10 Best Ways to Make Money Writing

Becoming a professional and paid writer is easy with these 10 Best ways to make money Writing.

You will be happy to know that there are plenty of ways by which you can get paid for your writing.

So, we have listed out and shared as many as ten best ways by which you can make money writing.

Make Money Writing

It will allow you to make writing your full-time job and not just a lucrative side hustle.

Moreover, it is much more fun to become a professional paid writer. You simply need to sit down and type out a thousand original words. It is very much achievable to make money writing if you write about 3000 words per day, Monday to Friday.

We have listed out the ten best ideas for making money writing that will serve as an inspiration for you and will help you to get started on your first writing project.

Well, you need to start as a beginner. However, the more you write, the faster you’ll become a professional writer and begin to earn money through your writing efforts.

Be assured that there is much money to be made through writing projects. The best part about making money through writing is that you can open and use multiple streams to earn money with your writing.

In a nutshell, you can make a living as a writer.

Many successful freelance writers have become full-time writers. They are making a handsome and stable income and face no challenge finding clients or writing projects.

So, if you are thinking and want to make money out of writing, you must go through this post as we have shared some excellent and easy-to-follow methods for making money writing.

You can attract clients and demand a high paying rate. You don’t need to worry about your monthly income as a paid writer.

These best ways allow you to make money fast writing. So, writing can become a rewarding way of utilizing your creative skills both for personal fulfillment as well as for earning money. Paid writing provides flexible employment. Plus, the research and imagination involved in writing offer the opportunity to enjoy your creative talents.

However, we must tell you that earning money as a writer is not a “get-rich-quick scheme.” On the contrary, it requires dedicated efforts and patience and is not always easy and quick.

With online publishing at an all-time high, writers have a great opportunity to profit from their writing efforts.

Writing for profit has certainly become a reality for many budding writers and professionals out there. Now, there are many possibilities to earn money from your writing.

10 Top Ways to Get Paid to Write

Let us share how you can make money writing. Let’s see the ten best ways to make money writing.

Do read on!

1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog will offer you an opportunity to become a wealthy freelance writer. Every writer requires a blog. Moreover, with a blog, you can develop both your style and your audience.

The blog serves manifold purposes (besides serving as your portfolio) such as the following:

  • A blog offers a way to practice your writing
  • A blog can become a vital source for lead generation. It means that a blog can attract clients to you.
  • A blog can make you earn money by following monetization strategies
  • It helps to build credibility in your niche
  • A blog can build your confidence as a writer
  • A blog can be a useful medium for your creativity

So, a blog proves useful to you when you want to start a business. A blog serves as a platform for your business whether it’s web designing, writing, or even a coaching business.

Start a Blog to Make Money Writing

The good thing about starting a blog is the fact that it’s not hard to start a blog these days.

You can host your blog with any of the reputable and helpful hosting service providers such as GoDaddy or BlueHost which are trustworthy names in the web hosting industry.

A blog proves a useful resource to earn income as a writer. You can use it to develop your audience, brand, and income. So, if you want to start a blog, now is the time!

In fact, starting a blog will prove one of the best decisions of your life. You can stay at home and earn a living doing what you love the most – writing and blogging. You can start a blog working from your home.

A blog can offer you an income as a side business or full-time business.

Setting up a blog is simple, super easy, and “techy” free. It essentially requires only three steps to start your blog:

First, you have to decide what you want to blog. So, you need to figure out your blog niche. It is your paying niche as a blogger or a freelance writer.

It’s the most important decision that you need to take in your blogging journey if you want to make money out of blogging.

You need to finalize a niche that you are comfortable working with and can dish outright and unique content for your target audience.

It can take some trial and error. For example, you can blog about your paying niche, or you can write about your service.

How to go about finding your paying niche?

You can blog about what you know. For example, if your finance background, you can take that your paying niche. So, you essentially have to utilize your expertise, interest, and background as your paying niche in blogging.

Remember that you need to pick a profitable niche. It can pay you hundreds of dollars per post.

You need to carry out some research and find out some profitable niche topics. The writer needs to select niche topics that are popular and needed online. You can even search for popular blog topics and finalize your niche from that list.

Next, you need to choose a domain name for your blog. Your blog or website name should be representing your business. It should represent what you do.

In general, your domain name should be:

  • Easy to say and spell
  • Don’t make it too lengthy
  • You can even use your name (if you can get it)

A blog also provides you with the opportunity to connect with others on social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. So, you should check and see whether your domain name is available for your Facebook page or Twitter profile.

