20 Best Search Engine to Search Anything

It might be quite surprising to you, but Google is not the only search engine on the Internet today! In fact, many search engines serve millions of search queries per day.

So, if you want to know the most popular search engines in the world, here’s a list of 20 Best Search Engines to search for anything.

These search engines serve the most accurate results and offer you a wonderful experience while you scour through the Internet for information.

So, what are the features that make these search engines the best ones on the Internet?

Well, these search engines provide you:

  • Accurate results that match up your search criteria
  • A basic interface that is easy to view
  • Plenty of options for changing the parameters of your search

The options that we have shared with you are the perfect ones to use at home or work. So, let’s get to know some of the best search engines out there.

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20 Top Search Engine

Here’s the listing for you:

1. Google Best Search Engine

Google is known to be the most popular search engine in the world. It’s the “King” of Search Engines. It holds a stunning 81.5% market share. Google dominates the market in all countries on any device, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. It has been founded by Larry Page & Sergey Brin.

Google makes use of sophisticated algorithms and presents the most accurate results to its users. So, it turns out to be the most reliable way of finding exactly what you are looking for on the Internet.

Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-use interface and offers personalized user experience. It continuously updates its search engine results as well as features to offer users the best experience.

Google Search Engine

2. Bing

Bing is another very popular and one of the largest search engines in the world. It went live in the year 2009. Bing is backed by Microsoft.

It offers a simple interface that has a background image that changes every day. You get navigation panels and pages with which you can view any of the past searches that you did as well as view information that relates to your current search.

It also offers some instant information such as current scores in top games as well as final scores in previous games. It also offers many tools, such as a calculator.

There’s a feature known as “Cashback” that allows you to earn money when you purchase products online. There’s also a video or photo section that allows you to view adult content.

It allows you to set up your Bing account. The good thing with this is that you can receive points for taking short quizzes as well as for carrying out online searches. With these points, you can enter contests and win big prizes for getting Microsoft items for free.

Bing Search

3. Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go is an outstanding search engine. In fact, it happens to be one of those search engines that values the privacy of users. They never track or store personal search information.

Here, you can look up for everything, including images, maps, and videos. It is based on zero-click information where you get all the answers on the first page. In fact, they are serving on an average of 47 million searches per day. It offers a clean interface and is not fully loaded with ads.

Pros include:

  • Do not track or catalog user’s information
  • Provides fast results for instant searches
  • Comes with a clean & straightforward interface


  • Offers limited image search results
  • Results are not personalized
  • They do not have their data
Duck Duck Go Search Engine

4. Yahoo!

Yahoo! is one of the earliest search engines to hit the marketplace. It was one of the top options for all those who wanted to use the web.

During its early days, Yahoo! went neck-to-neck with Google. However, now it has dropped to the third spot in terms of market share. Its web search engine holds on an average of 2% market share. It is the eleventh most visited site, according to Alexa.

Yahoo! comes with an impressive interface. It offers clean results and has an impressive catalog of websites.

Pros include:

  • Yahoo! is known for its comprehensive organic results
  • Its shopping search has got more features than any other search engine
  • It offers many other services such as Yahoo mail, Yahoo answers, Yahoo Finance, as well as several mobile apps


  • Undated search results
  • Unclear labeling of ads which makes difficult for you to distinguish organic and non-organic results
Yahoo Search

5. Baidu Chinese Search Engine

Baidu happens to be the most popular search engine in China. It was founded in 2000. Its market share is rising steadily. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Baidu serves billions of search queries per month. Currently, Baidu is ranked at position 4 in the Alexa rankings.

Moreover, Baidu is accessible worldwide. However, it is only available in the Chinese language. Baidu comes with an intuitive interface. It has plenty of search options and delivers premium-quality search results.

Pros include:

  • Serves high-quality search results
  • Comes with excellent features
  • Plenty of advertising options


  • It is highly censored by the government
  • Its integrity has been questioned from time to time
Baidu Chinese Search Engine

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6. Yippy

Yippy is a metasearch engine that makes use of advanced technology to deliver pages listed in the Deep Web. So, Yippy allows you to explore what other search engines won’t find.

