10 Best Web Traffic Generators

Gaining boost to your website traffic is a major challenge for all website owners. Here, we have shared 10 Best Web Traffic Generators, which can prove advantageous for you.

Website traffic can be understood as the number of people that view your website. It takes into consideration the number of pages they view and even the amount of time they spend on those pages.

Your website needs traffic because, without it, you won’t be generating any sales or achieving your desired goal with your online business. In fact, your website and business will not survive if you don’t get steady traffic flow from the right demographic.

So, if you’re successful in generating targeted traffic to your website, you can generate more revenue, ultimately.

Moreover, traffic from targeted users that are interested in what you’re selling or promoting can refer your website to others. The more time they go on to spend on your page increases the chances that they are willing to receive your promotional content.

So, you can market to them long-term. If you’re successful in driving targeted traffic to your site, then you can generate the most long-term revenue.

By using website traffic generators, you can achieve a steady flow of targeted traffic to your website.

In fact, web traffic generators prove advantageous in many ways. They can help to:

  • Reduce your website’s bounce rate
  • Increase unique visitors
  • Increase your Alexa ranking
  • Sell your high traffic sites
  • Increase your site impressions

They can deliver high-quality traffic to meet all your needs. Traffic generators can deliver millions of visits per month.

So, by using web traffic generators, you can improve your websites’ traffic metrics.

They can increase your traffic volume, fix your bounce rate, and add more organic traffic or even social traffic. Traffic generators work with almost every aspect of the traffic. They can actually help with your rankings. It’s a proven method for generating traffic to your website.

Here, we have listed the platforms that send good traffic to your website. So, let’s get on and explore the list of best web traffic generator.

10 Top Website Traffic Generators

Let’s get started:

1. EasyHits4U Best Web Traffic Generator

EasyHits4U is a very popular free and easy-to-use website traffic generator that is operating since 2003. It makes site promotion easy. It allows you to increase the number of visitors to your links.

To advertise here, you need to visit other websites for earning credits. Its biggest highlight is the fact that every visitor will see your website, and if they happen to like it, they will spend more time.

It promotes your ads to its members. In fact, it has delivered billions of ad views as well as site visits to its members since 2003. EasyHits4U has become one of the most prominent internet marketing programs with over 1,500,000 members.

It’s working simple.

For every site that you visit, you get to receive one visitor back to your link. There’s no limit of free visits that you can receive per day – 10, 100, or even 1000. However, if you have no time to view sites, you can go on and purchase visits after sign up.

EasyHits4U promotes easy networking. You can connect and communicate with other members for receiving free yet optional reviews for your own ads. Moreover, you get to receive 10% of hits earned by your direct referrals.

Other features include:

  • Detailed statistics and tracking
  • Powerful and effective marketing tools for creating mini pages
  • 1000+ of images to use
  • Domain filtering and geo-targeting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Moreover, much more
EasyHits4U Web Traffic Generators

2. 10KHits Web Traffic Generator

10KHits is one of the best traffic exchanges on the market for getting free website traffic to your site. It allows you to continuously surf and earns points without facing any interruptions, pop-ups, or frame breakers. Once you start earning your first points, you can get visitors to your site instantly.

It has a very good feature of white level traffic, which can change your traffic source from default to social, custom, organic, or even anonymous traffic to your website or blog.

It’s a very versatile application that is equipped with an agile dashboard that enables you to earn your first points and get visitors to your website/blog instantly.

It’s suitable for webmasters and traffic resellers who can hide the 10KHits footprints from their clients. It even allows masking traffic so that it seems it’s coming from a major search engine.

Lastly, they have a top-notch support team that is working for you 24/7. Plus, it has a huge knowledge base with hundreds of articles on search engine optimization, website performance, and much more. All this is available to you free at your disposal.

Pricing: Starts from $29 per month

10KHits Web Traffic Generators

3. TrafficBot Website Traffic Generator

TrafficBot is a high-quality website traffic generator. It enables you to generate a large amount of traffic to your website or blog. It can deliver millions of visits per month and can thus increase your Alexa rankings. It’s best for website traffic boosting as well as for high-quality social media engagement.

It guarantees real conversions and sends authentic visitors to your website. Once you come up with a project, they can help you in selecting a country’s traffic that you want to receive. You get an option for receiving South American, North American, European, or Asian Traffic.

It’s an online marketing company that’s been in this industry for over three years and thus understand what you need. It uses a highly scalable cloud computing system to make sure that you get the best. Plus, it offers quick email support within 24 hours.

With TrafficBot, you get Google Analytics friendly traffics to your website. It’s best to send a large amount of traffic to your website. Moreover, you can send automated and distributed traffics to all over your website for improving SEO as well as boosting any visitor counter that you have.

You can try it for free by providing your email address and site URL. You can receive 2000 page views for 20 hours.

Some of its premium features include:

  • No installation
  • Traffic scheduling
  • Bounce rate control
  • Google Analytics Friendly
  • Geo-targeting
  • Visitor diversification
  • Moreover, much more
TrafficBot Web Traffic

4. TrafficApe

TrafficApe is a free website traffic generator that offers real visitors, real page views, as well as real clicks. It’s one of the world’s most trusted ways of earning daily traffic to your website or blog. In fact, you can earn up to 100 page views a day from real people all across the globe.

It’s the original community-driven network that enables you to gain traffic to your website and have your ads viewed, in exchange for viewing other websites and hosting ads from others within the community.

