I Hate Blogging – Why Bloggers Give up

I Hate Blogging

Yes, this was a reality for me.

And the biggest fact is yet to come.

“It came early.”

Most importantly, as much as 95% of bloggers go through this phase.

I was also one of them.

If you are also one of those who have uttered, I Hate Blogging and want to give up blogging, then read on as there’s a lot for you in this post.

So, is it that blogging is not worth pursuing?

Should you not start a blog?


Success in the Blogging world is hard?

Is blogging an utter waste of time and efforts?

Well, at this point I must share with you one small fact of life.

Great things never come easy.

And this also holds good for blogging, as well.

There are thousands of bloggers who are successful, and all have toiled hard to make their career in blogging. They are successful because they have done the right things at the right time and continued to blog.

So, if you are too in the mood of putting your pen down and think it’s time for you to quit blogging, just hold on.



Let me tell you that blogging is rewarding.

It rewards those who persist.

And, this should be the beginning for you to rethink your decision to quit blogging.

I Hate Blogging

But why?

Let me share my story with you.

After seeing a lot of successful blogs, I also thought to start a blog. I thought my blog can make me popular and will make me earn a lot.

After a lot of research, I started a new blog. I started writing regularly but after few days I found I am short of topic and writing was not a great pleasure experience for me.

I did not find it interesting to write regularly.

It is very boring to write.

Moreover, I am not a writer and I have not taken any formal education in writing. I am not able to understand on which topic I should write because of that I hated blogging.

This can be the problem of many bloggers.

10 Blogging Mistakes Most of the Bloggers Make

Many blogs die soon after their launch.

Why those blog dies when there is some good post. There are lots of question on this problem like, how to write regularly, how to love blogging, how to write a good blog post, how to get an idea for my next post and many more questions.

There are many new bloggers who are inspired and read other blogs like Problogger, Copyblogger, etc., and I must say they are the best blog, and every blogger must learn from them.

Even after reading an inspiring post on those blogs bloggers are not able to love blogging.

Obviously, there are reasons that make you hate blogging.

It happened with me, but I persisted.

If there is a problem, you should look for solutions.

Giving it up would not lead you anywhere.

So, first, you should be determined to succeed.

Let us put in few minutes to explore this problem.

I will also share various points about how you can be a successful blogger. I will tell you what I did to make my blog a successful one.

But, first, let us see why this happens?

I Hate Blogging

Reasons Why Some New Bloggers Give up

1. Without Focus – Without Any Goals

Let me tell you upfront. If you are blogging without focus and without any goals, you will soon be saying, I Hate Blogging.

So, you must first set up goals for your blog.

You have to set up goals and then start working to achieve them.

Let me illustrate this with an example.

Suppose you want to rank high on the first page of SERPs for one of your posts.

Write your goal clearly.

“I want to top the SERPs for my post.”

Then start working towards it.

Create quality content.

Build relationships with top bloggers.

Build back-links for your post.

Use Social Media Networks to popularize and promote your post.

Use Social Bookmarking.

Do Paid Advertising.

Subscribe to do follow blogs.

So set up goals, stay focused and work consistently to achieve them. This is the only way to succeed in the blogosphere.

Without Any Goals
2. Lack of Knowledge

There’s no point diving when you do not know swimming. Same goes with blogging. So, whichever niche you choose for your blog, you should possess in-depth knowledge of it. A Little Knowledge will lead you nowhere. You can begin blogging, but soon you will say, I Hate Blogging.

The big thing is that you should know your interest areas. Gather more knowledge and do the proper market study. Follow popular blogs in your niche. Study them and come up with interesting ideas that you think will go viral with your readers.

People have problems and questions.

They look for a solution.

If you have the knowledge and know how to share it with your audience, then it’s perfect ace.

So, be focused on providing new solutions to your readers that hold them long to your blog. This way they will recognize you as an expert in your field and will come back to your blog over and over again. Keep exploring and go on increasing your knowledge of your chosen niche. It will help you to play a long innings in the blogosphere.

How to Write on a Topic You Don’t Know?

Lack of Knowledge
3. Lack of Time

Remember one thing.

Failures always come up with excuses.

So, don’t fall into that trap.

It may happen that if you are not getting success in the blogosphere you might say, “I Want to Give Up Blogging.”

You might start blogging with great passion and enthusiasm, and then quit it because of lack of time.

So, the crux is to manage your time intelligently. Schedule and plan your work in advance and spare at least two to three hours for blogging.

If you allocate time to your blog and make proper blogging efforts, things will shine for you. But, this does not happen automatically. If you do not have enough time for
blogging, then it is better not start on a project.

