150 Blog Post Ideas to Attract More Visitors to Your Blog

It’s always a daunting task to constantly develop great blog post ideas. That’s why we are here to share with you 150 Blog Post Ideas to Attract More Visitors to Your Blog. It will help you to jumpstart your content marketing.

It will allow you to have a month’s worth of blog post topics with you. So, you don’t need to worry, “What should I write about today?”

Blog Post Ideas

150 Blog Post Ideas

It’s a long list of blog post ideas, so let’s start immediately.

#1: Present a solution to a problem that your target customer is facing

#2: Write about tools or applications that you have recently used to improve your workflow

#3: You can write about technological developments that can shape your industry in the coming decade

#4: You can share useful tips for bonding with your team

#5: You can come up with a list of your favorite things. It could be your favorite foods, your favorite movie, or anything else making a great post

#6: You can offer your wisdom for handling tough situations

#7: Come up with an inspiring article on your blogging article

#8: Write about helpful books that you have recently read

#9: Write a post on how you have changed your working style over the years

#10: Examine a quote that changed your outlook on life

#11: Write about something that you’ve never told anyone before

#12: Try something new and blog about it

#13: Write about the most beneficial things that you learned last year

#14: Review the goals that you had set last year and report on your progress

#15: Post an interview with a famous person

#16: Come up with a resource post

#17: Share useful insights on how your readers can improve their routines

#18: Come up with an in-depth guide. For example, you can write a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog

#19: Compare and contrast products or services

#20: Tell your readers how you started and grew your business. It will help you to develop a powerful connection with your audience that can remain intact for years to come

#21: Come up with posts where you rank the “top ten” of something

#22: Write about what helps you to be creative

#23: Share your personal or company values

#24: Travel the world and post as you go. You can post pictures and updates. You can write about local cuisine or can even review your accommodations

#25: You can discuss a process with your audience, step by step

#26: Unveil your mission to the world and explain what the future holds for you as a brand

#27: You can tell the world what you think of some recent events

#28: You can take up the questions that people ask you in email

#29: Share out your plans and dreams for the year

#30: Share your life’s success stories and even utter failures

#31: Share the top things they should know when they’re about to start in your field

#32: Describe where you see your business in 25 years

#33: Disapprove a theory or myth

#34: Come up with a list of top things that you wish you had known when you started

#35: Share with your audience the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received

#36: Take some existential questions and write about it. Your readers will appreciate it when they come to know the “bigger” purpose

#37: Write about the history of your industry

#38: Share with your readers the roadmap to success in your industry

#39: Choose a date in history and share with your readers what happened on that day

#40: Share what you have learned about

#41: Share the similarities and differences between your industry and another

#42: Share the secrets behind your blog’s success

#43: Share the terms in your industry that require explaining

#44: Share the causes that you support and write about why they mean so much to you

#45: You can come up with a full biography about yourself

#46: Share a list of top influencers to follow in your industry

#47: Come up with a list of time-tested wisdom about your niche

#48: You can offer financial advice and share examples of your budget

#49: You can compile quotes on a specific topic

#50: You can compare a famous character or even a movie with your brand

#51: Feature your most successful posts

#52: Make a compilation of the best blog posts that you have read lately

#53: Create an office playlist and explain to your readers why you have chosen each song

#54: How do you plan to spend the winnings of a lottery?

#55: You can share some funny posts or videos that you found lately

#56: Give people a glimpse of your workspace

#57: Put your work up as a writer or a poet

#58: Share your recent travel experience

#59: Come up with a list of movies that everyone in your industry should watch and why

#60: Tell people how to protect their blogs from hackers

#61: Discuss your hobbies outside of work

#62: You can share your favorite Emojis and tell your readers how you like to use them

#63: You can summarize other bloggers’ posts and ideas. You should give credit where it is due, of course.

#64: Create a survey or quiz for your readers

#65: Compile a list of jokes about your industry

#66: Come up with a list of common mistakes in your niche

#67: Create an infographic

#68: Come up with a list of top tweets by industry experts from last year

#69: Show appreciation to your followers and dedicate posts to them

#70: Write about a product review

#71: Come up with a list of the top “ten” most influential people in your industry

#72: Come up with a series of posts if you know it’s going to be long

#73: Come up with a longer version of Twitter posts

#74: Share your insights about geographic or cultural trends that are shaping your industry

