How to Get New AdSense Account Approval

Google AdSense is one of the best ways to earn with your blog or website from years Google AdSense is main earning source for lot of webmasters. Google AdSense work as pay per click model where publishers earn every time there is a click on their AdSense ads.

Making money with Google AdSense is really very easy just place AdSense ads on your website or blog and start earning money.

Implementing AdSense and making money with it is very easy and because of this lot of AdSense frauds are taking place. In early days of Google AdSense, account approval was easy, and AdSense quickly approves publishers without any many requirements.

Now days Google AdSense team is very strict accepting new AdSense account because of click fraud. Some AdSense publisher’s clicks on their own ads to earn money, but Google ban those publishers to use AdSense. As Google AdSense is improving them for click fraud deduction and banning such publishers, the people involved in such wrong activities are also implementing new techniques to cheat Google.

Because of that approving new publisher in AdSense program is becoming difficult day by day. Now what a new publisher should do to get accepted as AdSense publisher program?

Google AdSense Account Approval

If you want AdSense account for clicking on your own ads then forget it this article is not for you.

Steps for Google AdSense Account Approval

Think like Advertiser: If you want to get approve your AdSense account don’t think like a publisher think as an advertiser. What an advertiser will expect from a publisher, advertiser don’t like click fraud they look for quality websites with great content they look for good traffic on publisher website etc. When you will think like an advertiser you will understand what advertisers want from a website. This will help you do design and build a website, which can give a lot of value to advertisers and visitors.

Don’t apply for a very new website: If you have just built a website or blog, apply for AdSense account. Give your website at least 4-6 months before applying for AdSense by this way you can put a lot of quality content, will start gaining some visitors on your website or blog. When you have some quality content and visitors Google will see you as genuine and quality publisher and give you value as AdSense publisher.

Another side of applying to AdSense account quickly: When you don’t have many visitors on your website how will you earn. If only 20 or 100 visitors are coming to your website may be no visitor will click on ads, so no way to make money or very little money, which will not solve your problem. First focus on quality and visitors then look for earning sources.

Read AdSense Program Policies: Before applying to AdSense carefully read Google AdSense program policies which will help you to understand what Google is expecting from the publisher and what they don’t like in a website or blog. While reading AdSense program policy, you will find how much Google hates invalid clicks and impressions, and you will also find content guidelines. They do not accept website containing copied content and copyright material. Google also looks for traffic source, ad placements, site behavior and many more things. So before applying to AdSense program carefully read AdSense program policies.

You can also find some useful information to get your application approved in the AdSense program from Google itself.

Write Quality Content Regularly: Not just Google AdSense program, Google search also love quality content, which can give value to visitors. If you are not giving quality to your visitors they will not stay on your website nor will they click on ads. To give value to your visitors write a quality article regularly, and this is not just for AdSense. Quality always gives good returns.

Build a business model: When you think about AdSense, you are looking for earnings and that is business. So take your website as a business not just a way to make money online. When you will take your website or blog as a business then you can think about giving value to your visitors, you will try to gain popularity, you will try to build relationships with your visitors, you will try to increase visitors to your site etc. When you take your website as a business you start loving it, and you will give a lot of affords on your website, and that’s what AdSense want.

Website Design: Website or blog designs matters for Google AdSense program. Google look for easy to navigate website with easy to access content on your website or blog. If your website is not easy to access Google, may reject your application for AdSense account. As Google want to give great value to visitors on a website, they look website for their layout too. If your website is filled with lot’s of advertisement, then your application may get rejected. Lot’s of advertisement and not easy to navigate will not give ease to visitors on your website. So make sure your website is easy to access and not filled with ads.

Applying these steps may not guarantee approval in AdSense program but surely increase chances that your website may get approval in AdSense, and you can start making money with such a great program.

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