It allows you to unearth deep web pages. You can search for hard-to-locate information like government-related feeds, academic researches, hobby interest blogs, and even offbeat news.

It’s a great way of finding exactly what you need. Here, you can view content that you wouldn’t otherwise see. Moreover, it’s a search engine that gives you results in a cluster format. It is one of the best search engines when you wish to go beyond official information. It’s also good at delivering academic journals and other references.

Pros include:

  • The undesirable websites are blocked
  • You get tons of related topics on the search results screen
  • You can find previews on the results screen


  • There are a lot of ads
  • Turning off the filtering process is quite hard
Yippy Search Engine

7. Yandex

Yandex comes as one of the biggest search engines in the world. It’s a Russian search engine that serves more than 50% of the country’s users. Moreover, Yandex can be compared with other search engine giants such as Google and Bing.

Here, you get local results as well as results from the main web index. So, Yandex enhances the overall user experience. It uses location information to dish out results with broader information.

Moreover, Yandex is continually evolving. It makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide high-quality results for its user base. Here, you can search for anything, including maps, images, and videos. It was established in 1997.


  • It is known for delivering world-class as well as locally relevant search results
  • Yandex offers an image search option
  • It can be customized for different countries
  • It comes with Geocoder, Translation, Places, as well as Static map services


  • Collects user data
Yandex Search Engine

8. Ask.com

Ask.com is one of the most basic search engines out there. It existed in the form of Ask Jeeves during the early days of the Internet.

Ask.com is quite basic in its looks. On the homepage, you get the Ask logo in red with a search box connected to it. When you enter what you want to find, it delivers you a list of related searches.

Now, you can go on and click on any of those searches to get the results in a fraction of a second. The results that you get are quite similar to those found by other search engines.

For example, when you search for a name, you’ll get the official site of that individual and his or her IMDB as well as Wikipedia pages.

The site also provides related searches on one side. There’s a videos area where you can view videos relating to your search. Here, you can see the most recent, as well as the most viewed and most popular videos.

Ask.com also allows you to ask questions. It serves sites that provide answers to those questions.

Ask Web Search Engine

9. AOL.com

AOL.com is ranked amongst the top search engines of the world. Currently, they have a market share of 0.59%. It was bought for $4.4 billion by Verizon Communications on June 23, 2015. In fact, AOL is a global mass media company based in New York.

It also provides advertising services such as AOL Advertising, AOL mail, as well as AOL Platform. Moreover, the AOL Network includes many popular sites such as engadget.com, techcrunch.com, as well as huffingtonpost.com.

AOL Search Engine

10. Internet Archive (Archive Search Engine)

Archive.org comes out as the internet archive search engine. It is useful when you want to find out how a website looked since 1996. So, it’s an immensely useful tool when you want to trace the history of a domain. You can come to know how it has changed over the past years.

It maintains an active database of pages that it shot & indexed in the past. It allows you to view pages indexed years ago. Users can even create and share their own digital archives. The site has a large collection of digital books and archives.

Archive Search

11. Wiki.com Wiki Search Engine

Wiki.com is one of its kind search engines that focus on delivering results on Wikia, Wikimedia, as well as all other wiki-related sites. It is different in the sense that it does not index traditional websites such as Google or Bing.

So, the Wikis act as a knowledgebase. Here, you can find wikis relating to just about any topic. It covers small television shows (of course with a cult following), and there are even broader topics such as video games. Therefore, you can find a wiki for every topic out there.

There is no primary owner for the Wikis. The engine itself runs the Wikis and functions in the form of a traditional content management system. So, there is no solo owner for the wikis. Moreover, collaborators from all across the globe can edit the content and create the wiki.

The Wiki.com search engine goes through the wiki sites and provides you with relevant results. The search engine can narrow down your search and provide you with results that relate to personal wikis, encyclopedias, as well as all public wiki-related sites.

Wiki Engine

12. CC Search (Search copyright-free content)

CC Search is another immensely popular and powerful search engine tool. It is still growing. CC Search provides people access to public domain works.