So, the first and the last thing on your mind with the domain name is that it should be easy for your audience to find you.

Now, you need to choose your blogging platform. A self-hosted site on WordPress.org can be the best option for you in the long run. It gives you the capability to start a business, look professional, and last but not least, become credible.

The best thing here is the fact that a WordPress blog can be set up under ten minutes. So, it becomes super easy to start a blog.

Lastly, you need to choose your hosting providers such as Bluehost or GoDaddy. You need to select a secure, affordable, and reliable web host for your blog.

The best web hosting providers offer:

  • A free domain
  • Hosting come with 24/7 support
  • They offer 1-click WordPress Installation
  • They have very affordable pricing

Once you have set up your freelance writing blog, you can then go on to set up your site as a service-based site. This will certainly help you make money writing.

We suggest you have the following pages on your blog:

  • Hire Me Page: Here, you can tell your prospects what you do and why they should hire you
  • Portfolio Page: Here, you can showcase some samples of your quality work to your audience
  • About Me Page: Here, you talk about yourself and tell your clients or readers how you can help them
  • Testimonials Page: Here, you can place your testimonials. However, this page is optional.
  • Contact Page: Have a Contact Form on this page so that clients can contact you. You can also put links to your social media profiles, Skype, or email.
  • Blog: Have a link to your blog roll

When you have your blog ready, you can start making money as a freelance writer by monetizing it. The simplest way to monetize your blog is to have Adsense Ads and sponsored posts, or you can do affiliate marketing that promotes affiliate products.

Monetizing with Adsense Ads needs much traffic and connections. Google Adsense pays on per click basis. It’s a Cost per Click Ad Network. The average CPC is $0.25. For example, if you want to earn $20 per day from CPC Ads, you will need a total of 80 clicks. If you have a click rate of 1% (1 click per hundred views), then you need 8000 views per day.

The Google Adsense Program offers several great advantages such as:

  • Google Adsense Program is free to join
  • Eligibility criteria are easy meaning that you can monetize your blog even when it’s new
  • You get a variety of adoptions. Plus, you can customize it to fit the look & feel of your website or blog
  • The payments are made monthly by direct deposit
  • Minimum payment threshold is $100 only
  • You get the facility to run ads on multiple websites or blog through your (one) Adsense Account
  • You can run ads on mobile devices, and RSS feeds
  • You can add it to your YouTube and Blogger Accounts easily

(However, Google can terminate your account if it finds you breaking the rules.)

There are various types of Adsense Ads:

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Flash Ads
  • Audio Ads
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Adsense for Search

Here, we share some very useful tips for maximizing your Adsense Earnings:

  • You should always adhere to Google’s rules and policies on Adsense Ads
  • Never click on your ads
  • Have great and unique content on your blog that your target market wants to read
  • You should optimize your blog/website for mobile.
  • Use white-hat SEO techniques to gain traffic and increase your search results rankings.
  • Test ad placements and ad types on your blog to find the best options that maximize income
  • Use all the three standard ad placements allowed per page for maximum benefit.
  • Have ads above the fold
  • Include in-content ads
  • Monitor your results regularly
  • Read email from Google. Any complaint from Google can lead to the termination of your program.

However, if your blog is new, we suggest that you should do affiliate marketing as it does not need much traffic and connections. You can monetize your blog with affiliate links. It can prove nice side hustles.

For example, you can promote a course if they run an affiliate program. You can even search Google and find out if a product or service has an affiliate program.

So, you can monetize your blog by placing affiliate links in your blog posts. You can even create a tutorial based post which can be based on your affiliate product as these have much higher conversion rates.

So, you see that there is much money to be made when you start a blog. That’s why if you don’t have a blog, start a blog today!

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing offers a great opportunity for making money online. The best part is the fact that it is very easy to make money with freelance writing. You just need to hook up with an agency or sign up on “bid to write” sites to write and make loads of money.

You can make money with freelance writing. Moreover, freelance writing has a low barrier to entry. It is even suitable for students, 9-to-5 workers, homemakers, as well as retired persons who want to make extra income working from the comfort of their home.

You need to put in lots of effort to achieve a good income.

