article error-free.

In a nutshell, Punctuation Checker Tools make your content “perfect.” The tools help to improve your writing quality.

They help to fix your mistakes in your writing. Punctuation Checker Tools check your content and make it error-free.

After all, you are a human, and you can make a mistake. Even professional and successful writers make mistakes. It would be a wise decision to take the help of the best & free Punctuation Checker Tool, which can easily and quickly make your writing error-free from all grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Given that you are not a born-writer and don’t want to shell out a fortune on editors, then free & best Punctuation Checker Tools do the job perfectly well for you.

So, if you want to come up with error-free writing, then these 12 Free & Best Punctuation Checker Tools certainly call for a thorough look.

Here, we have listed out the main features of these tools, making it easy for you to select the best one as per your requirement.

Let’s go through the article and come to know about these free Grammar & Punctuation Checker Tools.

12 Free Grammar and Punctuation Check

Here’s the list for you:

1. Grammarly Best Grammar and Punctuation Checker

Grammarly is a comprehensive and highly popular grammar and punctuation checker out there. In fact, Grammarly is being used by over 10 million people for proofreading their copy. Grammarly happens to be a FREE online grammar checker tool out there.

Simply put, Grammarly is a fantastic tool. Grammarly allows you to fix your spelling mistakes. Grammar mistakes, as well as other punctuation mistakes such as comma splice, apostrophe, etc.

Grammarly functions as a free online text editor. It even has free browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, which corrects more than 150 errors.

Once you sign in to the Grammarly tool, you get two types of options:

Well, you can import your text or else you can start writing inside the tool.

The spellings, as well as other punctuation mistakes, are flagged automatically. Moreover, Grammarly detects errors such as grammar, writing style, punctuation, contextual spelling, and sentence structure.

The good thing with Grammarly is that it offers explanations for all the mistakes done by you in your content. Plus, it offers suggestions to improve or replace errors. That’s not all; Grammarly supports different writing styles such as blog posts, business texts, academic writing, etc. It even supports both British as well as American English.

If you use subject-specific words that Grammarly does not recognize, you can add these words to its dictionary. Doing so will allow these words not to be flagged in the future.

The most significant advantage of Grammarly is that its primary tool comes for free. However, if you want more features, you can upgrade Grammarly at $30 per month. There are many highlights of Grammarly Premium, such as the tool that can check over 250 types of grammatical errors. It can even detect plagiarism and gives citation suggestions.

Grammarly Grammar Checker

2. Ginger Online Punctuation Checker

Ginger is a very popular online punctuation checker that you can find on the Internet. It has gained tons of happy users. Ginger is one of the top proofreading and grammar checking tools. It offers lots of useful features and options. Ginger is a very helpful tool and certainly makes your life easier when you want error-free writing for your content.

Ginger primarily works as an online comma checker. It can even be used for sentence rephrasing, as well as for writing training. So, Ginger functions as grammar as well as punctuation checker and corrector.

Ginger is best to use if you are embarking on a blogging career. It is available as browser extensions and even as an add-on for MS-Word.

Ginger comes in both free as well as pro versions. Its “free” version is of course free. However, its basic version is available at $5 per month. You can even have it with a single payment of $40. Its premium version comes for $90 and is available for life.

One of the best highlights of Ginger and that’s why many people use it is the fact that it can easily integrate with MS Word. There is no need to upload documents into the tool, nor do you need to copy and paste your document in the MS Word. Moreover, Ginger can proofread your documents inside the Word documents.

Ginger supports both British as well as American English. Ginger corrects context-specific grammatical and punctuation errors. It also removes the unnecessary punctuation marks in your content. Plus, it even detects redundant use.

One of the best aspects with Ginger is the fact that it offers separate apps and keyboards for Android as well as iOS platforms. It’s one of the greatest pros with Ginger.

However, we need to tell you that its online version limits the amount of text that you can add. You need to download its free program if you wish to check the unlimited text for errors.

Ginger Free Punctuation Checker

3. White Smoke Punctuation Checker

The White Smoke is an all-in-one grammar and punctuation checker tool. White Smoke checks for grammar, punctuation, style issues, as well as plagiarism. All these features can be accessed with a paid service.

