Push-Up Ads A New Advertising Format for Profit

Do you know what profitable trends in selecting advertising format for 2018 are? Since there is a huge variety of them, publishers are confused to pick for real lucrative one.

For successive years the best-selling press predicted: “The future is Mobile.” Indeed, let the number itself tell us. According to Statista, there are 4 billion active users over the internet, and cheeky 61% belongs to Mobile Internet Users with mobile-first markets such as Asia and Africa leading the pack.

The choice is obvious; the gold mine is now in the mobile traffic monetization. Still, the question remains open: What advertising format to choose?

We suggest skipping the huge lines, describing the first Ad choice for grandmothers and proceed right to the subject.

And what so-called profitable advertising format would that be?

It is a tricky question. Any part of the question, of course, can be regarded as folky but only at first glance. The statistics show that the format we are going to talk about, is not so much popular among webmasters, in fact, such a tendency does not correlate with the level of CTR. Also, mobile users are less annoying about this type of advertising.

We’re glad to introduce you a rare, but a way too promising advertising format exclusively for mobile traffic monetization.

‘Mobile Dialog Ad’ (Push-Up) is a brand new advertising tool to make the most of your mobile traffic. It’s the most efficient monetization solution (advertising tool) for monetizing your mobile web traffic.

Moreover, it serves as an additional monetization of mobile web traffic. It’s a cross-platform advertising tool that can be used on mobile as well as desktop. You simply need to put the ad code on your site and start making money instantly!

What are the Push-Up Ads?

Push-up is a familiar mobile dialog window based on a basic user-engagement.

A simple touch or browser-scrolling will activate the advertisement dialog window atop the publishers’ website with two call-to-action buttons, and in general, it looks like this:

How does it look:

  • Character limits for Push-ups fall in the range of 90 characters
  • Automatically inserts text into the form
  • Centered and adaptive on the mobile device

In simple terms, Push-Up Ads (Mobile Dialog Ads) is a native mobile dialog window which clones the operating system shell. This advertising format has a sense of trust to it.

Push Up Ads Push-Up Ads

It offers the opportunity to monetize mobile traffic and offers good conversion numbers. A dialog ad message is triggered when a user touches the screen. A mobile dialog box is shown atop the website screen. It has two call-to-action buttons.

Push-Up format advantages:

  • Higher delivery and CPM rate in comparison with other advertising formats. It offers higher eCPM rates in comparison to other ad formats as it offers much better click-through rates & conversions.
  • It occupies a unique place among other communication channels and is undoubtedly the most native format. Therefore, push-up helps you reach out to a large chunk of users globally. New monetization opportunities, push-up ads can be combined with any other advertising formats;
  • Push-Up ads are fully compatible with all mobile devices;
  • There is no need to meet the ‘mobile-friendly design’ requirements to monetize your mobile audience with Push-Ups. They integrate seamlessly into your website, without interfering with the existing content and ad spaces;
  • Google-friendly advertising format. Moreover, it is a user and SEO friendly.
  • Worldwide advertisers with global coverage to maximize your revenues;
  • User-friendly (no redirects, easy return to content, family safe ads).
  • It comes with easy integration. The Dialog Ad Units can be integrated seamlessly into your website;
  • It does not interfere with the existing content and ad spaces;
  • You get relevant ads from premium advertisers;

Why is it so friendly?

Mobile Dialog Ads (Push-up) aims to make advertising more friendly for users. Push-up ads are meant to facilitate a timely flow of information. Standard format pushes one Ad per user for 24 hours.

Moreover, users have an opportunity to refuse, through the click on the “Cancel” button. By comparison with Pop-ups, that format is not a trigger for the activation of advertising. Push-up does not open an additional window in the user’s browser and leave the user on the page.

Dialog Ads is an advertising format for the web with a constant audience, whose loyalty is more important than aggressive monetization and short-term income. Its “Delayed Call” Feature allows the Dialog Ad to be delivered to those visitors who have spent some specific time on your website (say, after 10 seconds).

With the “Call by Click,” the Push-Up Ads gets delivered to those who have made a specific number of clicks on your site (let’s say, after 3rd click on any part of your website. Moreover, it is easy to implement. You just need to implement the code on your site.

Earning money in two steps.

Before we get started let’s create a special Push-up zone.

Firstly, go to Publishers Dashboard and find the Sites and zones tab. Choose the required website and follow this list:

1. Setting up

  • Click the button “Create Pushup zone.”
  • Now we have an option to choose “Adult” or “Mainstream,” choose whatever works for your website
  • Click Save and your newly created zone is ready

2. Getting the code

  • It’s almost finished, to get the ad code press “Get the code.”
  • Add the tag on your website

Push up zone is ready to go.

The best deal you could get.

Now, when you know the theory, all that’s left is to pick a source. As there aren’t tons of choice of advertising networks, that can offer you Mobile Dialog Ads and reasonable rates for your traffic. What can we suggest?

Our team has been testing push-up ads for months, and we’d like to share some splendid results with Clickadu:

Push-Up Ads Result

Clickadu push-up ads operate on the CPM model and prices depend on the country or device and range from $0,7. Quite a good cost for incoming traffic. Push up ads were tested on Android. Dialog ad messages are triggered when a user touches the screen, but there are any other options for ad interaction triggers.

Creating a Push-Up Ad

We took push-up ads 80×80 format and just text in the filled form, that automatically transformed into an ad. The symbols allowed do affect slogans creativity, but they do the job.

It is interesting to know that with the ‘Ok’ button on the right, the visual fixations are less and flow in one direction. The statistics show that putting button OK in the right bottom corner means this area will be the user’s end up the point of scanning content. The last step was to put the code on the website as it was in a guide.

The numbers are shown for ten days and, as for us, it is quite impressive stats for seven days with a minimum of optimization.

Some GEO turned out to be a way too profitable, take a look at these:

The United States and Spain showed better results among others. When you set up your Ad frequency, we’ll recommend you to push one Ad per user for 24 hours.

Due to the universal appeal and compact form of this ad format, through the campaign highly interested users were attracted to the pages of our advertisers. It was also extremely helpful in maintaining repeat visits of visitors.

A tiny bit of push-up magic and your traffic brings some pure cash. Don’t be afraid to experiment; it generates money. We’ve seen that.

Getting much mobile traffic?

Clickadu guarantees a stable profit with push-up ads for it.

Now Clickadu allows monetizing desktop traffic with Push-Ups too what is also great. We haven’t tested it, yet, but if you can share us with the results – we’ll be glad to examine your stats.

Join Clickadu to get started with Push-UP Ads

Happy earnings!

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