10 Ways to Get Blog Name Ideas & Blog Name Generators

If you’re struggling to name your blog, here’s a definitive guide to help you out. Herein we have featured 10 ways to get Blog Name Ideas & 8 Best Blog Name Generators.

We have covered the following sections:

So, the post aims to offer you methods and inspiration for naming your blog. It will help you irrespective of the type of blog you want to start.

Blog Name Ideas

Let’s get started right away:

Why is a Good Blog Name Important?

Having a good blog name is of utmost importance for you as it is the blog name that tells your readers about who you are.

Moreover, it tells your readers what you would be blogging about. So, your blog name should resonate with the topics that you would be covering in your blog.

It is estimated that there are more than 500 million blogs over the internet. So, it would require some good effort on your part to come up with the right blog name. If you want your readers to be associated with your blog for the long run, you should come up with a good blog name. It’s part of your branding strategy to make your blog memorable to your readers.

In fact, your blog name represents your brand and is remembered by people when they search for it on Google.

So, a good blog name is a foremost component for your blog success over the internet. It means that you have to come up with the best blog name that is unique, memorable, and relevant to your blog’s content.

Your blog name should capture the subject, tone, and vision of your blog. It should reflect what you’ll be writing about in your blog. It should be appealing to your audience.

You should be aware that your blog name plays a crucial role in the success of your blog. It’s the blog name that is first seen by the people. It’s the blog name that sets the tone for what people visualize about your blog as a whole.

So, it’s the blog name that helps you to grow and succeed over the internet. It’s your blog name that gives your readers the first and lasting impression of your blog.

It’s the blog name that stays with you. It means that your blog name should be something that you would want to look back on as a great choice.

You see that it is very important to come up with the right blog name for your blog if you want to become a successful and profitable blogger. The blog name is something that you need to take seriously and do it properly.

If you want to launch a blog, you can’t afford to mess up your blog name. You need to select a blog name that can confidently stand for years to come.

How to choose your Blog Name?

Naming your blog is a big decision as your blog’s name will remain with you for the remainder of the blog’s life. Here, we share with you a few things that you must consider while choosing your blog name.

  • Don’t rush while picking a blog name

Naming your blog should come as a permanent decision. So, don’t rush while choosing your blog name. Your blog’s name should be a “perfect” one and be aligned with the niche you would be blogging about.

It means that you should consider all the options when picking a blog name. You need to be 100% sure that you have chosen the “perfect” name for your blog.

You should take a moment and think about what your blog name would go to represent. So, you should first find answers to the following questions:

  • What is your blog going to be about?
  • Who would be your target audience?
  • What would be the tone/voice of your blog?
  • Would you be building your brand around your blog name?
  • If there are social media names available?

So, you should come up with a name that is relevant to the content of your blog.

  • Make it simple, short, and catchy

You should pick a blog name that is simple, short, and catchy. Moreover, it should be easy to remember and spell. You should be considering all these factors when you go to choose a name for your blog.

Your blog name should be such that people should find it easily on the internet. A short and catchy name would surely help to make it successful over the internet.

Moreover, a simple, short, and catchy blog name positively impacts your SEO efforts. It means that you should always avoid long and boring names for your blog as it doesn’t stick in people’s minds.

  • Don’t get too selective

You should avoid the mistake of choosing a blog name that limits your reach. So, you should not be too selective while picking up your blog name. You should pick a blog name that allows some room for pivoting or flexibility in the future.

Let’s share an example with you.

Suppose you want to start a blog about travel in Europe, and you choose a blog name that includes the word “Europe.”

However, sometime later, you find that Europe is too small a niche. Now, you want to write about other destinations too.

Here, you would face a problem because your blog name includes the name “Europe,” which will stop you from doing that.

Now, this is an example of being too selective & specific. So, the solution lies in choosing a blog name that reflects your niche and, at the same time, allows you to branch out to new sub-niches and topics.

  • Don’t include Numbers or Special Characters

You should avoid using numbers or special characters as they don’t belong to blog or domain names.

That said, you may use numbers only when your brand name includes a number. However, special characters should always be avoided.

Moreover, you should also avoid using hyphens as they are very old-school.

  • You should check out Competitors’ Blog Names

This calls for doing your research to find out the blogs that you’ll be competing against. It will allow you to find out what type of name will work for your blog. You don’t need to copy anyone’s blog name. It is just to give you the perfect nudge for getting those creative juices flowing. So, you can come up with a similar name. It will turn out a fine way to name your blog.