Here, we share with you some very useful tips that will help you to make good money as a freelance writer:

  • Choose the niche in which you have some expertise. Then, identify one or maybe two topic areas of interest to you and in high demand.
  • Build a website using WordPress. You can even look at other freelancers’ websites and take your lead from them. With a website in place, you can showcase your talent and build up a business quickly and easily. Here, you can speak about your writing niche, explain your background, and showcase your portfolio. However, don’t disclose the pricing here. This is what you will negotiate based on your skills and overall goals.
  • Write killer samples that are directly related to your niche. Showcase your samples on your portfolio page. However, you can put the samples on other pages as well. Moreover, we recommend that you should have your samples on LinkedIn Pulse as well as Medium. Plus, you can submit them to other blogs in the form of guest posts.
  • You need to send out personal emails to companies and individuals related to your niche. It would be best if you told them what you write about; offer them the link to one of the great posts you have published somewhere and on your site. Then, you should ask for a reply. You should even be prepared for rejections and no replies at all.
  • The writer should join LinkedIn Groups and start networking.
  • You should explore and check out writing job boards such as Freelance Writing Jobs and Problogger for finding writing work. Although these are not a big source of work, they are good in the beginning and case you hit a dry spell.
  • You should ask for testimonials from your happy clients that you can publish on your site or blog.

When you follow the above steps, you can build a solid business in freelance writing and earn a good amount of money.

Freelance Writing to Make Money Writing

3. Write for Blogs and Magazines that Pay

Life as a freelance writer is not as smooth as you may think because finding high-quality paying work is not so easy.

Moreover, many freelance writers land in scams of $5 per article. So, there’s no point in running after such opportunities because your hard work is not rewarded.

That said, finding quality paying work isn’t impossible. In fact, many publications will pay you a premium for writing for them. However, these publications demand a high level of expertise and experience in writing before they can pay you well.

However, you would be happy to know that writing work exists beyond such content mills or low-paying gigs.

Well, there are a lot of blogs and magazines that pay writers really well. These are guest posting sites. Writing for other people’s blogs and magazines is a great way to get paid. Elance is a well-known opportunity for freelance writers. However, we explore some of the other lesser-known opportunities for freelance writers that pay well.

Here, we share with you the ultimate list of blogs and magazines that pay writers for guest posts. These sites offer you an author bio and allow you to put links in it which land to your site, or even to social media pages.

So, if you are looking for blogs and magazines that pay well for guest posting, then you should surely check out this list.

Herein, we have shared as much as seven best blogs and magazines that pay well for writing content for them or guest posts.

You can choose the sites that interest you the most. You can work at your own pace, set up your price, and enjoy a steady flow of income.

So, do check out this list:

  • Strong Whispers: They typically pay $50-$150 per published article. Here, you can write about the lifestyle, environment, and other social issues. The website publishes 2-3 guest posts per month.
  • College Humor: It’s an online entertainment company which targets a core audience of people aged from 18 to 49 years. They typically pay $25-$150 per published article. College Humor attracts 15 million unique visitors per month and as much as 100 million video views per month.
  • Watch Culture: It offers news, opinion, and entertainment coverage to millions of users all over the globe each month. They typically pay $25-$500 per published article.
  • B. Michelle Pippin: Michelle Pippin is aimed at small businesses that look to increase their profits, influence, or impact. It provides high-quality business and marketing content to a wide audience. They typically pay $50-$150 per published article.
  • Early American Life: This print magazine focuses on early American style, decorating, and traditions. It welcomes the fresh voices of new writers. You can submit short stories and features of about 2500 words. The payment can be as high as $500 for “the first feature from a new writer.” Plus, there is an opportunity for higher earnings as your skills develop.
  • Catholic Digest: It’s a lifestyle magazine. They cover marriage, parenting, spirituality, and relationships. It pays $500 for features upon publication.
  • VQR: It’s a journal of literature. For poetry, VQR pays $200 per poem (up to four). The prose is being paid at the rate of 25 cents per word. Book reviews get $500 for 2000-2400 words.

Write for Magazines to Make Money Writing

4. Paid Medium.com Posts

Medium happens to be the only platform on the WWW (Internet) that allows you to sign up, post an article, and get paid immediately. Moreover, you can make money with the Medium Partner Program.

We must tell you that the Medium Partner Program is not a scam. It has worked for thousands of writers, and they have earned writing for Medium.

Earnings with Medium can be as high as $500 per post depending upon views, reads, fans, claps, and responses. As per the data released by Medium on their Partner Program (July 2018):

  • $2059.72 is the highest amount earned for a single story
  • $16,007.02 is the highest amount earned by a single author
  • 9.8% is the percentage of active writers who earned over $100

Moreover, if you put in a decent amount of writing effort on Medium, then you can earn up to $500 per month. If you get featured repeatedly, then you have the potential to earn thousands of dollars per month.

