SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin for Image Optimization

There is a wide range of SEO Plugins available which significantly enhance the features and capabilities of your WordPress blog or site. One such “must-have” SEO Plugin is the SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin. Using SEO Friendly Images you can automatically update images in your posts with appropriate ALT and TITLE attributes and thus increases your overall SEO score. Thereby you tend to get more search engine visibility.

As a blogger or webmaster, you are well aware of the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. You know the fact that merely publishing a post is not the only task that you have to undertake to gain website traffic and rank better on the search engine result pages (SERPs). You necessarily have to accompany this with a host of SEO tasks, which includes On-Page, as well as Off-Page Optimization.

All your SEO efforts are primarily directed towards optimizing the Content. Further you support it by doing link building for your post or website by submitting guest posts, commenting, participating in forums, etc. In carrying out all these SEO tasks, you tend to forget a vital part of SEO, and that is Image Optimization for Search Engine.

Images form an integral part of your content. Ignoring the SEO for images can have an immense effect on the overall on-page WordPress Image Information optimization for your website. You can gain visitors for images on your pages. Google Image search is a excellent example for that which searches for related images and if images on your web pages are relevant to search your images will be displayed in image search result. When searcher clicks on that image they can land on your web page and you can gain a visitor.

Images are not just useful for image search but useful for your content page. If you have used image on an article page, and added proper ALT and Title tag to that image it helps to improve your on-page optimization as search engine like Google looks images in your post and checks relevance of that image with your article topic. When you move your mouse over to a image, it shows small description of that image, that comes from ALT tag.

It is always a good practice to add related keyword in your web page image using Image ALT and Title tag which looks like this. <img src=”image.jpg” alt=”Keyword or Article Title”>

Although you can do SEO for Images by your own, but if you have never optimized image for SEO purpose and using WordPress then, a much better, effective and easy option comes to you in the form of WordPress SEO Plugin for Images known as SEO Friendly Images.

SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin

You just need to install the Plugin, do the settings and the rest is done by the SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin. The Plugin will automatically add an Alt and/or Title Tag to each and every image in your post.

So, you do not have to worry about including Alt Tag in the images of your post. SEO Friendly Images will automatically do these SEO tasks for you and thus help you to gain more traffic to your post or website. The Plugin takes keywords from the post title of your blog and adds them to the image ALT Tag. Moreover, if you haven’t included Alt Tags in your previous post images, SEO Friendly Images do the work for you without you having to go through your older posts and update the forgotten Alt Tags.

Thus, by using SEO Friendly Images Plugin in your WordPress Blog you can optimize the images in your posts or pages and stand to gain preference in the search engine results pages thereby gaining greater traffic to your blog or website than ever before.

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