  • Avoid using Brand Names & Trademarks

You should always avoid using commercial brands or trademarks in your blog name, which may violate copyright laws.

For example, if you love driving your new Mercedes and want to blog about it, then it would be better to use the word “car” instead of “Mercedes” in your blog name.

So, in this case, naming your blog as “ilovemynewcar” would be a better choice than using “ilovemynewmercedes.” And it’s not only for copyright reasons.

  • Use a Blog Name Generator

Some tools and apps can help you to choose your blog name. They are very helpful and can be put to use as part of a brainstorming session. Here are a few examples:

  • EarningGuys Domain Name Generator
  • Name Mesh
  • Nameboy
  • Wordoid
  • Name Station
  • And much more

Moreover, we would be sharing some best blog name generators with you later in this post.

  • Play with Words

Sometimes it may happen that although you come up with the perfect blog name, you find out that it’s already been registered elsewhere on the net.

This can be incredibly frustrating.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to write off your favorite name yet. You can still find an available domain. All you have to do is to play with words.

Moreover, there are tools (like Panabee) to help you out with this by keeping your original idea alive and providing suggestions linked to your first choice.

They use a range of methods like suffixes, phonemes, and prefixes to provide you with alternative names that usually end up being even better.

  • You can ask your Peers

You can organize a brainstorming session with your friends, colleagues, or family for assistance. They can offer you some best ideas that you would have never thought of and keep a list of their ideas. It could even provide you with that “perfect” name that you want for your blog.

  • You should keep in mind long-term blog goals

It calls for a clear understanding of the long-term plans and goals you have for your new blog. Once you clearly define your plans and goals for your new blog, you can find a blog name that aligns with those goals and plans.

  • You need to consider the tone & style of your blog

It calls for considering the style of writing and projected audience for your new blog. So, you should keep in mind the following factors while choosing your blog name:

  • The future audience of your new blog
  • The topics that you would be covering in your blog
  • The voice/tone that you would use in your blog

Your blog name should ideally reflect all these things.

10 Ways to Come Up With Blog Name Ideas

Here, we share with you some of the tried-and-tested ways for naming your blog. All these methods will provide immense inspiration to you to come up with a catchy blog name. Let’s get started with ways to come up with blog name ideas. Here we go:

1. You can use your own name

Using your own name for naming your blog turns out to be an excellent blog name idea, especially when you have a personal blog.

When you blog about yourself, your life, or your services, using your own name turns out to be a very good blog name idea.

There are scores of examples over the internet where bloggers use their names when they share their personal experiences in a blog.

It will allow people to easily find it on Google when they want information about you.

That said, you should avoid using your name for naming your blog if it focuses on a product or niche. For example, Brian Dean has named his blog “Backlinko,” where he blogs about SEO. He has not used his name for naming the blog.

2. You can take inspiration from a book for discovering a clever blog name

Reading can help you to improve your imagination in many different ways that can be used as a blog name idea.

Many bloggers have found their perfect blog name that was hidden inside their favorite book.

So, reading a book can offer you a word or a phrase can be used for naming your blog. You can discover a creative blog name once you read a few pages in.

Moreover, reading allows you to think outside the box for a bit, and you can generate a perfect name for your blog. It will enable you to draw a connection to something that you’re already interested in.

So, hold your favorite book and read on to discover blog name ideas.

3. Hold a pen and paper

The old-fashioned pen and paper can work wonders for you when it comes to blog name ideas. Sometimes it’s working to be good to take a step back from your computer and hold a pen and paper for jotting down blog name ideas.

Writing down things will allow you to come up with plenty of blog name ideas. It can stimulate your creativity, and soon you’ll come up with a page full of ideas that you can explore further for naming your blog.

So, put your thinking cap on and hold a pen and paper for pooling your blog name ideas.

4. Try a Thesaurus or Dictionary

A Thesaurus or Dictionary can be a source of inspiration when you want to come up with your blog name.

It can offer you synonyms that have a similar meaning to your keyword. It can be your best friend when you’re not sure which word(s) to use for naming your blog.

You can even try thumbing through a dictionary when you have no idea how to name your blog. You’ll come across words that you’ve never heard of. Moreover, you’ll come across words that pique your interest.

So, all these activities will lead to the right inspiration for figuring out the right name for your blog.

5. Try Alliteration for coming up with a catchy blog name

Names such as Best Buy, Dunkin Donuts, Coca Cola, PayPal, and Fred Flintstone are excellent Alliteration examples.

Alliteration is regarded as a literary stylistic device wherein repetition of consonants is done at the beginning of any two or more words that follow each other or at short intervals.

