Different Ways to Make Money with Your Website

If you have just started your website or blog and looking for different ways of making money with your website then there are plenty of ways to make money with your website and in this article you will find various ways to monetize your website.

There are plenty of ways to monetize your website and it is advisable to don’t depend on single earning source. If your major earning source suddenly stop making money because of various reasons then what will you do. So having more than one earning source on your website will help you earn more and you will also not depend on single monetization option. Here you will find different ways from which you can earn good money from your website. We are just listing most popular and effect earning ways which will help you to make good money from your website or blog.

1. Pay Per Click or Contextual Advertisements

One of the most popular way of earning with your website and great example is Google AdSense. PPC or contextual advertisements shows ad relevant to your content as text or banner ads. By showing relevant ads visitors are more likely to click that’s ads because they are seeing relevant ads and they are interested in it. Most of the Contextual advertisement program pays you on per click bases. When your website visitors click on these types of ads you get paid and earnings are on per click bases. You can earn from $0.05 to $50 or more per click depending on your site topic and geographic location of visitor. If visitors click on an ad and you earn $0.25 for that click and in a day you get 100 clicks you can make $25 every day. Please note this is not sure how much money you will earn in a day and how much ad clicks you will get. The most popular contextual and PPC programs are Google AdSense, Chitika, AdBrite, Bidvertiser etc.

2. In-Text Advertisements

This is another example of contextual advertisement which pays you per click bases but the beauty of this program is that it doesn’t need any ad space on your website. In-text advertisements convert your website content’s keywords to ads. It add links to some of the keyword within the content and when you move mouse to that link it shows a small tooltip style ad which can be with image or just plain text or even videos. This attracts visitors and they click on those ads and you make money for every click. Normally this type of PPC programs pay very less compare to AdSense or other contextual advertisements. Some In-text ad programs Infolinks, Kontera, VigLink etc.

3. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to make money online by selling other companies product or services. Affiliate marketing is true way of making money online with affiliate marketing there is no limit how much you can earn. In affiliate marketing you promote other companies product or serviced thru your website by displaying banner ads or writing about that product or service along with your affiliate link to that website. When your website visitor go to that product or service website thru your affiliate link and purchase that product or service you earn commissions which can be from 1% to 50% or some program offer much more than that. Some affiliate program offers fixed percentage or fixed commissions on every sale and you can make unlimited money from affiliate marketing. You can join affiliate networks which offer many advertisers at one place. Some big affiliate networks are CJ, ShareaSale etc.

4. Cost Per Impressions (CPM) Ads

Unlike other advertising program which pay you on per click, per sale, or lead bases CPM (Cost Per Impressions) ads pays you for number of times advertisement is displayed on your website. CPM ads program pays you for every 1000 ad impression on your website. For examples you get 1000 visitors everyday on your website or blog and you have placed CPM ads on your website. That CPM ad will be shown 1000 times and say that CPM program pays $2 per CPM then you will earn $2 for that ad placement. You don’t have to worry about how many clicks that ad got or how many sales or lead are generated you will earn for just displaying ads. If you have placed 2 CPM ads slot on your webpage you can double your earnings. Please not CPM rates may not be fixed it depends on demography and other terms we have seen CPM rates from $0.10 to $15 per CPM.

5. Direct Space Selling

If you are getting some good traffic on your website or blog then you can direct sell ad space on your website. You can direct sell ad space on your website for fixed monthly price or fixed eCPM say $10 per CPM (Cost Per Impression). There are two ways of selling advertisement space on your website first direct where you manage everything from offering ad space on your website to managing payments and tracking ad expire and renewals. OIOpublisher is great software which can help you do all these things without using your single minute.
Another way is using Ad Space buying selling networks which will help you to sell your ad space. They manage everything from finding advertisers to activating ads to managing payments you have to do nothing. Some of the ad spaces selling networks are BuySellAds, AdvertiseSpace, BlogAds, LinkWorth etc.

6. Paid Reviews

This is another great way of making money with your website where you get paid for writing review of any product or service. In paid reviews advertiser pay you for writing a review article for their products or service which will be published on your website or blog itself which can contain a link to advertiser website. You get paid fixed amount for writing paid review which can be from $5 to $100 per review which depends upon your website ranking. Please note writing paid review can harm your website position on search engines as many search engines don’t like paid review. Your website visitors may also not love these types of paid reviews.

There are many more ways to make money with your website but ways listed above are the most popular and best paying programs which will help you make handsome money with your website or blog.

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  1. says

    Hello AMIT,
    MY blog is 5 months old now and I have written only 30 (post due to my studies ) and I get around 270 unique visits a day,so which ad network should me good for me??Infolink or any other.I will get an adsence account once I get 60 post mark.
    BTW,Thanks for sharing this useful article.

    • says

      Hello Ashish,

      If you are not planning AdSense right now you can go with Infolinks but don’t expect much earning from Infolinks. You have to go with AdSense or affiliate marketing.

  2. PPC Marketer says

    I have been online marketing for a year and a half and I am always looking for information that can help me be a better more well rounded marketer. I also use a lot of the smaller ppc ad networks for my marketing, because they generally have lower advertiser competion.

  3. says

    Very well said. My blog is just starting to earn me income. I have an adsense account, but i still find it overwhelming sometimes navigating my way through the affiliate journey.

  4. krunal says

    i have just created this blog and i am getting more then 200 visitors per day which add network is better for me
    i am currently using chitika but its give me 1000 impression and just 1 click

    please tell me which ad network is better for me

  5. says

    Pay Per Click and Affiliate marketing are best here to earn quick money here.
    You have elaborate all the basic and compulsory reasons in a smart way.
    Thanks a lot for sharing all that!

  6. says

    Nice article man. Thank you very much for all these tips to make money online. I think that the best way is to work hard on building a very famous and informative blog and after that sell ad spaces. What do you think ?

    • says

      Yes, selling web space is the best way. You don’t have to think about EPC or conversions etc and can focus more on your website growth. But don’t forget to give great value to your advertisers so that they can also earn from your website by placing ads.

  7. says

    High rate of impression is unique requisite. otherwise you get nothing. no ad network even Adsense give you penny if visitors are small.

  8. says

    Nice Tips Very useful in future,

    And things should be very clear when we start some thing in google add and some thing else!

    So I would like to thank you for sharing this valuable informations.

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