It’s an ideal application when you have an online business and are involved in selling your products and services online or even have your own YouTube channel.

Its working is simple. You need to give page views to the TrafficApe community, and the community gives you views right back. You have to add your URLs, click a button, and TrafficApe does the rest.

Moreover, it allows you to automate your traffic views using the Chrome Extension, and you don’t have to worry about logging in to give views again.

The TrafficApe benefits include:

  • Receive free website traffic
  • Gain followers
  • Gain exposure
  • Improve search rankings
  • Improve your Alexa rankings
  • Keep your pages relevant

Lastly, you can upgrade to its Super Awesome Pack at a highly reasonable rate of $29.99/year or $3.99/month.

TrafficApe Website Traffic

5. Rank BoostUp Web Traffic Generator

Rank BoostUp is one of the best website traffic generator platforms on the market that helps you to receive visitors as well as increase Alexa Rankings. For generating visitors to your website, you must run the traffic exchange program and earn minutes.

It’s a very good traffic source because of the low bounce rate, long visit duration and Alexa Rank feature. All people that surf your website have the Alexa Toolbar installed, so because of this feature your Alexa Rank will be improved.

Rank BoostUp is best for receiving quality relevant traffic to your website. It goes on to integrate mobile traffic into the mix thereby helping you to rank better on mobile devices. Rank BoostUp comes with country targeting. So, you can get targeted website traffic from specific countries, or geo-regions.

It allows you to choose keywords for which you want to rank, which will appear on your Analytics dashboard. Rank BoostUp works as a traffic exchange and offers scalable results. It allows you to choose how many hits you need per day.

It has an auto-surf browser that can automatically go through and browse sites on the exchange. Moreover, it can be left running in the background when you work. Plus, Rank BoostUp has a top-notch support team that’s there for you 24 hours a day for answering any questions that you may face.

Rank BoostUp Website Traffic

6. Traffic Spirit

Traffic Spirit is a well-known platform that goes on to generate website traffic with their software. This platform is being used by many users every day. You need to download software and have to run it on your PC or VPS.

It’s an auto-traffic source. However, the good thing is that this traffic has a low bounce rate and long visit duration. You can even set referrer sites, keywords and many features.

Its software is based on the principle of mutual visits among all users. So, it’s a platform for making traffic together. Moreover, it’s easy & free. No registration is required. Plus, you get a full support service.

Other features include:

• Real & Effective
1. Visit with browser under rule control
2. Mutual visit for traffic in a different region
3. Flexible use for different requirement

• Safe & Reliable
1. Chrome Blink Core with no Virus and No Trojan
2. Filter Sound, Block Pop-ups
3. Professional Team, Continual Upgrade

So, Traffic Spirit is software for rapidly improving traffic. It can cater to different promotion requirements for the website and is flexible to use.

Traffic Spirit Web Traffic

7. GrowTraffic Web Traffic Generator

GrowTraffic is another well-known website traffic generator. However, it’s unlike other website traffic generator. Here, you neither have to buy any traffic nor have to do any other kind of stuff.

You simply have to write about Growtraffic.com in your blog post and then provide the link to Growtraffic.com to receive 10,000 visitors to your website for over 30 days.

Plus, you can even purchase special traffic from Growtraffic.com and get 50,000 targeted visitors for just $126/mo.

They offer the best targeting options and flexibility to their customers, which specifically sets them apart in this industry.

The traffic is routed through their tracking servers and shows up as a combination of referrer traffic and direct traffic.

They drive genuine traffic to your website. The tracking link they send can track 100% of your visitors. This traffic will appear in your Google Analytics dashboard.

GrowTraffic Website Traffic Generators

8. Babylon Traffic

Babylon Traffic allows you to get a huge quantity of cheap traffic to your website or blog. This website traffic generator is known for its advanced behavior settings. You can configure the traffic so that it can go on a webpage.

You can even choose the ratio of desktop/mobile visits, the country of origin (geo-targeting from 190 countries), etc. It allows you to configure an unlimited number of campaigns with just one plan.

It’s Adsense safe. Plus, the traffic is 100% guaranteed. You can select as per your needs and can target traffic as per Geo, organic, etc. You can start free by adding your email address and website URL. It will send you 50 visits to your website or blog.

Pricing: It starts from $9.9/mo to $99/mo

Babylon Traffic

9. TrafficSwirl

TrafficSwirl offers web traffic to blogs, websites as well as social media accounts at highly affordable rates. It is suitable for those website owners who are eyeing for exponential growth and want to generate leads with a guarantee from actual views by visitors.

Its unique task system allows you to acquire more views and followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as email newsletter subscribers.

The company comes with geo-targeting and day-part, thereby ensuring that you can reach out to the target audience that you want. As of now, TrafficSwirl offers targeted advertised content to viewers in as much as 145 countries.

TrafficSwirl Website Traffic

10. Traffup Web Traffic Generator

You need to sign up to add Traffup.net to your website for free so as to acquire 100 bonus points. You also need to assign some points to your listing, as well. Visitors will get these points when they come to your website.

However, it should be noted that Traffup users usually prefer to visit websites that offer more points. So, you need to assign more points for receiving the greater number of visitors and for displaying your listing on top of search results.

Your website will be visible only until your accounts have points. Well, you can earn free points by visiting other websites or referring your friends to Traffup.

Traffup Web Traffic Generators

So, these are some of the best web traffic generators for driving traffic to your website. We hope that the post is highly useful to you. Please share the post across popular social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Thanks for visiting.

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