OptinMonster WordPress Popup Plugin Review

Are you serious about your lead generation efforts?

Want to build your email list and build it fast?

Well, if your answer is “yes” then you surely need a lead generation, opt-in form or popup plugin for your WordPress website. As you would also agree, a big email list can skyrocket your future sales and in that context a pop-up or optin form plugin can help you to build that “big and strong email list.”

Hereunder I have come up with a comprehensive review of one such powerful, popular, advanced, feature-rich and useful popup plugin for your WordPress site called OptinMonster.

This OptinMonster WordPress Popup Plugin Review will provide an in-depth insight of what this plugin has in store for you. The plugin which was recently released by Syed from WP Beginner and Thomas Griffin of the Soliloquy slider plugin fame has already become much popular and has been successful in garnering reviews from a whole lot of WordPress review sites.

If questions and apprehensions about the OptinMonster popup plugin are bothering you then read on this review as I attempt to vanish all your doubts related to this useful email list builder popup plugin called OptinMonster.

Well, to begin my review, I want to categorically state that OptinMonster is a popup plugin which uses optin forms to build email list out of your readers and visitors. Its setup process is quite simple and the plugin is well integrated with most of the email marketing services. OptinMonster provides the freedom of customizing the optin forms so that they fall in tune with your website and your site content.

Moreover, it is quite effective in capturing email addresses and for that reason you would simply love to use this awesome popup or optin form plugin called OptinMonster. According to a case study, OptinMonster can increase email subscribers by upto 600% and that’s a fabulous figure by any standards. Ultimately you want a drastic increase in optin rates and that’s exactly what you get when you use OptinMonster in your WordPress website.

OptinMonster WordPress Popup Plugin Review

Here’s an overview of features of OptinMonster that would give you an in-depth insight about its capabilities.

OptinMonster Feature List

– With OptinMonster you can create unlimited number of optin forms to be showcased on different parts of your WordPress website

– Comprehensive analytics and reporting feature helps to analyze which form is converting the best

– Incorporates A/B Testing to see which styles work best on your WordPress website

– With Page Level Targeting you can show certain forms on specific pages

– Provides different design options

– OptinMonster comes empowered with ‘exit intent’ technology which launches a popup optin window when a visitor is about to leave your website. This will ensure that a visitor is shown a pop up window only when he is about to leave your website. You can designate a targeted campaign for visitors who are leaving your website

– Can display the optin form instantly or after a chosen interval of time once a user logs into your website

– The plugin redirects the visitor to where ever you want after they have signed up or opted in

Setting up OptinMonster

OptinMonster setup is very simple. Its plugin file contains all the core features and the optional extras are installed with the extra files. Once it is installed, you get a new menu item added to the dashboard side of the WordPress menu. The menu item has a link to the dashboard for the plugin and even exhibits a notification area for available updates. This helps to iron out the bugs and keep the plugin up-to-date as new features move in with every update.

Getting started with OptinMonster requires you to click on the “Create New Optin” button. From there on, you just have to select the optin type from the listed options.

Optin Types

OptinMonster features three optin types such as Lightbox, Footer Bar, and the Slide In.

Of these three optin types, the Lightbox is the most familiar one as it is used for creating the well known popup effect.

Coming onto the footer bar type, this optin type showcases a full length horizontal bar across the browser window. It displays a space for a title caption together with a sign up form.

The third optin type is the slide in option form that is positioned in the bottom right corner of your screen. It has to be opened by the visitor to display your custom message and optin form. When it is closed, the slider in option form displays a customized message of your creation with an expand button.

Although the slider in and footer bar optin types feature just a single theme, however you get the freedom to customize it in terms of button text, form and button colors, as well as text fonts, size, colors and formatting.
Other Settings in the OptinMonster Plugin

Moving on to the configure optin settings; these are well described and labeled so you face no hiccups configuring the settings for your chosen optin type. Here you have to enter your email provider settings. The plugin is well integrated with popular email marketing services of the likes of MailChimp, AWeber, iContact and Infusionsoft. So if you are using an email newsletter service, you simply have to choose your provider and authenticate your account.

Next comes is the design option in the settings of the OptinMonster Plugin. The Lightbox optin form includes four attractive themes and is the only optin type to feature multiple themes. Each of the theme option can be customized using the design customizer. For each of the theme, you can include the following content such as optin image, title and tagline, email field text, bullet list, and optin submit text. Finally, you come onto the output settings which relate to where the optin forms are displayed.

Once you complete all these settings, your form is ready for running and you can look forward to turning your readers into subscribers.

Final Words

OptinMonster is a very easy to use WordPress Popup Plugin and is up and running on your WordPress site in no time whatsoever.
Its setup option is easy and self explanatory.

In fact, OptinMonster is one the most intuitive WordPress Popup plugin.

Its exit intent functionality is by far the most interesting feature that you have on OptinMonster. The plugin is still under active development stage and you can look forward to quite a many new functionalities coming your way.

It is available in four pricing options such as Basic, Plus, Pro, and Ultimate.

Talking about its downside, the plugin lacks in-content forms, lacks in advanced levels of split testing and does not come with mobile support.

However, if you value quality, innovative technology and ease of use, then OptinMonster is one such Popup Plugin that you must have on your WordPress website.

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