15 Best Press Release Distribution Services

The role of the press release in today’s digital world is evolving. There are several misconceptions about this tool because of how things are changing in the digital world. You can’t slap something together in a hurry and expect it to appear on major news outlets; it doesn’t work that way.

It is also known as a “news release.” This is a tool used to announce an important event in a simple way. The idea behind this release is to get the attention of a target audience. Effective communication is the tool that will make any brand stand out. It can come in written or recorded form. In some cases, it can be visual.

If you want to capture the attention of the target audience, the press release answers basic questions as “who did this?” and “where or when is it happening”? “What is the event for”?

When the press release has been put together in the most professional way, it is then sent to assignment editors or journalists for publicity.

Press Release Distribution Services

How can you land the best Press Release Company online? There is nothing to worry about because we have a list of the best 15 Best Press Release Distribution services below.

Benefits of a Press Release

If all you do on your website is publish article upon article, you will not get the organic following that will lead you to the top of the SEO rankings. The best-known products or services that are not known by the general public will not attract the general public’s attention.

Incorporating press release distribution into your brand will propel you to the next level and make you more competitive. Here are some reasons why you must include this tool in your digital marketing plans:


Online buyers will deal with companies that have some semblance of credibility going their way. Online consumers see news releases as a trusted source of information. According to Cision, when brands bring out this release consistently, they will build trust with journalists and online consumers. 44% of journalists consider this tool an excellent source of brand-related information.

Crisis Management

There will be times of crisis and challenge in the life of any company. When this happens, you need to tell your own side of the story to the world. This tool is an effective way of telling the world your own side of the story in a way that will absolve you of any blame.

Boosts publicity

If brands invest in regular releases to the media, they will be well known all over the world, and this popularity will impact business. A current and timely release can be picked up by media men that are interested in the topic, and before you know it, the brand will go viral.

SEO Traffic

When brands use this tool on a regular basis and get it released on large websites, it will push the brand’s ratings up the SEO rankings. The results that matter will show if brilliant PR companies are involved. The best 15 Press Release companies are discussed below. This tool helps in building search engine traffic.

Involves the Media

When companies use this tool, they are going to have a strong presence on social media. Every prospective customer belongs to at least one social media handle. Digital marketing will be taken to them.

The above-listed benefits will sustain any business line of operation at the top. You will get the best returns if you connect with a distribution service agency that has the technology to sustain you at the top. The best-rated of them is included in the list below.

What is the Press Release Distribution Service?

Press release distribution services play the role of distributing information about clients to a specific target audience and the public in general. The distribution of the release will determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

The mouthpieces that will affect the distribution of the release are news agencies, journalists, and editors. It should also be distributed to a wide range of online and print media outlets. The best thing that you can rely on for an effective campaign should be careful in the selection of influencers.

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies in the selection of the best PR company among the options that are available online. This is why we have looked into the strengths and weaknesses of the available brands and have put forward 15 of the best-rated Press Release companies around right now.

The experience of the PR companies is one of the chief factors that we considered before arriving at our list. We took a look at their past efforts and the reviews of their clients. The best Press Release company should be active in the sector.

Let us now take a look at the 15 Best Press Release Distribution Services that are available online. Enjoy!

15 Top Press Release Distribution Services

1. eRelease

One press release on a major communication channel can result in tens of thousands of dollars for the company. This is what you will get if you partner with eRelease Press Release service delivery. They are world-class in their approach, and it is a place to be for those that are after the best PR delivery.


  • This outfit boasts an exclusive database of journalists
  • Track record of delivery.
  • Bloggers, radio, television, journalists, and reporters are reached.
  • The presence of real editors
  • Effective SEO delivery.
  • Experience that covers over 20 years in the industry.
  • 24/7 online presence

If you are looking for a dependable partner who can provide you with reach, you can rely on what we have seen through this Press Release agency. They have the capacity to make your brand competitive at the top.

eRelease Press Release

2. Newswire

We cannot ignore the power of Newswire because of the aggressive approach that has the power to beat all other agencies to the game. This is another approach different from what you are going to get through other channels of operation because of the tools that they use in achieving results that will take brands to the next level.