For earning with your Medium content, you need to enroll in the Medium Partner Program. It’s free and even open to the public. Medium users can read up to three articles per month.

If users want to enjoy past this limit, then they can become a member for $5 per month. A portion of the $5 monthly subscription fee is paid to the author when members clap for an article.

Medium Partner Program writers get a payment based on how the Medium members engage with stories.

In general, the more claps you receive, the more money you make with the Partner Program. Each reader gets the limit of 50 claps per article.

The actual payment is calculated using a weighted average. For instance, a single clap ranges from $0.01 to $5.00.

Writers Partner Dashboard is updated every Wednesday with earnings that get accrued until the previous Sunday. Writers’ earnings are deposited into their bank account on the last Wednesday of every calendar month. The payment is made through Stripe.

Paid Medium.com Posts

5. Making money with Ghostwriting

Simply put, Ghostwriting is when you write posts under somebody’s name. It helps to improve writing skills, and of course, you earn money as a writer.

So, in Ghostwriting, someone hires a professional writer to create content for themselves.

Working professionals hire ghostwriters because they are too busy and are not able to create content on their own. They send bulleted points with the article topic to their ghostwriter and pay them for writing the content.

Moreover, professionals who don’t like to write but still want to create content hire ghostwriters to do the job for themselves. Usually, high-profile bloggers, online media personalities, and television stars hire ghostwriters.

So, if someone is not a professional writer by trade and still wants to push out blog posts or content, go on to work with a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting is an excellent way to earn extra money when you have a broad portfolio of work.

The best thing about Ghostwriting is that it pays more than traditional content creation. As a result, many professionals are paying ghostwriters for high-quality content that requires little work on their part.

However, working as a ghostwriter requires more skills than traditional writing because you do not get an editor to check your work. Ghostwriters have to make sure that the post is perfect before submitting it to their clients.

Ghostwriting is an ethical way to earn money by writing. Plus, you don’t need any specific training or certification to become a ghostwriter. To become a ghostwriter, you need to create your online writing portfolio. It helps to find clients.

So, Ghostwriting is a lucrative way to make extra money in your freelance writing career. Ghostwriters make between $50 and $60 per hour. So, it turns out to be 25 to 50 cents per word.

Making money with Ghostwriting

6. Make Money Writing Short Stories

There’s another great way by which you can make money writing. Well, you can write short stories for money. So, if you have a passion for writing, you can make money by writing short stories.

Penpee.com happens to be a great platform for writers and storytellers. It’s a platform that creates a big opportunity for writers and storytellers.

Penpee.com is suitable for professionals, amateurs, and even aspiring writers who want an opportunity to publish their work. Penpee.com is described as a platform to read, write, and get paid for short stories.

In simple words, Penpee.com is a platform that allows writers to write short stories for money. At Penpee, writers get rewarded when someone new reads a chapter of their story. The reward is known as credits. Every new member is given a welcome credit which is later charged as they read your story. It is split between the platform and the writers.

The credits that are given to writers are converted to cash and deposited into their bank accounts through PayPal.

Penpee.com also has a social element to it. You can invite your friends to read your stories. You can see who all viewed your profile and all sorts of other things as well.

Penpee.com has the Leaderboard that is used to reward the writers. A premium writer can earn anywhere from £35 to a £300 bonus on the Leaderboard per month. However, a basic writer earns fairly less on the Leaderboard.

Earning on the Leaderboard requires you to be on in the challenge group. It’s a private group and is only open to the ones with basic and premium writer membership. However, a starter is refused membership in the group.

Penpee.com has free to paid memberships. The free membership is known as the Starter. It rewards writers with a 45% commission when each chapter is read of their story. A Starter can write one story per month. However, a Starter does not appear on the Leaderboard and cannot earn on the Leaderboard.

Next comes the Basic Membership. It costs £3.99 every six months. The writers earn a 55% commission when each chapter of their story is read. So, a basic writer has more opportunities than a starter writer. They can join the challenge group and earn on the Leaderboard. Plus, they can write an unlimited number of stories per month.

However, the best benefits come for the Premium Writers. They can earn a 70% commission when each chapter of their story is read. It costs £6.99 every six months. Premium writers can join the challenge group and earn a significantly higher bonus on the Leaderboard.

Starter and Basic writers can post short stories with a maximum of 7200 words. A Premium writer can post up to 12000 words per story.