Blogging demands continuous efforts on your part.

For this, you to take out time from your busy schedule.

Lack of time is an utterly silly excuse to quit blogging.

Lack of Time
4. Don’t have Writing Skills

It is a false notion to think that a blogosphere is a place meant only for good writers. Moreover, many newbie bloggers get frustrated by their writing skills and decide to quit blogging.

However, the crux should be to continue writing. Blogging is all about learning things and casting it into your words.

At first, you may find writing articles tough.

That’s pretty ok!

It is nothing to be bogged down.

You should take your own time. Research well and learn before writing your blog post. Slowly, you will show improvements in your writing skills. Nobody is a born writer.

You can pick out top blogs in your niche and can learn how they communicate with their readers.

It would be better if you develop your style.

It is not necessary to write down a post at one go. You can complete it in two or three sittings.

So, find your comfort zone. After all, you have to deliver your best to your readers. You will soon find that you are making fewer mistakes as compared to your early days.

Rather than hating writing, inculcate love for writing.

That’s the way to grow and succeed in the blogging world.

20 Types of Blog Posts For Creating Successful Blog

Writing Skills
5. No Planning

Most bloggers fail because they do not make a long-term plan for their blog. Blogging is more than just creating a blog on WordPress or Tumblr. It needs all the planning effort as you would do for your business enterprise.

Without proper planning, your blog will soon fall.

So, you need to come up with detailed planning for your blog.

You need to know where you want to take your blog in the next year or so. Then, you need to adopt proper execution methodology and need to devote time and resources.

So, you should chart out a detailed planning map for your blog before you start on your blogging journey.

6. Giving it up Early

Blogging is not a quick earning scheme.

It is a persistent phenomenon which requires hard work and dedicated efforts.

However, most newbie bloggers think otherwise.

They think they will be able to make quick and big sums of money out of blogging.

That’s where they go wrong.

When they find that they are not making enough money, they decide to say goodbye to blogging. It has been a tendency with newbie bloggers that they quit blogging in first 90 days.

Well, friends, I must say that never quit.

You have to realize that blogging demands much effort and time. If you are willing to devote time and efforts, then blogosphere is for you. Otherwise, it is not a quick earning scheme.

Never Give Up
7. Lack of Promotion

Basically, blogging involves two things.

That is Writing Quality Content and Promotion.

You have to promote your content continuously till you get the desired traffic to your blog posts. However, it is not always easy to find the best promotional techniques for your niche.

That’s why many newbie bloggers quit blogging.

They fail to find ways to promote their blog and end up quitting blogging.

8. Run out of Ideas

Usually, many newbie bloggers show early enthusiasm in blogging. However, they soon run out of ideas. They begin by writing as much as five posts per week, but soon this number falls to 1 post per week, and eventually they stop writing.

This happens because they do not devote time to learning and expanding their knowledge.

They do not read other blogs in their niche. Lack of research is the primary reason why most bloggers do not come up with innovative posts.

They are not able to create a list of future posts.

Without any post ideas, they feel frustrated and decide to quit blogging.

Having said this, there are ways which can let you transform your exclamation from I Hate Blogging to I Love Blogging.

And that’s a good signal for you if you want to succeed in the blogosphere.

Here are some useful blogging tips for you:

How to overcome from this problem?

1. Create a blog on a niche which you have some good knowledge and you can write on that topic for a long time. Pick the topic on which you are passionate.

2. It is not important to have only one niche for a blog. If you think you can write on some other niche, then write for those topics on the same blog.

3. Read other blogs in the same niche for which you write. This will give you an idea for your new post.

4. Write, Write and Write. Then you will start making love for your writing. As much you will write you will find you love writing.

5. Read, Read and Read this will fill your mind with ideas. When you read you get an idea for a future post, this will again help you to love writing.

6. Don’t think you have to write daily. If you can write few good posts per week, then do that. There are many popular blogs who just write a 3-4 post per week and those
post bring a lot of visitors per day for them.

7. Set some small targets for your blog and always try to achieve those targets. When you achieve some target, it will boost your confidence this will make you love your job.
So, it’s always easy to exclaim, “I Hate Blogging.”

Remember the success rule – Never ever quit.

If you are persistent and show consistency in your blogging efforts, you are bound to succeed.

I also exclaimed, I Hate Blogging

Now, after my persistent and continuous efforts, I exclaim, I Love Blogging

I can say that you can too say, “I Love Blogging”.

Just follow the right steps and continue blogging.

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