However, the good thing with White Smoke is the fact that it offers a free trial option wherein you can use the tool for a limited time without the need to pay any money. It offers a bunch of powerful writing checks. The best thing, you won’t have to crack open your wallet.

Moreover, White Smoke is a close competitor to Grammarly. It detects and removes grammatical errors as well as punctuation errors. It’s a great tool for non-native English writers.

Another good thing with White Smoke is that it’s available as an Android and iOS App. Plus; it offers browser add-ons so that you can correct grammar and punctuation errors on the go. So, White Smoke can be used with any device that you may be using. It’s one step ahead of Grammarly as it is available in the form of smartphone apps.

White Smoke is the preferred choice of many bloggers and writers out there. It functions as a convenient and advanced online punctuation checker tool. One of the significant advantages of White Smoke is that it works everywhere you type, including MS-Word, Outlook, Web Browsers, as well as other Text Editing Programs.

With White Smoke, you can correct your grammar, punctuation, as well as sentence structure.

Altogether, White Smoke helps to improve your writing style.

It works on any computer, smartphone or tablet that’s connected to the Internet. The tool comes with the Plagiarism Checker. You can translate full texts from over 45 languages. It has hundreds of ready-to-use letter templates.

So, White Smoke is one of the best tools that you can have for correcting your punctuation and improving your English writing.

White Smoke Punctuation Checker

4. Grammar Lookup Punctuation Checker

Grammar Lookup is one of the best free online grammar and punctuation checker tools out there.

It’s effortless to use. You have to type or paste your text in the space provided and then click on the Lookup button for checking grammar and punctuation mistakes.

You need to click on each highlighted word and get a list of proper wording alternatives. Grammar Lookup utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) for checking grammar and punctuation mistakes in your writing.

With Grammar Lookup, you can eliminate spelling errors. It even highlights 1000’s of style issues and makes your writing stand out among other writers.

Its ease of use and faster checking makes it a top proofreader for everyone. Plus, it’s free and will always be. So, you can surely try it and check grammar and punctuation errors in your writing.

Grammar Lookup is best for students, bloggers and professional writers. It saves your time when you have no time for proofreading what you have written. Grammar Lookup is an effective tool and offers the best correction in grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Grammar Lookup offers suggestions for the grammatically incorrect sentences. The tool makes your articles easy to read for your readers.

With Grammar Lookup, you can check academic assignments, business proposals, and even technical articles. So, Grammar Lookup comes with the ability to check even the toughest terms.

Grammar Lookup is much more than just a Punctuation Checker. It covers several languages and allows you to check your piece of work so that you can come up with a unique and perfect one for your readers.

Grammar Lookup Grammar Checker

5. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is a very helpful and functional online comma checker tool out there. However, you cannot compare Virtual Writing Tool with high-powered tools such as Grammarly or Ginger.

It’s best at correcting basic punctuation issues in your writing. It’s also a good comma splice checker. So, if you frequently end up with comma issues in your articles, then you should give Virtual Writing Tutor a go for overcoming that stylish error.

The best thing with Virtual Writing Tutor is the fact that you don’t need to sign up for an account for using it for correcting punctuation issues in your writing. You simply need to paste your text in the space provided and get it analyzed right there. It’s easy as that.

Virtual Writing Tutor allows you to check up to 500 words at a time in the capacity of an anonymous visitor. In case you need to check more words at a time then you need to register with them. Doing this, you can check 3000 words at a time. So, with Virtual Writing Tutor, you can check your longest papers easily. Moreover, membership is 100% free.

With Virtual Writing Tutor, you can count words, check spellings, check grammar and punctuation, check to paraphrase, improve word choice, and self-assess the use of target structures. You can even master English pronunciation. With Virtual Writing Tutors, you can become better proofreaders.

Plus, Virtualwritingtutor.com is 100% free to use. Plus, membership is also free. Virtual Writing Tutor works as an:

  • Essay Checker
  • Word Counter
  • Spell Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Punctuation Checker
  • Vocabulary Checker
  • Paraphrase Checker
  • Essay Outliner
  • Hypertext Narrative Creator
Virtual Writing Punctuation Checker

6. Grammar Check

Grammar Check is more of a traditional grammar checkers that have been featured in this list of best free punctuation checker tools.

