15 Best Web Analytics Tools to Build Better Site

A proper and sound website traffic analysis is one of the most essential requisites for being successful in the online world. For this, you require a comprehensive Web Analytics Tools that can easily provide you with all relevant traffic details for your website.

Here, we have collected for you 15 Best Web Analytics Tools that can prove immensely useful for keeping track of traffic details of your website.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of Website traffic tracking tools that are available over the Internet, and this is the very reason which makes it a complex task to research the best web traffic tracking system that suits your business requirements.

Whether you are a blogger or are running your online business, you invariably require a powerful Website Analytics Tool, which can give you in-depth reports about your website traffic. These website traffic reports provide you with all the tracking statistics that are very much essential for the success of your business in the online world.

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Moreover, without performance tracking, you can never get to know where your business is headed or what changes you need to implement for taking your business to the next level. In fact, there are multitudes of questions about your online business that need clear-cut answers so that you can devise marketing strategies that can grow your traffic sources and ultimately your business.

All these online marketing goals can well be achieved by using a right best website analytics tool. In this presentation, we showcase you Best web analytics software that will make it easy for you to get all-around information about your website traffic.

We have done all the hard work and come up with this unique compilation so that you can easily choose the most appropriate website visitors tracking tool for your online business.

In this list, you will find only the best website traffic checkers that are being used by hundreds of thousands of webmasters, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs. We have presented both free as well as paid Web Analytic Tools.

We have also enumerated some of the most prominent features of each of these tools that will help you easily to pick the most worthy traffic analysis tool suitable for your business.

So, let’s see these 15 Best Web Analytic Tools:

15 Best Web Analytics Tools for your Website


1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is easily the most reputed, reliable and the most widely used free Web Analytic Tool providing you strong results across all your sites, apps, and offline channels. By using Google Analytics, you can easily turn your customer’s insights into real gains. It not only lets you measure sales and conversions but also provides insights into how visitors find and use your website.

It has comprehensive tools such as Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution which tell you everything that you want to know about your online campaigns. Moreover, it provides a detailed analysis of your online campaigns so that you know the exact impact it made on your visitors. Overall, it helps you to build your audience with valuable insights.

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Google Analytics Web Analytics Tools

2. KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is another very powerful website visit tracker tool that helps you to have a detailed analysis of your website traffic and thus optimize your online marketing efforts. It helps you track visitors’ behavior and see how visitors behave in multiple visits. Using KISSmetrics, you can easily track the movements of your visitors throughout your website. It provides detailed stats and various kinds of reports showcasing you their visit patterns and behavior changes. It also lets you identify the roadblocks that your visitors face while surfing your website.


3. Clicky

Clicky is a “Real Time” Web, Analytics Tool. With Clicky, you can monitor, analyze, and react to your website traffic in real time. It provides you live stats about your website traffic and so you can learn how visitors interact with your website in real time which enables you to respond to new media mentions, ad campaigns and much more. Everything in Clicky is “Real Time”.

Further up, Clicky provides you detailed reports on every segment of visitors and so you come to know what’s working and what’s not for your website. Clicky provides you the facility to analyze each visitor individually as well as you can also view their full history. It even comes up with comprehensive heat map data which is again real time. It provides on-site analytics together with uptime monitoring and is fully easy to use.


4. Mint

Mint is a powerful self-hosted website traffic Analytics Tool. It comes as a paid Web Analytical Tool and costs $30 per website. Mint delivers the benefit of real-time website statistics which is not available with free Google Analytics. It makes tracking site visitors easy. You come to know from where your site visitors are coming from and what pages they are surfing. It provides comprehensive visitor history. Site activity can be tracked for a day, week, month and year as total page views and also unique visitors. It even provides tons of add-ons and lots of other attractive features, as well.


5. Chartbeat

Chartbeat is one such Web Analytics Tool that lets you capture and capitalize on your audience’s attention. It works on the principle that your audience’s attention is worth more than their clicks. So, by using Chartbeat you come to know instantly when you’re the best content is capturing and holding your audience attention.

It comes with a suite of audience building tools which help you to track your audience’s actual behaviors. It provides Real-Time Analytics together with great Audience Insights. You get to track trends and can gain insights from your successes through report building and performance benchmarking.


6. Woopra

Woopra is another very powerful Real-Time traffic Analytics Tool. It offers several paid options and also a limited period freebie option, as well. It is available as a desktop application and provides live visitors statistics including useful web analysis such as where your visitors are from, what pages they are surfing now, what pages or posts they have viewed on your website, and also the Web Browser they are using. Plus, you can also interact live with individual site visitors which is a great facility for e-commerce websites.


7. Piwik

Piwik is a unique open-source Analytics Tool that runs on PHP and MySQL. It uses plugin mechanism, and so it is thoroughly customizable. Moreover, it also presents a customizable user interface. You get absolute control on your data as all the data gets stored on your own server. It serves you with real-time traffic reports. With Piwik, you can even block traffics, IP Addresses, as well as URLs. Further up, it can track many websites and even allows you to export data in many formats such as PHP, Excel, and XML.


8. Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is an open source and free downloadable application for website traffic analysis. It can track multiple websites and is filled with a plethora of features which makes it a formidable Website Analytics Tool. You get absolute control over your website’s data analysis as the data is not shared with any third party. It very much resembles Google Analytics. However, it is inclined towards tech-savvy users.

Open Web Analytics

9. GoSquared

GoSquared is a powerful and feature-rich Website visitor Analytics Tool that measures visitor engagement. It provides actionable metrics that is very much essential for e-commerce websites. GoSquared delivers real-time reporting system, and thus you get to know visitor behaviors, traffic spikes, social trends and much more, all in real time. With its powerful tools, GoSquared tells you how long a visitor has stayed on your website. It provides a very user-friendly interface and provides real-time analysis. It also comes with integrated chat support.


10. StatCounter

StatCounter is a powerful and reliable Web Analytics Tool. It can be customized based on your data requirements and delivers real-time traffic stats and thus enables you to gather info about your visitors in real time. It provides simple aggregate stats as well as detailed analysis about your visitors.

It provides information such as incoming search keywords, popular pages, and inbound links. It also provides info about users’ geographical location, the number of pages accessed by them, their entry and exit page. You also get info about the search engine that sent traffic to your website. StatCounter also tracks your visitors’ IP addresses in real-time.

StatCounter Web Analytics Tool

11. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is another very potent real-time analytics tool measuring user engagement. It helps you understand every user’s journey and offers instant insights for everyone on mobile and web.

It allows you to follow the digital footprint of every user across mobile and web devices. You come to know what happens inside your product. Mixpanel performs complex behavioral analysis and provides answers in seconds.

With Mixpanel, product analytics is at its very best. You can instantly know how users engage with what you build. It offers the opportunity to understand your customers better.

Moreover, you get to improve acquisition and activation flows. With Mixpanel, you can drive up customer retention and revenue. It focuses on measuring user engagement to help you understand your users better.

Mixpanel has a free plan for up to 25000 Data points.

Mixpanel Web Analytics Software

12. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is another company from Neil Patel who is the co-owner at KISSmetrics. CrazyEgg offers many ways to see how people navigate on your site.

It offers a few “maps” from which you can come to know how your visitors are browsing:

Heatmap: It provides a picture showing where visitors clicked on your site. So, you come to know what’s hot and what’s not allowing you to make changes for increasing conversions.

Scroll map: The scroll map shows you how far down the page people are scrolling. So, you can make out where precisely visitors abandon the page.

Confetti: It lets you distinguish all the clicks that you get on your site which can be segmented by referral sources, search terms, and more.

Overlay: The overlay report shows you the number of clicks on each element of your page.

So, CrazyEgg is one of the best ways for getting a visual representation of all important clicks on your site.

CrazyEgg Website Analytics Software

13. ClickTale

ClickTale is one such awesome tool that lets you know how your customers or visitors are interacting with your site. Using ClickTale, you can make out exactly what interactions they’ve had with your site. ClickTale allows you to see what your visitors did while they were on your site. It helps you to visualize their interactions with your on-page content.

With ClickTale, you can make out what parts of your site draw attention and which parts get totally ignored. ClickTale helps you to tap into the behavior of your visitors so that you can deliver amazing digital experiences to your customers.

With their unique behavioral data, clear visualization, and top-class customer experience expertise, you get concrete answers to many of your critical questions to maximize success on every digital channel.

ClickTale combines cognitive computing, data science, applied psychological research, and best-in-class visualizations to quantify, prioritize, and innovate superior experiences.

ClickTale Web Analytics

14. Gauges

Gauges is another very popular website analytics tool that provides you with the most important web traffic stats – in real time. It is updated live as each view comes in. You don’t even have to refresh the dashboard. No need to wait for today’s metrics!

Gauges offer user-friendly and intuitive UI making it easy to monitor multiple sites at once and get the required info you need.

Moreover, Gauges focuses on the most actionable website traffic metrics. You come to know how many visitors come to your website, from where they come from, and where they go. You get to have simple and clean stats overview of all websites in one dashboard. It tracks real-time visits and activities.

Price: $6 – $48 per month.

Gauges Website Analytics

15. eTracker

eTracker is a complete web analytics tool that offers real-time stats combining qualitative and quantitative analysis so that you can get all the info you need for evaluating your site’s traffic.

eTracker goes on to track your visitors’ mouse movement or motion and shows you how your visitors view your website.

It can even measure your search marketing campaigns easily and track ROI. eTracker collect feedback from your visitors to help improve website usability. It gives you socio-demographic analysis of your visitors.

eTracker can record and report suspicious activities like click fraud. It offers real-time stats and is loaded with campaign tracking features. Its heatmap feature shows you the weak spots as well as popular sections of your website.

eTracker can automatically integrate with Google AdWords for reporting campaign progress and effectiveness. It can track mouse movements for analyzing visitor engagement. eTracker even allows you to survey targeted groups.

eTracker Web Analytics Tool

We surely hope that you would have found this presentation on Best Web Analytics Tools highly useful. We believe that it will assist you in selecting a right Web Analytics Tool that fulfills your business requirements.

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