5 Paid Traffic Source for Blogs

The prime thing for a blogger is to get traffic to his or her blog. But the important question is how you get traffic to your blog. There are two methods through which you can receive traffic to your blog. One is through the free traffic source, and the other is through Paid Advertising.

Getting free traffic demands lots of SEO Tasks or social activities, however, paid advertising gets you the right traffic and in quick time. Here I have listed down some top paid advertising sources through which you can get paid traffic and that too in a good amount. However, you have to invest some money to get traffic from these traffic sources.

In this article, I am not going to list any PPC option like Google AdWords or Bing as they are too costly and may not work great for blogs. This article will focus on other advertisement options which are cheap and effective. So go ahead and find out some great paid traffic sources for Blogs.

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Paid Social Media Ads

Facebook – Facebook can be a vital channel for receiving paid traffic. For this, you need to advertise on Facebook. Visitors click on your Facebook advertisement and land on your Facebook page. You can alternatively send the visitors directly to your blog post. Through both of these channels, you get paid traffic to your blog. You can advertise your Blog’s Facebook Page, which can help you to gain traffic in the long run. Say you invested $1000 on advertising your Blog’s Facebook Page, and you got 5000 page likes. You can place Facebook Widget on your blog which will show how many people like your Facebook page, this increase visitor’s trust on your blog. Second whenever you post something on your Facebook page it will reach to your follower, and they can come to your blog to read your latest blog post, by this way you can gain visitors for a long time.

Facebook Ads

Twitter – As you may know Twitter have also started Advertising, by which you can promote your Tweets, and your Twitter profile. By this you can gain visitors to your blog, and can increase your Twitter followers who can come to your blog for long time same as I explained you about Facebook.

StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon offers Paid Discovery to promote your website. You can promote various blog posts on StumbleUpon; your blog post will be shown to people who are interested in your blog niche. With StumbleUpon if your blog post is getting good feedback than you can also get a lot of free traffic that is a win-win situation. You can advertise by targeting Location, Age, and Interest, etc.

Other Social Networking Site – You can advertise on various other social sites like Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. Promoting on social sites can send you visitors for a long time and help you build a reputation for your blog and you.

PPV or CPV Traffic

Pay Per View or Cost Per View advertisement is one of the cheapest forms of advertisement online. PPV traffic comes from people who have installed Adware software or Plugins, which they install to get something for free, so it’s totally legal. On PPV, you can get a visitor at a low cost as much as $0.0002 per visitor, but it is a disturbance-based advertisement. To advertise on PPV, you target related website, blogs or keyword. (Example: If your blog is related to Car Insurance you can target Car Insurance provider website, other blogs related to car insurance or keywords like car insurance, cheap car insurance, etc.) Whenever visitor opens targeted website, a Pop-up will open with your website or blog.

If you are promoting your blog, I will suggest increase frequency cap say show your ad to same people after seven days. PPV traffic is disturbance based advertisement option it can hurt your blog reputation if you keep popping your website in every few minutes or hours.


Sponsored Blog Post

Sponsored or Paid Blog Post can be a good option to reach a large audience. To write a Sponsored Blog Post you search for some of the top blog related to your blog niche and find do they accept Sponsored or Paid Blog Post. You can request them to give “No-Follow” link so that don’t hurt their and yours blog on SEO. If a blog is getting thousands of visitors per day and you pay them to publish your blog post then you can gain lot of visitors, and can increase your branding. If that blog post ranked well on search engine results, you can gain visitors for a long time.

Sponsored Blog Post

In-Text Ads

In-Text ads can be a great source for paid traffic. In-Text ad converts a related text into a link, and when a visitor clicks the link it takes to advertiser website. In some In-Text ad networks moving mouse to the link create a popup with ad copy. In-text can be great as we click links to get more information and with In-Text ads this can fulfill advertiser’s requirement. Visitors get related information, so it converts great.

In-Text Ads

Mobile Ads

World is now at move; everyone have a Smartphone with Internet on it. Mobile market is growing a lot, and same applies for mobile advertisement. People need quick solution to their problem and Mobile phone is with them always, and they search for a solution from their mobile. Mobile advertisement can be a great solution to providing what they are looking for. If your blog is mobile optimized or your blogs theme is responsive, you can look at Mobile Advertisement. At present mobile advertisement provides cheap, but quality traffic. Mobile ads can be a great source to spread your blog at low cost.

Mobile Ads

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