So, Grammar Check is simple to use and works very well. Moreover, it’s a reliable software solution that’s suitable for most people as it can access and spell checks their texts in just a few seconds.

Grammar Check allows you to import documents. Plus, you can write your text within the tool and edit it as you go. Another good thing with Grammar Check is that it supports various formats. So, you can upload different kinds of materials for a thorough checkup.

Grammar Check works as a free online grammar and punctuation checker for finding errors in your writings that a simple spell checker fails to detect. It can proofread any English text with a simple “Copy & Paste.”

The tool doesn’t save any text you enter nor does it keep any of your log files. All of your texts are processed instantly and deleted immediately once processing is complete.

So, Grammar Check can proofread your content and goes on to create flawless content. For example, spelling errors are pointed out with colorful underlined prompts. It even gives out grammar suggestions as well as style suggestions.

Grammar Check

7. Sentence Checker

Sentence Checker is an open-source proofreading software which functions as a free online spell and grammar checker. It’s fast and easy to use language tools.

You simply need to paste your text in the space provided and check your text for spell, punctuation, and grammar by clicking on the “Check Text” button.

It works for as much as 26 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Tamil, and many other languages. As far as English is concerned, you can check for British, American, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand based text and content.

So, if you are a blogger, professional writer, professor, or even a student, then this online punctuation checker tool is for you which helps you to write error-free content in English and many other languages.

Its automatic program assistance helps you to come up with flawless content. You can come up with perfect sentences that are grammatically correct and free from punctuation and comma mistakes.

Moreover, the online tool is fast and quick. You just have to type or copy & paste the text over there and click on the “Check Text” button. The tool will instantly check your writing and will display all the issues that are there in your writing.

Sentence Checker offers error explanations and correction tips so that you can easily make the needed amendments in your content to make it error-free and grammatically correct.

Sentence Checker Punctuation Checker

8. Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is another excellent grammar & punctuation checker tool. It offers you the advantage of clear communication by recognizing and eliminating capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes in your blogs and articles.

So, Dupli Checker enables you to correct grammar & punctuation mistakes in your writings so that you can deliver an error-free message to your audience.

By using Dupli Checker, you can create flawless and enjoyable articles for your readers. It helps you to make your writing clearer and more exciting.

Moreover, Dupli Checker is a free grammar and punctuation checker tool. It allows you to quickly run a grammar and spell check for your content and be more productive.

It checks every sentence in your article or blog and goes on to highlight grammar and spelling errors.

You can easily get started in a few easy steps:

  • You can get started by visiting: Grammar check.
  • It allows you to type the text directly into the text box
  • If you want, you can even copy/paste your text in the given box
  • You can also upload your document
  • You need to choose a country and language according to your requirements
  • Once you have selected language and country, you can hit on “Check Grammar.”
  • The tool goes on to process your document and highlight mistakes
  • It allows you to check the highlighted words
  • You can change them by following the given suggestions
  • It’s an innovative and user-friendly tool that highlights all possible errors in your document
  • Its app is also available at Google Play Store or App Store. So, you can also check your documents on your smart devices.

All in all, Dupli Checker decreases your troubles in writing and proofreading. It’s a free tool for bringing perfection to your work. With Dupli Checker, you can say goodbye to spelling and grammar errors.

Dupli Checker

9. Paper Rater Punctuation Checker

Paper Rater is another very popular punctuation checker tool out there. It helps to perfect your writing and makes your text free from punctuation errors and problems.

In fact, Paper Rater is one of the best online grammar and punctuation checker tools that finds out grammar mistakes and corrects them so that your content becomes error-free from all spelling, punctuation, comma, and grammar mistakes.

The tool is even loaded with a plagiarism checker so you can check whether your document or text contains plagiarized text or not. The tool compares your text with over 10 billion documents on the internet.

So, you can be sure that your content is thoroughly checked for any duplicate content. By checking for plagiarism, you can easily rectify your content for any duplicate sentences.

Moreover, Paper Rater is 100% free to use. Plus, it’s simple to use.