So, Alliteration can offer you incredibly catchy ways to name a blog. Names that make use of alliteration technique are fun and stick in your mind.

Here are some more examples of Alliteration:

  • Shooting Star Soccer School
  • Mad Dog Music
  • Mad About Music

So, Alliteration can offer you the much needed natural rhythm that can be used for naming your blog.

6. Use Abbreviations or Acronyms

Abbreviations can be used to naming a blog when you realize that a “great” name that you think of will be too long.

For instance, take “International Business Machines” for example. Certainly, it’s quite long-winded and has a high chance of being misspelled or mistyped. However, “IBM” tends to be more snappy and memorable.

So, abbreviations are easier to remember. Moreover, it avoids any typos when it is entered in the browser.

7. You can make use of Blog Naming Formulas

Here, we share with you two formulas that you can try for blog name ideas:

(i) Blog name = [topic or audience group] + [end goal or transformation]

It’s called the ‘Blogging Wizard Magic Blog Name’ Formula. Here, we share with you two examples of blog names that have been created using this formula:

  • Digital Velocity = [digital marketers] + [high speed results]
  • Funnel Overload = [marketing funnels] + [creation and execution]

You can even flip the formula. So, it becomes:

  • Blog name = [end goal or transformation] + [topic or audience group]

Here’s an example of a blog name that has been created using this formula:

  • Expert Photography = [become an expert at photography] + [beginner photographers]

So, you can use this formula to name your blog.

(ii) Create a Portmanteau

It’s known as a word that blends the sounds and combines the meanings of two others.

Here are some examples for you:

  • Podcast = combination of iPod and broadcast
  • Brunch = It comes from breakfast and lunch
  • Primality = It combines ‘Pride’ and ‘Humility.’

So, you can combine two words to create a new word to help your audience with key brand values.

8. You can use unrelated words

We have mentioned the use of Thesaurus for finding synonyms for naming your blog. However, there’s another way. You can head over in the opposite direction and make use of unrelated words for naming your blog.

It can prove a quite catchy way for naming a blog. For example, there’s a blog that has paired dogs with music, and it’s called “Red Dog Music.” Even the famous technology company (Apple) makes use of the name of a fruit.

So, when you name a blog by using unrelated words, it will certainly stand out from the crowd. Many successful bloggers have used this concept for naming their blogs.

9. You can make use of a “Common Saying.”

It’s another popular way to get blog name ideas. Many successful bloggers have put to use Common Saying in their blog name. So, you can modify an idiom or turn of phrase and make a common saying your own as your blog name.

Here’s an example for you:
The famous makeup blog – She’s in the Glow – is a play on words based on the phrase “in the know.”

Moreover, you can make use of sites like “The Idioms” for finding phrases that you can make your own.

10. Take a break and go for something new

Psychologists say that it becomes hard to find the solution when you focus on a problem for too long. Your brain becomes dull, and it does the opposite of what you want. It shuts you down completely, and you’re unable to come up with good blog names.

If that’s the case for you, then go for a little break. You can go outside and have a walk through a park. You can even sit down at a coffee shop and indulge yourself in conversation with someone new.

You can go to a movie for relaxation or a gym for a good workout. The basic idea is to have a complete break from thinking about how to name your blog.

When you have given yourself some time, come back and list down words or phrases that hit your mind first. This mental break will give you the much-needed freshness for coming up with your new blog name.

So, these tips will help you with blog name ideas. Now, it’s your turn to make use of them to your advantage in naming your new blog. It’s time that you put to use these tips and techniques for getting blog name ideas.

8 Best Blog Name Generators

Here are some of the Best Blog Name Generators:

1. EarningGuys Domain Name Generator

EarningGuys Domain Name Generator is an awesome and free tool that helps you find an available domain name.

The tool allows you to generate your domain name. It also checks domain availability instantly. It can be used by website owners, webmasters, as well as bloggers out there.

One very good feature of this tool is that it is very easy to use. The process itself is very simple. You just have to enter the keyword(s), choose the specific domain suffix (example: .com, .org, .net, etc.), and click the “Run” button. The tool instantly puts out the domain name suggestions for you.

The tool tells you whether the domain name is available or not. In case the domain name is available, you can buy your chosen domain name with a provider.

The tool offers lots of simple and easy suggestions regarding domain names absolutely free. So, it’s just a matter of a few minutes when you can obtain a “perfect” domain name for your website.