So, Penpee.com makes it fun to get paid for writing short stories. Moreover, Penpee.com only publishes short stories.

Make Money Writing Short Stories

7. Make Money Writing Poetry

If you love writing poems, then you can make a good amount of money online by writing poetry. In fact, several online platforms pay you for writing poems. Your work is published in large publications and is viewed by millions of people.

Now, many different Internet opportunities allow you to make money online by writing poetry.

Here, we share with you some great and unique ways of making money online by writing poetry:

  • You can post a listing to Fiverr: Well, Fiverr is an online platform where people hire you to do a task for $5.00. So, you can create a listing and offer to write a custom poem for $5.00. You can include some images and examples in your listing. So, Fiverr offers a great medium where you can offer an inexpensive poetry writing service for people who need to gift a poem to their loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. At Fiverr, you can create your account very easily and showcase your profile with poetry writing services.
  • You can create a website for your poems: Creating your own poetry website is another excellent way to make money online by writing poetry. You can earn money when people read your poems and click on advertisements. If you are successful in building traffic to your website and creating a following, then your earnings can add up much over time.
    When you gain enough traffic to your website, you can explore different advertising partners who can pay you as much as $10-$15 per 1000 visitors that you have for your website. It’s a viable option for earning some side cash while you do something you love. You can use WordPress to create an affordable website.
  • You can sell on-demand items with your poetry: Sites such as Printful allow you to upload images to sell on items such as poster prints, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more. So, you can club your poems with items for sale.
  • Poems with items for sale create awareness about your work and make way for unique gift ideas for others. It’s a great idea to make money online with poetry, especially when you create poems suitable for special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Mother’s Day.
  • You can sell poems on Etsy: Etsy is an online store for everything handmade. One can have prints of your poems on paper, in a frame, or on a canvas and sell them on Etsy. You can even sell your greeting cards by having your poetry on Etsy. It also allows you to offer custom poetry writing services or even an eBook of the poems that you have written. So, Etsy is a great platform for getting paid for your poems.
  • Some companies allow you to write poems and make money, such as The Sun – for every poem submitted and approved, you can make anywhere from $100 to $200; Poetry Foundation – Here, your poetry gets published in the Poetry Magazine and earn up to $10 per line. You can even earn at least $150 per page for prose. The minimum payout threshold is $300. Other companies that pay for poems include Rattle, Crazyhorse, Three Penny Review, Epoch, etc.

Make Money Writing Poetry

8. Start Online Courses

Here, we share with you some proven ways of making money by selling online courses:

  • You can charge a one-off fee at the beginning of an online course. It makes it easy for you to sell more courses later on.
  • You can offer the course for free and then charge for certification. Coursera successfully used this model, and it earned over $1 million in the first year.
    This will allow learners to sign up for your course without worrying about whether they are making a bad decision. In addition, people will pay for certification as it has professional value.
  • You can create an ongoing learning program and charge a subscription fee. You can have some levels for free and charge for premium functions that will keep the learners coming back to you.
  • You can pre-sell your online course. Many sectors on the Internet are built on pre-selling products.
  • You can create content and sell the license to companies that do not want to create the course themselves. So, you create the course and collect the annual licensing fee.
  • You can market your course to the institutions and businesses that might need it. You can charge more and remove management tasks from your schedule.

Remember that people are eager for education. So, you should share what you know.

Start Online Courses

9. Start Your Online Writing Service

You can make a good living (as a freelance writer) by starting your own online writing service. One can typically make hundreds of dollars from just one order of content from the clients. However, the money you earn depends on how good you are at writing and how fast you can write.

Here, we list out the steps you need to take to start and develop your own online writing business.

  • Create your plan and set out the targets you want to achieve

Setting your target helps to narrow your focus, so all your energy goes on to meet that target. With your business plan, you can set out several targets. First and foremost, you should set a monetary goal. You then have to formulate an action plan that will help you to realize the same. When you fix targets for yourself and devise an action plan, you are easily motivated to achieve them methodically.

  • Do thorough research of the market.

Here, you need to find out what your competitors are charging. Once you get this information, you can decide whether you want to charge more and deliver quality work or charge less and build your clientele first.

Moreover, you can charge what everyone else is charging and use other marketing strategies to build up your business and stand out in the crowd.

So, you need to know how your target market makes buying decisions. Here, you can use competitor analysis tools to identify the distribution channels of other sites. Tools such as SEMrush, Majestic, Ahrefs, and Similar Web are beneficial in such cases.

  • You need to create your financial plan.

