Choosing Good Email Name for Professional Use

This post is an elaborate guide that helps you in choosing a good email name for professional & personal use.

As of now, more than 50% of the world population is using the Internet. Moreover, its usage is growing at an unprecedented pace. It means that finding a good email name has become a very challenging task today.

Most of the decent email name ideas have already been taken. Here, this post can prove very useful to you as it shares with you tips for choosing good email names that are not only unique but also seem professional from a career point of view.

Choosing Good Email Name

An email address should sound professional and good. Anyone pronouncing it must not feel weird. In fact, a professional business email address goes a long way in building your reputation with your potential clients. It helps your brand to be recognized.

Here, we list out some of the ideal characteristics of good email names:

  • It should consist of your first and last name
  • They are short and easy to remember
  • They do not contain any numbers or special characters
  • They are devoid of adjectives such as sweet, cool, handsome, ultimate, powerful, and the like

However, we must point out that such ideal email names might not be available. Here, this guide can be very helpful to you as it shares some creative tips to get your desired email names.

It is equally important to remember that for a professional email address, you need to choose the best email service, provider. For example, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are some of the top email brands in the industry.

These email services are free for personal use and allow you to create email ids such as [email protected] or [email protected]

Choosing a Good Email Name for Personal Use

Here, we share with you some creative tips for choosing good email names for personal use.

Tip #1: Use your first name

Yes, you should include your first name in the email. However, if your name is too common, then there are high chances that it might be taken by somebody else. In such cases, Tip #2 will be very useful.

Tip #2: Include Surname in your email address

You can include your surname in your email id.

For example [email protected]

However, there are high chances that your name + surname might not be available in Gmail or Outlook. In such cases, you can follow Tip #3.

Tip #3: Use Dot in your Email Name

Example: [email protected] or [email protected]

However, here again, there might be some people whose email names will already be taken. In such cases, Tip #4 will be useful.

Tip #4: Try different variations of First Name + Surname

Now, this will work for everyone, for sure. So, you can try different variations for your name.

For example:

Tip #5: Keep these things in mind while creating different variations

  • You must not use numbers in your email name
  • Your email name should be easy to pronounce
  • Never use the date of birth
  • Avoid nicknames
  • Avoid Shortcuts
  • Avoid Religion Name

These creative ideas will make your email name super professional.

Rule #6: You can add your job title or function

Sometimes it might turn out difficult for you to come up with a combination that is not used on Gmail or Outlook. In such cases, you can add an abbreviated description of your job title to your email address.

For example:

However, this method should be used when previous methods do not work.

Tip #7: Add your Location (for local business owners)

In case you run a business entity that focuses on a specific city, state, country, or region, then you can add it to your name to allow more options. This method is ideal for local business owners that serve a single town or city.

It’s a great way to differentiate you from other people with the same name. However, it does make your email address longer than preferred. So, this method should be used when other options do not work.

For example:

Tip #8: Have you asked?

Sometimes you can get the perfect email name simply by asking. So, you can try sending a short email to the email address that you want. You can ask them whether they are still using it.

You can request them to transfer it to you for a low price. You may get a positive (“Yes”) reply from them that allows you to get the perfect email address for your business needs. However, this should be your last option as it is the least likely method to work.

Choosing a Good Email ID for Professional Use

Here, we offer some tips (rules) for choosing a good email name for professional (business) use. Here, we have assumed that you already have a domain for your business (such as, and you know how to create a custom email address for your business. So, let us see how to choose good email names for your business or professional use.

Tip #1: Create different emails for different teams

For example:

Tip #2: Use Personal Names for any Person in your Team

For specific persons in your team, you need to create a specific email address them. For example, if Mac is your manager, then you can create an email for Mac, such as [email protected] or [email protected].

Tip #3: Use Specific Designation for Special Person

You need to create specific emails for a special person like the CEO and Manager.

For example:

We believe that the above tips will help you to choose an amazingly good email name for personal as well as professional use.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Email ID

Here, we have listed out email name best practices that you should follow when choosing your email address name.

  • You should not use numbers. Numbers make your email id look clumsier and unprofessional.
  • You must not use random words as it makes your email address look funny.
  • Do not use childish or flirty words. It is very embarrassing and makes your email id look spammy.
  • Do not use your spouse’s name. It creates a bad impression when you share it with others.
  • Do not use meaningless short forms. Nobody would take the pain to remember it.

With this, we have come to the end of this post. We hope that the above email name tips and tricks will help you to come up with a unique email address for your professional & personal use. If you have some great email name ideas, do share them with our readers.

What Next

If you don’t have a domain name for your business or personal use, you can buy a new domain related to your business name.

In the post 6 Best Websites to Buy Domain Names, you can find the domain names cheaply and give your email address a professional feel.

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