Is this site down? 10 Best Website Down Checker Tools

Website downtime causes loss of business, traffic, and site rankings on major search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The Website Down Checker Tools (Is this site down) enable you to confirm whether your site or any other site is down or not.

Sometimes it happens that the site we are trying to open is not opening on our computer or mobile phone. In that situation, we want to check that a particular site is down or just not opening for us.

By knowing Is This Site Down helps us to identify that the problem is with the particular site or from our end, which can be site is blocked in our country or from Internet provider, or we have accidentally blocked the website.

Here, we have listed the 10 Best Website Down Checker Tools allowing you to confirm, Is this site down?

Is this site down? Website Downtime Checking Tools

The website can be down because of your web hosting server, DNS problem, or overload on your web server. Without knowing when your website is down, you may not correct website downtime problems on time. So, knowing when your website gets down at the right time can help your business.

These websites down checker tools can check downtime for any website. So, take a close look at these options, and I am sure that you would find a suitable tool for checking website downtime.

Useful tools: 10 Best Website Monitoring Tools

You need the following for using this website down checker tools:

  • A stable internet connection
  • URL of a website that you want to check

10 Best Website Down Checker Tools

Now, let’s begin and explore the ten Best Website Down Checker Tools. Here’s the list for you:

1. Is Website Down Is this site down Checker

“Is Website Down” functions as one of the essential SEO tools. It allows you to check the downtime for any website. So, it’s the Server Status Checker tool out there. It enables you to know whether the website server is active or down. So, you can check the server status of any website.

The tool is very easy to use. It instantly lets you know whether your website is down right now. The tool enables you to enter as much as 100 URLs. You have to click on the “Submit” button, and the tool gives you the server status of the websites.

It’s fast, accurate, and reliable. You don’t need to log in or do any prior registration. Plus, it’s completely free. The tool displays the status codes against each domain name (URL) that you have entered using this tool.

For example, the status code “200” means that the server is running fine. With the error code, you can identify the reason behind the current status of the websites. In case your website is down, and then you need to fix it immediately.

Is Website Down

2. Down For Everyone or Just Me

The website “Down For Everyone or Just Me” is a fabulous medium to check whether a site is down or not. If you think this website’s URL is too long for you every time you go and check for website downtime, then let me tell you that you can use their short URL in the form of

Down For Everyone or Just Me is a text-based website that informs about the downtime status of a website. You are required to enter the domain name of the website whose downtime you want to check and then click the hyperlinked “or just me.” Once this is done, you get the answer in a very easy to use format. It is a minimal website, yet it performs its work with full grace.

Site Down For Everyone or Just Me

3. Is It Down Right Now

Is it down Right Now is another fabulous online service to check whether a site is down or not. On the homepage, you get its checker tool to check the status of your favorite website it is up or not. It also lists the status of some of the top websites.

For Example, you get to know Facebook: is up and checked 1 min ago. Its test tool is easy to use where you have to enter the URL of the site, which you want to test for downtime and then click on the “click” button.

It also has a short URL like www. It provides useful information such as response time when it was down last time and also day-by-day response time graph.

Is It Down Right Now

4. HOST TRACKER Is this site down

HOST TRACKER is a complete website performance monitoring tool. You need to sign up to monitor your website. One needs to enter their email for notification and the website for monitoring. You can even sign up with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Its working is simple. You need to add your sites and contacts. The tool does the rest. It checks the sites from locations around the globe with a specific interval.

It sends you alerts about the problems with your websites through email, SMS, Skype, Hangouts, Voice, and even Telegram. Mostly, alerts are free.

It also collects uptime statistics and sends you uptime reports. You can expose the uptime data to your customers and partners.

Other site check services include:

  • Page Speed
  • Ping
  • DN SBL
  • Who is
  • Domain and SSL Check

The plans start at $14/mo.

HOST TRACKER Is this site down

5. Uptrends Website Availability Test

Uptrends is a powerful tool that monitors website uptime worldwide. It monitors your site from multiple locations and notifies you through email when it gets broken.

You can ping your website and know if it is reachable. They set up a connection, and if you get back the HTTP 200 status, it means that it is “OK.”

Uptrends Free Uptime Check makes use of select regional groupings from its network of 209 global checkpoints to systematically ping and checks the status of your website. It lets you know whether it is up or down. So, you come to know your website, uptime.

