Monetizing Website with AdNow Native Ad

Well, if you ask me about the biggest challenge on the Internet, it is none other than “Monetizing Traffic.”

And I am sure you would also agree with me on this count.

Your growth in the online world is determined by how successful you are in getting traffic and monetizing that traffic.

I am sure you must be experimenting with strategies to monetize your traffic more effectively.

That’s pretty ok.

However, as a proactive entrepreneur, you must constantly look for ways and methods that give you an opportunity to monetize your traffic in a better way.

Native Advertising is one such method that lets you monetize your traffic more effectively.

By using Native Advertising Network such as AdNow Native Ad Network you can certainly propel your earnings by monetizing traffic more effectively.

What is Native Advertising and how AdNow Native Ad Network can help you monetize your traffic is the subject of discussion in this post?

So, if you are not aware of Native Advertising, I would say you are missing on a great opportunity to monetize your traffic.

Let’s get started and know how AdNow Native Ad Network can bring you the benefits of Native Advertising.

What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising is one of the most happening things in the online advertising world.

It is the biggest advertising trend nowadays.

The biggest advantage with Native Advertising is the fact that it attracts more attention than normal banner ads – as much as 60% more attention than normal banner ads.

It is proving more effective for advertisers as they are getting high click-thru-rates as well as high conversion rates by using Native Ads on their websites.

Native Advertising is a paid media placement that resembles like the main content on a website.

An advertorial can be a good example of Native Advertising.

It usually appears in the sidebar or towards the end of an article on a website in the form of “recommended reading” widget and serves as a means of “content discovery.” Most of the times, Native Advertisements carries attention-catching images, compelling headlines, and current events.

Native Advertising

Usually, Native Advertisements appear as square-shaped thumbnails. Clicking on the Native Ads direct the visitors to other content or articles on the Internet. One peculiar characteristic of the content in the Native Ads is that they often have a “viral” spin to it which compels readers in checking the content.

One such biggest network offering native advertisements is AdNow Native Ad Network.

AdNow Native Advertising Network

AdNow Native Ad Network is one of the big names in Native Advertisement. Currently, it serves up to 140 million impressions per day. The native ad network uses CPC/CPM revenue model.

AdNow helps publishers to Monetizing their Website with native ads, and increase their website earnings.

AdNow provides decent control to publishers over the size, looks, and feel of the AdNow widget on their websites. AdNow allows publishers to adjust the size of each thumbnail.

The font type and size of the teaser text can also be adjusted.

AdNow Native Ad Network

Criteria for Joining AdNow Native Ad Network

In general, AdNow has laid out certain criteria for publishers who wish to join the native ad network. However, there are no specific traffic requirements for publishers.

The Publishers must not:

Use software to manipulate clicks.
Use proxies and PTC sites for generating fake traffic.
Click on their ads
The sites must not host any objectionable content. They must not have broken copyright laws and must not promote illegal activities.

AdNow follows a reviewing procedure for approving sites. Publishers are required to put the verification code in the root folder of their website. The site is on moderation mode after being verified. The Javascript code needs to be installed on your website to show ads.

adnow ad setup

Publisher Dashboard

Once you sign up for your publisher account with AdNow, you get access to Publisher Dashboard. It is pretty straightforward and direct in its approach.

After logging in to your account, you would see a screen with a list of your websites. It displays the site name, site URL, the status, and buttons to edit or delete the site.
Adding new sites is allowed. Other navigation buttons are at the top of the screen from where you can access your sites, widgets, and statistics. You can manage profile settings by clicking on your user ID or email address.

Payment Details

AdNow generates payments on a weekly basis when you use PayPal. The threshold is $20 in earnings. However, PayPal takes a fee of 4.5% on each payment. The other alternatives include wire transfer, and Wire InterCash (debit card). For Wire Transfer, the minimum payout is $200. You can also contact AdNow Support Team for other
payment options.

Key Features of AdNow

• Easy Installation
• Global Coverage
• You can use Other Ad Networks, as well.
• Provides revenue tracking and performance analysis in real time
• Facility to Reapply
• Dedicated Support
• Referral System
• Competitive Rates
• And much more


AdNow Native Ad Network is even suitable for modest webmasters as it does not lay any strict traffic requirements. It works well for all types of legal sites. Plus, there is no conflict with other ad systems. The CTR is high for native ads that show up right below articles. However, the actual revenue largely depends on the quality of traffic. I hope that this AdNow Native Ad Network review helps you to get started.

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