Creating PPV Campaign on Lead Impact

In some of our previous posts we had explained about Pay Per View or PPV marketing, which is another great forum of advertising. PPV advertising is targeted and cheap advertisement option on which you can get a visitor for as low as $0.002.

We had listed some PPV/CPV network in the past within that list one of the network is Lead Impact. Today I am showing you how to create your first campaign on Lead Impact.

Lead Impact is one of the popular PPV/CPV network. To open advertising account on Lead Impact they require first-time deposit of $1000, afterwards you can refill your account with a minimum deposit of $20.

Okay, now go ahead and let’s start creating campaign on Lead Impact.

Learn How to Create Campaign on Lead Impact

Open account on Lead Impact: First you need to open advertiser account with Lead Impact, and deposit $1000 to activate your Lead Impact account. You can deposit money by Credit Card or PayPal.

After funding your account, we will start building our first PPV Campaign.

Start Building Campaign

After funding your account, let’s start creating first campaign.

On Campaign section click “Create a New Campaign” link.

Lead Impact create campaign

Now you are on “Create Advertising Campaign” page. Enter a campaign name that can be whatever, this will help you to know for which site or offer you are running this campaign.

Now enter “Current Maximum Budget Amount $” this is what you want to spend every day or hour on your current campaign. You can choose a minimum $5 per day or $1 per hour.

Spending $1 per hour means it will spend $24 per day, but spending can be less as some of the time traffic is not high so it may not spend $1 every hour. It is better to go with per day pricing in beginning with $5 per day budget.


Now click “Next Step” button.

Now on Create Landing Page

Name Your Landing Page – Enter name of your landing page it can be anything that help to remember which website page you are promoting.

Landing Page URL – Paste URL of the landing page on which you want your visitors to land. If you are promoting any affiliate offer, you can paste your affiliate URL here. If you use affiliate tracking software then, you will insert your affiliate tracking URL.

Product Category and Sub Category – Choose the proper category that is related to your advertised URL. Make sure you are choosing the right category else your campaign can get disapproved.

Keyword Pass-Through – Chose this option if you are using any tracking software, this will pass target from where you are getting traffic. For example, you are targeting a keyword say “affiliate software” than with Keyword Pass-Through it will pass this keyword to your tracking software when you get traffic from this keyword. This helps to identify from which keyword you are getting traffic.

Country Targeting – Select all countries where you want to advertise your website or offer. Now Lead Impact offer about all countries. I prefer to choose one country per campaign because every country costs different like you can’t compare USA pricing Vs South Africa pricing.

After filling all fields click Next Step.

LI landing page

Manage Keywords

As you may know, PPV advertising depends on targeted website or keyword. For example, if you are targeting and someone have PPV toolbar installed, visits your website will pop into a new window. If you are targeting the keyword say, “affiliate software”, and user search this keyword on Google or any other website your website may pop. Any URL user visits contain your keyword say then your website may pop because you are targeting this keyword, and it matched the criteria.

To advertise your website you need targeted keyword or website. For my example, I am promoting a page that contains a list of PPV networks so whom I should target.

My target audience would be people who are searching of PPV networks or want to join some PPV networks. Now I will look for some related keywords example and websites:

Ppv networks
CPV networks
pay par view networks
cost per view networks etc

I have included some PPV network URL because if someone interested in them than they may also be interested in my PPV networks list. I will also search the website related to my target audience, and I will do this on Google by searching my keyword “Ppv networks” and will pick some URL that are related to my target audience.

Now Click on “Add Keywords” link and add keyword window will pop.

Past your targeted URL and keyword list on the box and click Add Button and click “save” or “save and continue” button.

LI keyword
Note: Make sure you do not include http://www. Or www. Just else your keywords will get disapproved.

From this keyword list, you can deactivate any keyword anytime or reactivate them. For US and some other countries Minimum bid is $0.015 if there is any competition on those keywords you can increase the bid to get traffic.

keyword list
Now wait for some time to get your keywords approved it could take 1-2 days. Lead Impact do not work on Saturday and Sundays.

final step

Now you are ready to get traffic to your website. If any keyword is not profitable, you can pause it anytime.

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