With the world of copyright, it can become complicated to find open-license work to use. However, Creative Commons (the organization behind CC Search) aims to change that.

For example, you can find copyright-free photos in one place. In fact, it has searched over 300 million images using open APIs & Common Crawl datasets.

Moreover, it has plans to expand the search engine for audio as well as text works.

CC Search

13. Twitter

Twitter comes as a very popular social media platform that was launched in 2006. It has been successful in amassing a user base of more than 330 million as of 2019.

Here, users can share short status updates. Moreover, it’s also a global source for world news, pop culture, and more. Users access the platform during major events as it offers insights before news outlets. You can gather information about a certain topic.

It shows posts from users that can include personal opinions, photos, videos as well as links. Twitter also employs a hashtag system that allows users to attach a hashtag for indicating that it belongs to a specific topic.

Twitter Search

14. Wolframalpha

Launched in 2009, Wolframalpha is a different kind of search engine. In fact, it’s a Computational Knowledge Engine which can offer you facts and data for several topics.

They work with the mission to make all systematic knowledge computable as well as broadly accessible. They even have come up with a Pro solution for students and educators.

For example, if you happen to enter “mortgage 2000” as your input, it can calculate your loan amount and interest paid, making some assumptions.
Wolframalpha Search Engine

15. Torrentz2 (Torrent Search Engine)

It’s a fast, free and powerful meta-search engine that combines results from dozens of search engines. It has indexed 61,109,834 torrents from 275,519,404 pages on 91 domains. It features the same interface as the now-offline site Torrentz. It’s also available in the onion version.

You can access it anytime without the fear of downtime.

Its search bar can be used to find torrents using Torrentz2’s index of more than 61 million torrents that have been sourced from 90+ torrent sites. It has indexed torrents from various essential torrent websites such as extra torrents, kat, and pirate bay, as well as many more.

Torrentz2 Torrent Search

16. Flickr (Image Search)

Flickr is an image search engine. It has an advanced search screen with which you can find photos, screenshots, illustrations, and videos on their network. It also allows you to search within Creative Commons-licensed content.

Here, you can find high-quality images with search from the Flickr community. Its search option can be used to find interesting photos, followers, and groups when you type in keywords or apply the advanced filters. It’s easy to search in Flickr. You need to click into the Search field. Enter your search terms and press the Return key.

Flickr Image Search

17. Google Video (Video Search)

Google Video comes as a video search engine. The service had been launched on January 25, 2005. With Google Video, you can search for videos on any topic. You can filter your results by duration, video source, date when uploaded, and much more.

It has a large archive of freely searchable videos. Google Video Search offers amateur media, internet videos, viral ads, movie trailers, televised content, and movies. It also has many educational discourses by Google employees.

Google Video Search

18. CrunchBase (Search Companies)

It’s a very popular search engine for data and statistics. It offers insights into your favorite online brands and companies. You get listings about people who are associated with a company, their contact information, related videos, as well as, screenshots, and much more.

CrunchBase Companies Search

19. Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt comes as a private search engine and uses local encryption, thereby ensuring that your searches remain private. It employs a combination of encryption methods, including Secure Sockets Layer Encryption and AES-256 Encryption.

When you go on to input a query, Search Encrypt will deliver the results from its network of search partners to offer you the requested information. The good thing with Search Encrypt is that your search terms will finally expire. So, your information remains private even in the case when someone gets local access to your computer.

Search Encrypt

20. Google Books (Book Search Engine)

This advanced Google Book Search feature helps you to find search queries in books. It allows you to find entire books published online that can be downloaded via PDF (when it is in the public domain).

Google Book Search can search the full text of books and magazines that have been scanned by Google and have been converted to text via optical character recognition (OCR), which has been stored in its digital database. It has even partnered with several magazine publishers for digitizing their archives.

Google Books

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So, we have listed the top search engines that can help you find absolutely everything you need. We hope this post on search engine proves useful to you. Thanks for visiting. Please share the post across popular social networking sites.

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