You just have to type or copy & paste your text in the box provided for it in the tool to check your content for punctuation or grammar errors. The tool offers a detailed choice about word choice, spelling, grammar, and more.

It’s quick and fast. The tool analyzes your content in real-time so that you can dish out flawless content fast.

So, you can use Paper Rater for checking grammar, punctuation, spelling, and comma mistakes in your articles or blog posts. It’s an indispensable tool for students, writers, and bloggers out there.

Paper Rater Grammar Checker

10. Language Tool Punctuation Checker

Language Tool is an open-source proofreading software for English as well as more than twenty other languages. This tool works as a punctuation and grammar checker helping you to rectify spelling, comma, punctuation, and other grammar mistakes in your content or text.

The tool offers a simple proofreading checker dialogue box on its site which can be used to correct grammar mistakes in your content.

Language Tool is a simple, fast, easy to use and reliable online punctuation checker. You do not need to install any software for checking grammar mistakes in your articles. Everything is online and is safe as well as secure. This online punctuation checker tool does not store or cache your text on its servers.

It’s not as popular as some of the other punctuation tools listed out here. However, it’s highly effective in finding and correcting punctuation & grammar mistakes in your articles.

The tool is available as the web version, Chrome & Firefox Browser Add-ons, Google Docs Add-On, as well as standalone desktop application. It’s a completely free tool with amazing features.

Language Tool Grammar Checker

11. EduBirdie Grammar Checker

There’s a brand-new grammar checker by EduBirdie! Students can use it for free, so they can make sure their papers are clean in terms of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. This is a free online grammar checker that everyone can use, regardless of whether they are a member or just a visitor at the site. The grammar checker is perfect for bloggers and website owners, too.

EduBirdie’s grammar checker is an automated tool, which checks for grammar issues, punctuation mistakes, lexical errors, and phrase redundancy. These are only a few of the issues it can identify:

  • Tense shift problems
  • Wrong quantifiers
  • Double negatives
  • Inappropriate word order
  • Auxiliary and collocation issues
  • Mixed up conditionals
  • Gerund mistakes
  • Improper verb and adjective agreement

You only paste the text and click to check. EduBirdie takes only a few seconds to launch a report, which indicates the errors. You can fix the errors and recheck the same text. There’s no limitation to the number of times you use the tool. It’s not like those apps that require you to pay after using a few free trials.

The only downside is the one that all grammar checking tools have: it’s just software. It’s great at identifying mistakes, but it cannot replace a real editor.

EduBirdie Grammar Checker

12. Writer Grammar Checker

Writer’s grammar check tool is quintessential for anyone looking to sharpen up their written content. The application can be accessed on any web browser or downloaded and integrated with several apps on the paid version.

To get started, open up your preferred web browser and copy the work into the stylish textbox you want to edit. The intuitive AI programming will scan your content and highlight grammatical and spelling errors that need correcting, as well as suggest words to enhance your phrasing and tone of voice.

The app’s paid version offers a plagiarism checker, seamless app integration with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Github, and Bitbucket, and the ability to customize your brand’s voice. This means for future content, Writer will suggest terms and phrasing styles that match your brand’s desired content, meaning you will produce engaging and authentic writing every time you use the application.

This tool is responsive and easy to use and is being adopted by all kinds of individuals ranging from students to professors and bloggers to copywriters. Do not underestimate the power perfect grammar and spelling can give you in whatever field you are in.

Writer Grammar Checker

Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools prove indispensable aid in saving your precious time when you go about writing articles or blog posts. So, these tools allow you to utilize your time most effectively.

Great content is always devoid of punctuation, spelling, comma, and grammatical errors. These online grammar and punctuation tools will help you to write error-free content for your blog posts.

You will dish out quality posts when you use a punctuation checker tool. Flawless writing comes when you make your content free from all punctuation and grammatical errors.

The ten best & free punctuation checker tools are an easy way to make your writing error-free. These tools are must-have for bloggers and even for professional writers that are writing articles for many years.

We hope that you now have many choices before you for punctuation checker tools.

We have shared with you the best ones out there. Please share your thoughts with us and don’t forget to share the post with your friends so that they can also benefit from the article of the best punctuation checker tools.

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