One needs to figure out how much cost, effort, and time are involved in creating and designing your website, configuring the platform, and implementing your marketing strategy. You also need to know about your online business’s licensing policies and other business requirements.

Now, you have to create a budget for your business venture. You need to decide how much you would be charging your clients and how much you would pay to your writers. Finally, it will help you to project a return on your investment. Doing all these exercises will help you to keep track of your online business and commit resources intelligently.

  • You need to launch a website.

One can create and design your website using WordPress. It has tons of free and customizable themes and templates. It has many useful plugins especially for eCommerce sites such as yours.

You need to have a catchy domain name and host your website with a credible web hosting provider. You should set up your corporate email. Plus, set up your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. It will allow you to make improvements in your marketing strategy so that you can profit more with your online writing business.

  • You should hire several freelancers.

You should not do the writing work all by yourself. The whole point of setting up an online writing business is to make more money. So, you should hire several freelancers that will work for you on a freelance basis. You can use platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer.com to find good writers that are a good fit for your project.

  • You need to promote your website.

One needs to become sociable so that people can find your new website. So, open accounts on all popular social networking sites and feel your presence. You can set up a blog on your website and share interesting and valuable information on it. It will make people come to your site.

Always have excellent quality content on your site’s blog. It will help to build long-lasting relationships, and you can grab the attention of your audience easily. You can even hire a good SEO agency to help you grab the top spots on Google Search Results Pages. It will help you to increase the income possibilities for your online writing business.

  • Deliver Premium Quality Service

Delivering premium quality service is the most important thing in your online business as it will ensure sustainability for your online venture. Once you have your first order, do a great job and build a good reputation for your business. Always maintain high standards of excellence.

  • Continue to Develop your Business

Always analyze and improve your performance. Never be complacent in any of your projects. Look for innovative ways and deliver peak performance.

All these steps will help you to move in the right direction for your online writing business.

Online Writing Service to Make Money Writing

10. Become Kindle Author

You can earn money by becoming a self-published author on Kindle. Here, we offer some useful insights for becoming a Kindle Author. Amazon’s Kindle Publishing offers one of the best ways to publish your book and make money from it.

With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), authors and publishers can publish their books directly to Kindle e-readers.

You simply need to write your eBook, then upload it on their platform (fulfilling their requirements), and the book becomes available on the Kindle Store in a few days.

Now, Amazon customers can browse the Kindle Store for eBooks that are of interest to them. They can access the Amazon website on their browsers or even through their Kindle devices. They can then buy the eBooks they like and download them on their devices easily.

When you sell on Amazon, you get the opportunity to en-cash millions of people that come to Amazon every month. So there are big chances that your target audience will be there who eventually find their way to your eBook.

Moreover, publishing through KDP is simple and straightforward. There’s no need to pitch your book idea, and there’s no need to write proposals.

Plus, there’s no such requirement as Professional Author or a previously published one to get your eBook published with Kindle Publishing. So, with KDP, it is absolutely easy to get your eBook published through their platform.

There are plenty of resources and support available when you get stuck for too long. You can even set your price for your eBook.

So, you are in control when you sell your eBook at Amazon’s Kindle Publishing. You can decide how much to profit from your eBook by selling it at the Kindle Store.

Another good thing with Kindle Publishing is the fact that you retain the ownership of your content. Although you give them the right to sell and distribute your eBook, you still own your content.

Moreover, you can “un-publish” your eBook at any point. Amazon will take your eBook off from their virtual selves in a few days’ grace period. Last but not least, publishing with KDP is free.

Now, we mention the basic steps to get your eBook published at Kindle Publishing:

  • Find your niche
  • Do Amazon Keyword Research
  • Write the eBook
  • Compose your Title
  • Create your eBook Cover
  • Set up an Amazon KDP Account
  • Get all your requirements done
  • Upload your eBook

Now, we list out you how you can make money with Kindle Publishing:

  • You need to sell plenty of copies of your eBook
  • You should make a series of eBooks on the same topic, or else you can also make plenty of eBooks on various topics
  • Increase your social media following. Your eBooks can generate leads and promote your blog, products, or services
Become Kindle Author to Make Money Writing

With this, we have reached the end of this article on ten best ways to make money writing. Writing can become a lucrative opportunity for you to make much money when you follow these methods.

However, we must reiterate that making money with writing requires hard work, dedication, and patience. That said, the earning opportunity is huge. These methods will open the doors for you to make money writing.

Thanks for visiting.

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