  • Best in class in science and technology
  • Friendly technology
  • Targeted delivery
  • very cost-effective
  • A first-rate customer-service approach
  • The message is distributed on time.
  • The content is simple and direct.
  • Timely distribution of messages

The above attributes will keep any brand or service delivery on top of the game. When it comes to the delivery of brilliant releases that will give companies the right attention, you cannot ignore Newswire Press Release services.

Newswire Press Release Distribution

3. GlobeNewswire

One of the best places that you can use to share the content of your service delivery is through GlobeNewswire. You will achieve a brilliant position that will make you popular on the web. If you desire organic followers that will be there for you through thick and thin, then this PR agency has you completely covered.

Your brand’s awareness will be well distributed globally. This is one of the best places that you can be for the very best in global awareness and reawakening. This brand has a well-motivated customer care team that will deliver all the elements required to attract target customers.


  • It builds excellent brand awareness.
  • It delivers great online visibility for brands.
  • Media coverage that has clients completely covered
  • You will get noticed through their Press Release delivery.
  • Professional communication clouds for diverse events.
  • This software fits into various communication workflows.
  • It has an excellent user interface.

The attributes stated above say it all, and it is the reason why GlobeNewswire is a must for brands that want to take their message to their target audience.

GlobeNewswire Press Release Distribution Services

4. EIN Presswire

There is something in a name. One of the best press release distribution companies that you can rely on if you want to be at your competitive best is EIN Presswire. You are going to achieve global visibility if you commit the PR management of your outfit to their care.


  • Global reach into all industries worldwide.
  • The presence of your brand in major news databases.
  • Make contact with journalists and influencers.
  • Strong presence in search engines.
  • A multilingual approach to releases
  • Friendly options
  • There is no contract that ties companies to their agency.

The above are unbeatable service delivery options that we cannot ignore. Hence, the recommendation of this outfit to companies that wants the news about their brand to go viral. With EIN Presswire, you will go places in getting the organic following that will bring in a huge profit.

prweb Press Release

5. PRWeb

If you are in search of the best press release service agency that delivers accurate results that are focused on your content, you must take a look at what is obtainable through PRWeb. The technology in the PR business is changing, and if you want to remain at the top, you need to do something different.


  • Friendly delivery
  • Instant delivery.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Simple and easy design:
  • 24/7 online presence
  • It delivers excellent publicity.

When you partner with a PR company that has its ears to the ground, you will remain unbeatable. The best tools required to achieve excellent returns in press release distribution services delivery are with PRWeb. The outfit breaks the news when an improvement comes into play in the world of the PR business. This is a credible company that delivers nothing but the best.

PRWeb Press Release

6. 24-7 Press Release

If you need press release delivery on a large scale, then the place to be is 24-7 Press Release. They have the capacity to deliver at least 10 custom-made PR a week. You will get a professional delivery that will take your brand image to the top of the SEO rankings.


  • Distribution to print and online media outlets:
  • Use of an excellent cloud-based system
  • The app is simple to use.
  • Moderate rates
  • Excellent mass media visibility
  • Delivers a global boost to invisibility.
  • Delivery on time.
  • A passionate approach to the public relations industry that will be there for you. 24/7

For companies that desire a working press release distribution that will be there 24/7, one of the best places to be for excellent returns is the 24-7 Press Release. You will get unbeatable rates that will place you at the top through them.

24-7 Press Release

7. PR Newswire

Brands that want to improve their communication and marketing objectives should take a look at what is happening at PR Newswire. If you commit the destiny of your press release needs to the best that comes through the excellence of this company, you will compete at the top.

When you are with the best, it will be easy to reach your target goals and remain standing at the top of the bracket in the midst of intense competition for visibility among top brands all over the world.


