Uneven Method To Get More Traffic

I’m a webmaster and digital entrepreneur. I run ads on my website, and that is how I earn. This is my only job. I’m thinking I’m not the only one here, so I decided to share one useful tip, which helped me a lot. Hope you enjoy the reading.

So, how do I earn? I’ve got a music website, it’s a blog with the latest music news and links to songs. Users visit my website, see the ads, and I earn money. Easy peasy plan, isn’t it? Not really. First of all, I need traffic. The more, the better. Secondly, I need ads to run on my website.

I have worldwide traffic, and here are my earnings on Adsterra Ad Network:

Here we have 2 problems: how to get traffic and what ads to use? Speaking about traffic, it is organic search, social networks, and my secret ingredient: application traffic. This traffic comes from my application, organically. People find my app, download it, and I have additional traffic. Also, I run ad campaigns to install my app, but I’ll tell you about it later. This helps to get returning visitors and increase retention.

I made a simple application from my website. The website opens in webview. Well, actually, my friend created it for 6 pack beer. You can also ask a friend, find a freelancer or agency which will do the job. Or maybe you can google Progressive Web App and learn yourself. There are even courses on Udemy.

What is the main difference between application and website? The application has an icon on the phone, it opens in a new window, and there are push notifications. Push notifications are very useful to remind users about your app and bring users back. Remember, the more people will see your ads, the more money you’ll earn. Returning visitors are returning the money.

The next step was to register Google Play Console for $25. It allows you to upload your application to the Play Market. I uploaded my application from the third attempt. And people were downloading it slowly. That is why I uploaded my application to the second party markets. More chances that my application will be downloaded.

I ran a campaign on Facebook to promote my app, but it was pretty expensive. So I decided to promote it via Adsterra because I was using their direct link in my app and website.

The direct link is paid by CPM. It means for impressions. The more people will click on it, the more money I’ll earn.

I had organic traffic from search engines, and some users also came from my Facebook group and Pinterest pins. I earned money from a direct link ad placed on a fake download button. I just linked the direct link, which works like any hyperlink, so every time a user clicks on the button, an ad opens, and I earn money. Don’t call me rouge; there is a real download button nearby.

So, the money I earned from the Search and Social Media traffic I reinvested into the promotion of my application gave me a boost in traffic and more returning visitors in the future.

In Adsterra, I have two accounts: a publisher account, where I earn money, and an advertiser account where I promote my app. I just asked my account manager to send money from the publisher account to the advertiser account. That’s pretty convenient.

I run promotion campaigns using the Social bar ad format; it has very good CTR. I promote my link to Google Play Market with my app. People download and use my application.

Social bar ad

Every time there is a new music release, I make an announcement in my app, so users go back to the app and see the ads!

I earn money from the old users again and again, and they compensate my investments into traffic.

To sum it up: create an application, promote it in the same network where you earn money, reinvest money into promotion.

Please, feel free to use my method and if you like it, feel free to support me and use my referral link to register in Adsterra.

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