EarningGuys Domain Name Generator

2. DomainWheel

DomainWheel is a simple yet very creative blog name generator. One of the good things about this tool is that it generates a lot of available domain options. So, you don’t have to regret that you didn’t register for one earlier.

The tool allows you to add the keyword(s) of your choice. You can choose something common. You can even choose something related to your business; it can also be a sequence of two/three words. You then need to hit the ‘Search Domain’ button.

The tool offers three types of results.

In the first category, you get top domains such as .com, .net, and .org. In the second category, the tool lists down DomainWheel’s own generated names related to your input.

Lastly, it offers three types of suggestions: one for names sounding like the keyword, including the rhyming keywords, and one that offers random suggestions.

The marked green results have a price attached to them that will take you directly to a domain vendor allowing you to purchase your new domain.

DomainWheel Blog Name Generator

3. SmartWP’s Name Generator

SmartWP’s Name Generator is a completely free and easy to use tool for generating blog/domain names.

This tool uses computer algorithms to help you with SEO-friendly domain name ideas.

It’s an extremely simple and straightforward tool that bloggers will find easy to leverage for generating domain names.

Its domain generator page has a single search bar wherein you can type in a few phrases or words that define your blog.

The tool offers instant results with the closest domain names that match with the words you typed in.

It hides the domains that have already been registered. You also get suggestions for domain names that are available right now.

List of features offered include:

  • 100% free tool
  • It gives immediate results to your searches
  • Offers domain name suggestions that are currently available
  • Built super clean with no advertisements or distractions
  • You can register the domain name with the “Get it Now” button
  • It offers a very extensive list of domain name suggestions
SmartWP’s Name Generator

4. Name Mesh

Name Mesh is a completely free blog name generator. It is one of those blog name generators that are very easy to use. It puts out categories for name choices.

When you put a word into its “Generate” tab, it will give you various categories to choose from. Some of those categories are as follows:

  • Common
  • Similar
  • Short
  • Extra
  • New
  • Fun
  • Mix
  • SEO

This tool also gives you synonyms, antonyms, and related words based on your search parameters. So, the tool helps you with a lot of options for your blog name generation.

Name Mesh Domain Name Generator

5. Nameboy

Nameboy is another easy to use blog name generator tool that offers suitable names for your blog based on keywords. You need to fill in a primary description and an optional secondary description. You can also specify if you need hyphens and rhyme.

Once you get the name that you want, you can add it to the cart. You can even save the name for later domain registration.

You can also add any other domain name which you already own to its cart. The tool allows you to check out the domain names from the cart page and even purchase and protect them.

You need to create an account with Nameboy to manage the entire domain names that you own. The tool also offers other services such as finding, registering and maintaining a domain name.

So, Nameboy turns out to be a top selection among blog name generator tools out there.

Nameboy Website Name Generator

6. Panabee

Panabee is a very splendid name generator tool that tends to be very useful for international bloggers. The tool offers a lot of extensions such as .co, .uk, .com, and .au. It also offers other services, including domain search, suggestions, word variations, and related terms.

Another very useful feature of this tool is that it also checks your desired name for the available app and social media handles. So, the tool makes sure that your names and branding remain consistent across all platforms that you’ll be engaged upon.

Panabee Blog Name Generator

7. Wordoid

Wordoid is not a typical blog name generator. Moreover, the tool functions as an intelligent naming tool to help you choose quality names using no more than fifteen letters.

You need to type in your keyword, select your quality level and the language you need. In fact, you can select more than one language.

You have to specify the location of keywords in the name. Wordoid offers a number of options and their availability for registration.

The suggested names sound nice, and most likely, you’ll not find them in a dictionary.

Wordoid is free and easy to use the tool. However, you’ll need to sign in to view your previous search history. It allows you to sign in using either Facebook or Google.

Wordoids made-up words Generator

8. Name Station

Name Station is another cool blog name generator tool with the same features as other name generators and few extra additional functions.

Name Station allows you to host a contest for crowd-sourcing name suggestions. Other people can join in the brainstorming session to help you to name your blog.

It allows you to combine keyword lists and choose from a variety of extensions. Each search offers you a list of synonyms for your word, which can prove extremely helpful to you.

Name Station also has a “smart search” option allowing you to pick a primary and secondary word for your search.

Like Name Mesh, Name Station offers several useful categories such as:

Name Station Website Name Generator

All said, we still point out that a name generator should be your last resort for naming a blog. When you know what topics to blog about, the right name will eventually come to you.

With this listing, we have reached the end of this post to get blog name ideas & blog name generators. We hope that the post proves useful to you. Thanks for visiting.

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