  • They are one of the industry’s strongest networks.
  • Effective shareholder confidence
  • Easy evaluation of results
  • It generates earned media.
  • Access to the world’s largest distribution network
  • Best online syndication and the attraction of new customers.
  • Multimedia news releases
  • Excellent IR services.

The attributes mentioned above are real. This is what you will get in exchange for a partnership with this agency.

PR Newswire Press Release

8. PR Distribution

PR Distribution has been around for close to two decades. They have earned a name for their brand over the years, and today they are among the leading press release companies that you can trust to deliver custom PR service delivery.

The reason for including this company on our list of 15 is their excellent service delivery that covers all categories of clients. No matter how small your business is, there is a PR custom-designed for your brand.


  • Delivery of the best SEO tool
  • One of the lowest rates in the PR industry.
  • Expert in meeting marketing and public relations needs
  • Excellent coverage on all social media platforms.

One of the best places to be for excellent visibility for all brands is PR Distribution. They have the technology and the human professionals that you can count on for brilliant delivery of results on interests that border on PR.

PR Distribution Press Release Distribution Service

9. Linking News

You deserve one of the strongest PR networks if you want to get quality attention on the web. This is what you are going to get through Linking News. If you want to see your PR in top-tier news media and services, you’ll need a fantastic platform. This is why we included ourselves at number eight on the list of the best PR agencies around now.

You are going to get an uncommon delivery of white-label service. This is a release that will not include the name of this outfit or any of their branding. The release will appear under your name or brand. This is a novelty that is best experienced rather than imagined. It is a perfect way to make your PR unique.


  • They are trusted by several blue-chip and upstart companies.
  • They have a strong network.
  • There is a guarantee of placement with their PR service.
  • Brand recognition
  • Improvement in SEO ranking on your site
  • A custom-designed press release
  • Over 2000 Chinese media outlets have access to Chinese distribution.

This is a trusted PR company that has the best approach that will take you far in your search for publicity that is based on your content.

Linking News Press Release

10. NewswireJet

For brands that want to amplify their voice and reach their targets, one of the best places to be online is with NewswireJet. Our research findings show that this PR agency is one of the best companies that you can rely on for excellent delivery.

When you get coverage that cuts across over 400 media sites, you are going to get the massive attention online that will give your brand the exposure that matters. This is a brand that delivers quality PR services at a reduced price.

One of the qualities that attracted us to this PR company is the simple steps involved in the sign-on process. With three easy steps, you will get exposure to quality branding online.


  • This is an excellent channel for boosting your voice.
  • It’s a great way to reach a target audience.
  • It allows users to track results.
  • Huge coverage in over 400 media sites.
  • Trusted by thousands,

NewsWireJet represents one of the best places that you can look to for effective exposure of your image and branding to the outside world.

NewswireJet Press Release Distribution

11. PressWire

We cannot ignore PressWire because of the technology that is seen through its delivery. The best competitive results in PR investment are gotten when you have custom efforts delivered to the journalists.

The delivery of tailor-made options by this brand on behalf of their clients is the reason for their popularity. They merit a worthy place on our list of the 15 best options that are around right now. You can rest assured of getting publicity in regional and national newspapers.

Mention can also be made of equal representation in online platforms, trade and consumer magazines, television, and radio. If you must commit your press release distribution services to any outlet, it should be to the one that can deliver worldwide coverage. This is what you will get through our PressWire PR service delivery.


  • Excellent global coverage
  • Great syndication service
  • A fantastic media contact database
  • Translation into any target language of your choice.
  • Effective global tracking and monitoring, both offline and online.
  • Friendly rates

PressWire has what it takes to deliver effective PR solutions that will give your brand the visibility and exposure that are required to take your business line of operation to the next level.

PressWire Press Release Distribution Services

12. Prowling

It is never a bad idea if you connect to the software that gives you the benefits of connecting to the best source of news concerning your brand or service delivery. One of the best ways you will get the edge required to beat competitors in the game is through prowling.

