How to Increase Traffic to your Blog?

Well, you have hit the bull’s eye. For the simple reason that you have realized that you ought to increase traffic to your blog.

Yes, you have realized that you ought to increase traffic to your blog.

It’s a big thing.

Today there are millions of blogs and most of them fail just because they don’t make the efforts to increase traffic to their blogs.

However, you are not one of them.

You have taken the first step forward to know How to Increase Traffic to your Blog.

And most importantly, you are at the right place.

Here, I will tell about how to Increase Traffic to your Blog.

So, if you are struggling to get traffic to your blog even after publishing many quality posts and your hard work is not getting rewarded, then it’s probably time to find ways to increase traffic to your blog.

As a matter of fact, traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

Without traffic, you cannot even dream of business.

No traffic, no leads.

Without leads, there are no sales.

And without sales, there is no business.

So, if you have big plans for monetizing your blog, you still need traffic.

It may be through Adsense Ads, Affiliate Marketing, creating a membership site, offer services or by selling products. All of these blog monetization methods will still need the critical ingredient –
“Blog Traffic.”

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog

Your blog or site is not of any use without visitors. Visitors are the most important part of your blog and are the first thing you should look on.

You may have read many blogs that good content should be the priority, without good content your blog is of no use.

Yes, it is true, but considers a very good shop of gadgets where you will find latest gadgets from iPhone to latest music system of almost all popular brands, but no customer comes to that shop.

So, is there any use of opening a good shop filling with latest and great product without any customer?

Same applies to your site. You have very good content, but no one is there to read your posts.

Who will decided that it is a very good post because visitors to your site decide which post is good.

So, bringing visitors to your site is the most important work for any blogger.

Here, you will see different ways of bringing visitors to your site and increasing your blog traffic.

Let’s begin.

Increase Traffic to your Blog


Use Online Advertising

Online Advertising has become one of the surest methods of getting hundreds of clicks to your website. There are various ad platforms which make it easy for you to advertise in front of the right people.

The effectiveness of online advertising is so profound that year on year the digital ad spending is steadily increasing. In the UK alone, digital ad spending rose by 13.4% in 2015 when compared to 2014.

However, if you decide to generate traffic through online ads, it is important for you to figure out the ways to generate ROI from your Ads so that you can make money from this traffic and can continue to advertise over a long period.

On online advertising, you have to take care of two vital aspects. First, you have to advertise for products or services that people want. Second, create effective ads so that they are clicked by the right set of people. Here, the design of the ad is important as it leads people to click on your ads. You can study the ads that are run by your competitors and come up with a compelling ad design with attractive image and ad copy.

When running ads, you should not go big straight away. A budget of $5-$10 a day would be enough to test your ad campaigns. You can continue running ads for a week so as to know the effectiveness of the ad platform.

There are different ad platforms.

For example, if you are looking to advertise for a B2B, LinkedIn might be your best bet. However, if you want to advertise mainly to the B2C sector, then Instagram might be better.

Do Social Bookmarking

From Reddit to StumbleUpon social bookmarking sites popularity is increasing day by day. On the social bookmarking sites, people bookmark web pages they liked and other visitors also can bookmark that page to their account or can bookmark any other page they like. This way that page gets a backlink and from few visitors to thousands of visitors in a day.

Reddit is another popular social bookmarking site. Here, you can submit links to your blog posts, can discuss topics with people that share similar interests. People like to read quality posts and list posts (such as Top 10, Top 25) on such websites.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a popular method for generating visitors to your website. It helps to build authority.

You have to find such websites that are related to your niche and accept guest posts. You can search such websites with Google.

Then you have to write a compelling piece of content for the site that is going to accept your guest post. You can research other popular blogs for content ideas or can come up with something unique or original.

The idea is to serve quality content to readers so that they get interested in your blog.

Make sure you follow the guidelines listed out by the site that are going to accept your guest post. Propose content ideas that are valuable to readers. Also, make a habit to answer the questions left in the comment’s section. That way you establish a relationship with readers and they go on to recognize you as an expert.

Social Networking

Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc. are great resources for gaining high volume of traffic. You get an opportunity to connect with a large audience base who might be interested in your blog. It is also useful for building your brand image.

When someone likes your blog post, he or she might share it their friends or with other groups, thereby giving you an opportunity to get new visitors to your blog.

Here, I have listed two of the top most social networking sites. You can start by experimenting with top social networking sites. However, it will finally depend on the outcome. So you should concentrate on top three social networking sites for promoting your blog.

Social Networking


Twitter is a micro-blogging tool and social sharing site that can be an effective platform for making your posts viral.

Here are some basic tips for driving traffic from Twitter:

• You should complete your Twitter profile. Update your bio, avatar, and header image.
• You should Tweet on a regular basis.
• Make a habit to retweet other stuff that is interesting or related to your niche.
• Use a Hashtag when posting a tweet.
• Include Images in your tweet while sharing your blog post on Twitter.


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site and can be effectively targeted for driving traffic to your blog. You can start by building a Facebook Fan Page.

It provides an opportunity to your blog reader to connect with your blog on Facebook.

You can post your latest published blog posts on your Facebook page. Your readers get notified about your activities, and it proves to be a constant traffic source for your blog or site.

You can even join various Facebook Groups related to the topics that you cover on your blog. Be an active member of these groups and share useful information.

Build an Email List

If you do not have an email list, it’s time to have one. With an email list, you get an opportunity to provide something valuable to your readers. It could be a free eBook, instructional video, a downloadable PDF, etc.

When you offer something of value to your readers, they are most likely to share it with their friends or through social media.

So, you can gain more visitors to your blog. With an email list, you can be in constant touch with your readers. You can send them a regular newsletter, keep them updated about your new blog posts, and even products, deals, services, or promotions.

Build an Email List

Online Forums

Online Forums prove to be a great resource for finding people that may be interested in your blog. There are thousands of forum on the web on various topics. People joins the forum to get answers given by another forum member for their question.

Join the forum and giving good answers to others question. It will increase your popularity and build your brands. Whenever in your answers you give a link to your site for related topic people trust your link and follow that link which gives you trusted visitors.

Analyze the Demographics of your Visitors

You can use website analytic tools like Google Analytics for learning about the demographics of your visitors. You get to know about their average age range, whether they are male or female, and their education level. You can then come up with content that interests your target demographic.


Posting comments on other blogs will also increase your popularity and builds a relationship with blog owners. Blog owner can link back to your site on their post. On comment form, there is a website field which can also bring some traffic to your site.

Use Quality Photos

Filling your blog posts with only texts can make them boring for readers. So, you should include quality photos in your blog posts. Sometimes readers lose their interest while reading long blog posts. They choose to leave your blog. To motivate them to read your articles you should always try to include graphics in them. You can use photos or illustrations. There are plenty of free images on Google.

Quality Content

Content is still “King.” When you have quality content on your blog, visitors like to return to your site for more information. They begin to trust you for the information you provide to them. They also share your content on social media sites. Search engines also rank quality content high in their SERPs. Thus, you get more exposure for your content and more clicks. So, by serving quality content, you not only retain visitors as well as increase traffic to your blog.

So, these were some of the top ways for increasing traffic to your blog. Thus, now you know how to increase traffic to your blog. However, you have to make continuous efforts to increase traffic to your blog. Gaining blog traffic demands hard work, and you have to stick to your plans. The above suggestions will help you in increasing traffic to your blog.

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