The “load times” it reports is the time it takes to download the HTML content. So, you can use its Website Speed Test to know the load times of all website elements. It offers the breakdown of the emulated load time in resolve, connect, and download time. Thus, it enables you to know in which corner you can improve.

Moreover, Uptrends works as a comprehensive Website Monitoring Tool by alerting you about an issue in all kinds of ways. You can start with Uptrends by using its free trial for 30 days.

Its main highlights include:

  • It offers daily reports in PDF or Excel format sent via email
  • It allows you to know the root cause of an issue at-a-glance
  • Continuous monitoring 24/7
  • It sends you alerts via SMS, email, voice, push, webhooks, or tools like Slack
  • It provides error screenshots
Uptrends Website Availability Test

6. Is That Website Down offers you an easy way to check if a website is down. You simply need to type in your domain name and click on the “Check Now” button. So, you come to know whether that website is down, or it is just you. It’s fast, accurate, and reliable that’s available for free.

If your website is down, then the users cannot browse your website. It’s a critical issue and results in the loss of traffic as well as rankings on SERPs.

However, by using, you can quickly come to know whether your website server is active or down. If your website is down, then you need to fix it immediately.

The tool is easy to use, and it does not require any login or registration on your part. Is That Website Down

7. Websiteplanet Is this site down

Websiteplanet is a simple online tool that lets you know whether your website is down right now. The tool allows you to check if your website is down across the globe or only on your computer screen.

It’s a completely free tool. It’s fast, reliable, accurate, and easy to use. You simply need to type in the URL of your website and click on the “Check” button. The tool furnishes the result instantly and furnishes you with an answer about whether the website is up or not.

The tool allows you to know whether the website is down just for you, or if it is down for everyone. There might be some configuration issues if the website is down just for you.

Otherwise, the website might be facing issues with the hosting provider, DNS issues, DDoS or hacker-based attacks, or even database and/or software issues.

Websiteplanet website down checker

8. Site24x7 Check Website Availability

Site24x7 simplifies website monitoring and allows you to check website availability from over sixty locations worldwide. You come to know the DNS resolve time, connect time, first-byte time, last byte time, and total response time.

The tool makes it easy for a novice user as well as for a professional to check website availability. You need to fill the address (URL) of the website that you want to check and click on the “Test Now” button.

The tool checks the website and gathers the information in the form of a graph and table. If the status of your website for each location is “OK,” then the website is online worldwide. However, if the website is down, then you would get “Host Unavailable” messages in the IP column with a dash symbol in the Status column.

Site24x7 Check Website Availability

9. Is My Site Down offers a great way to test whether your site is down or not. The tool checks whether a specified site is down or not. It uses a sequence of logical steps and assists in troubleshooting by listing out the cause of an outage.

The tool is completely free. It’s simple, fast, and accurate. You need to type the URL of the website and click on the “Go” button. The tool lists out the result instantly. Is My Site Down

10. Sitechecker Website Down Checker

Sitechecker Website Down Checker is a convenient tool for checking whether a website is down for everyone or just you.

It’s a unique tool designed for you to know if a website is down. So, by using this tool, you can come to know whether your website is down or some issues with your internet provider. It might be the case that something is wrong with your computer or smartphone.

It means that this tool enables you to know why your website or some other website has become inaccessible for you. Sitechecker lets you find out precisely what you want to know. The tool allows you to test the status of a website for free.

The tool is very easy to use.

You need to enter the URL or domain you are interested in. You may even choose a specific region to test your website from. Lastly, you need to press ‘Start test.’ The tool is blazing fast, and in a matter of few seconds, you can get a report with detailed information about website status.

The tool will check whether a website that you are trying to access is down or not. In fact, the tool furnishes you with the following results:

  • In the first row, you will come to know whether the attempt was successful or not.
  • It provides technical details such as a screenshot of a target page with an IP address.
  • You come to know the response time.
  • The report shows you the response code (HTTP status codes).
  • You also come to know the most recent downtime date.

If you want to save the website down checker report, you get the option to copy the report to a clipboard. You can even download it as a pdf-file or share it directly on social media.

Sitechecker Website Down Checker

Well, that’s all we have for you in this post. We have listed out the best website down checker tools for you to make it easy to check the status of your website anytime, whether it is down or up. We hope that the post proves useful to you. Thanks for visiting. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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