This software has the capacity to deliver actionable insights to any brand or service delivery. This will give brands the opportunity to use data from one campaign to make the next campaign more effective.

All that is required to achieve excellent PR flow will be gotten through one singular template. The features that come with this software cannot be ignored.


  • It delivers the entire workflow through only one tool.
  • Friendly interface
  • It’s easy to set up and share.
  • Effective management of client content through one platform
  • This software has a customizable appearance without IT support.

You are not going to regret any business partnership with Prowling because it has all the elements that deliver the best PR service that is required by brands that want to make a big statement.

Prowling Press Release

13. PRUnderground

When we take a look at the distribution of this PR flow, we see in it a worthy distribution that is difficult to ignore. It has all clients covered, both offline and online. All the aspects of visibility are included in one tool. The approach is global.

Smart CEOs that desire the best and most competitive distribution that matters cannot ignore the offer of this software because it will make them competitive at the top. The rave reviews of clients and reviews got through independent review websites point in the direction that this software is reliable.


  • Presence on all social media handles.
  • Affordable-as low as $25 per release
  • Top-rated public relations firm.
  • Mention is made of this outfit in Forbes.
  • The presence of a PDF report that is linked to every release
  • Easy and fast distribution
  • Syndicated to 80+ online news sites
  • It complements the image of your brand.

When you connect with this agency, you are going to achieve the visibility and organic followers that will take you to the next level. The brilliance of the customer care desk adds to the beauty of this software. You get on-time and professional answers to every query that comes to your mind.


14. SBWire

We took time off to go through some of the past efforts of SBWire. What is seen through the results they have gotten from their past deliveries points in the direction of excellence. The quality seen in the profile of this agency makes our jaws drop.

This is one of the best PR companies that you can rely on for the best results in publicity that will take your brand to the top of the search engine rankings. There is the benefit of custom-made software that delivers custom-made solutions that will make you go viral. This is a reliable option for smart CEOs that want to speak from the top.


  • A friendly option
  • Great user interface.
  • It is simple to set up and distribute.
  • Instant delivery is guaranteed.
  • Simplified PR Procedure
  • Time-saving software

The technology involved is unbeatable. The delivery of recent PR statements on the site is impressive. This is an agency that sets its eyes on quality delivery. Partnering with them will take your brand or service delivery to the next level. The rates are one of the cheapest among the best options for now.

SBWire Press Release Distribution Services

15. ResponseSource Press Release Wire

Things happen at the speed of light. For every brand, there are at least five other options that are available to online shoppers. This is why brands are expected to deliver their message to customers as fast as possible. You will get a fast and smooth response through ResponseSource Press Release Wire.

This is a credible way of distributing press releases to journalists and news outlets. You are sure of a reliable release that will get to the target audience, which in turn will bring in the dollars. With a single PR by this agency, you will go viral and watch the sales come in a steady fashion that will make you beam with smiles.

The quality seen in the years of this outfit rates them above the majority of brands that are online. You will get the unbeatable best through this outfit.


  • Quick turnaround time
  • A reliable delivery.
  • Custom-made PR services
  • This release is targeted at the right journalists at the right time.
  • You will see the impact of your story through newsroom analytics.

The offer through ResponseSource Press Release Wire will take your brand to the next level. You will remain competitive at the top.

ResponseSource Press Release Wire


The best products or services will not make the best sales. Things do not work in that natural order. You need a template that will help tell the story. Several companies do not make it beyond their fifth year of existence because of poor marketing plans. If you connect with the best press release distribution services that are available online, you are going to be on top of the competition in your niche.

For the time being, we have compiled a list of the top 15 rated products on the market. Anyone among the people listed above will give you a competitive edge if you connect with their offer. Any one of them will give you the organic following that will make you go viral.

If we are to stick out our necks and pick the best among the top-rated brands listed above, then the obvious choice will be our number 9 on the list, Linking News. The delivery of a white label that does not involve the name of the agency or any form of branding produces a unique release. All attention is focused on clients. Results that matter are best realized under this condition.

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