How to Choose Right Affiliate Product to Promote?

In my last post I suggested Affiliate Marketing the best alternative to AdSense and in this post I am focusing how to choose right product for affiliate marketing. Choosing right product to promote will help you become successful affiliate marketer.

Many bloggers don’t like to promote affiliate products from their blog because they don’t find it profitable. Many bloggers say they are not able to sell a single product from their blog and find affiliate marketing is not for them.

If you also think this way then have you think why you are not able to sell product? Most of the time bloggers fail because of choosing wrong product to promote. Now you may be thinking what wrong product is, you are trying to sell the most popular product in market so how it can be wrong product.

It’s not about selling popular product it’s about choosing popular product from your blog niche. For example if you blog niche is about health and you are promoting software on your blog then why people will buy that product even you are promoting popular software. Your visitors are not interested in software they are interested in health so you should promote product related to health.

There is one more thing when you promote product that is again choosing right product. You are running health blog and you are promoting affiliate product related to health but it still may not convert. Yes your blog is related to health and you are promoting product related to health but what exact you are writing about and what exact you are selling. For example, if you have written a great article about Acne and on that page you are promoting product related to Dental then how your visitor for that page will find this product interesting. If you have written on “Acne” then you should promote product related to “Acne” then you will find good conversions for that product.

Promote Products Related to your Website Niche

How to Find Products Related to your Blog Niche?

There are plenty of affiliate programs online and finding the right product can be difficult. First you should try to promote product listed on affiliate networks this will help you find products related to your website niche at one place and you can check how that products are performing.

Here I am going to give example how to find right product related to your blog niche on As you may know is popular marketplace to buy, sell and promote thousands of products and it can be the best place to start promoting affiliate products.

To find product on go to clickbank marketplace. Here you will find categories menu in left click on category related to your blog niche, here I am choosing Health & Fitness category as above I have given example related to health.

How to Choose Right Affiliate Product to Promote?


You will find product list sorted by popularity. High gravity score means that product is popular in that category. Now it don’t means that the product with high gravity can be profitable to promote you have still not found product related to your niche.


Click Bank Gravity Score


On clickbank category page you will see Find product box, now enter your blog niche keyword say “Acne” and choose current category option and click find.


Click Bank Search


You will find various related product related to your keyword with Gravity score etc. But this list is not sorted according popularity; it is listed according keyword relevancy. Now you have to check product with good gravity score or more relevant to your blog niche.
You can also choose sub category from main category section but it may not show exact product you are searching for.

Now you have related product list but still you should dedicate some time to check product related to your niche one by one and note down most attractive product with good landing page. If landing page for that product is designed well and say most of the things about that product and you feel this product can convert you can start promoting that product.

Important Note: Don’t just look for high paying affiliate product. If one product is paying 50% to its affiliate and other is paying only 30% then don’t just choose product which is paying 50%. Go in depth and choose the great product even if that product is paying less to affiliate but is with good conversion then it can be more profitable for you.

I am waiting for your affiliate sales and if you are getting some or not then please share your experience with us.

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