#75: Post links directing to the latest technological breakthroughs

#76: Share the biggest trends in your industry

#77: Highlights ways by which people can augment their health at the office

#78: Share your most successful social media posts

#79: Write about what you are particularly passionate about in your industry

#80: Compile a list of the best internet holidays that are related to your niche

#81: Blog about completely useless facts

#82: Come up with your opinion on a modern debate

#83: Compile some of the funniest memes in your industry

#84: Share your income as well as traffic numbers with your followers

#85: Come up with predictions about your industry

#86: Share your reaction about a blog post that you disagreed with recently

#87: Write about the top Ten Commandments of your industry

#88: Compile a list of common misconceptions in your industry

#89: Write about your company’s history

#90: Share with your readers about any outstanding industry events recently

#91: Write your experience with a Time Machine

#92: Reveal interesting facts about well-known subjects

#93: Where do you see your venture in the coming five years?

#94: Explain the idea behind your company name or your logo

#95: Write about the origins of a major company

#96: What’s the difference between your company and your competitors?

#97: Profile members of your team who have helped you

#98: List stereotypes that should go away

#99: Write about creative uses of your product

#100: Educate your customers by writing a well-written buyer’s guide

#101: Describe your biggest mistakes and what you learned from them

#102: Share a product update

#103: Assemble the best customer testimonials about your product or service

#104: Compile a list of ultimate hacks

#105: Write about the most haunted locations around the world

#106: Share a Case Study

#107: Write about some tips for using your product

#108: Share the ups and downs of running your business

#109: Write everything about your favorite animal

#110: Write about your favorite movies

#111: Compile a list of your favorite tools, apps, blogs, and websites

#112: Write about your dream house

#113: Write about your favorite childhood memory

#114: Come up with a checklist that’s related to your industry

#115: Write about your favorite songs

#116: What’s your greatest success in life so far?

#117: Give tips for networking with people in your niche

#118: You can post funny pictures of your pets

#119: What’s your idea of a “perfect” day?

#120: Come up with a case study on your last marketing campaign and share what you learned

#121: Come up with a list of do’s and don’ts for people that want to build a career in your industry

#122: Create your Superhero

#123: Write about the things that make you happy

#124: Come up with a list of top skills that will be in demand in your industry in the coming years

#125: What are the things that you have learned from your parents?

#126: Come up with a list of ultimate resources for your niche

#127: Write about the ridiculous phobias

#128: Write about your fitness routine

#129: Elaborate on the history of your industry

#130: Write posts taking other perspectives

#131: You can share resume-writing tips

#132: Select a popular article on your blog, then add to it

#133: You can write about the benefits as well as drawbacks of cryptocurrency

#134: You can share relaxation tips for the overworked professional

#135: What are the things that you can’t live about?

#136: Come up with a list of top terms and acronyms that are used in your industry

#137: Predict the future and back up your claims

#138: How do you relax after a long day?

#139: How has SEO changed for your niche in 20__?

#140: Post about clever “life hacks.”

#141: Write about your favorite YouTube Channels

#142: Share your hobbies

#143: Embed the top YouTube Videos in your industry into a post

#144: Create a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter

#145: Highlights tips for increasing your efficiency

#146: Share a post about the top podcasts in your industry

#147: Write about the top online courses that are related to your niche

#148: Make a timeline and share the biggest events that have changed your industry

#149: Highlight the top 10 things that you’d like to change about your industry

#150: Write about the most recent changes in your industry

Well, that’s it. We must say that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds and hundreds of blog post ideas that can be useful to you. It’s a post that can keep you going for months. Now, it’s time for you to pick up these blog post ideas and pen them down to share with your readers.

We must share with you that you need to come up with quality content, and that’s too regularly.

There is no other way around it.

You simply have to come up with “enough” content for your blogs to keep them alive and full of visitors.

“Content is King” for sure, and you probably know this fact, but it sometimes becomes challenging to come up with great content ideas.

However, there is a silver lining to it.

There are many techniques that, when followed, will help you to come up with new content ideas and will make the content marketing process easy for you.

If you find it difficult to get blog post ideas for your blog, then read on as we present you numerous ways of getting new content ideas that will help you to reach new heights of success in the online world.

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Different ways to get Content Ideas

1. Ask Your Followers

You eventually write for your followers or target audience. So, asking them what they want in your blog post is a great idea.

They have their questions, needs, and goals, and it is always better to develop content around it to answer their doubts and queries.

You derive two-fold advantages from it. First, you get blog content ideas, and second, your blog content is instantly liked, shared, and promoted by your targeted audience.

2. Facebook Group

This can be another very powerful medium for getting blog content ideas. So, go on and build your Facebook Group. Make a point to encourage conversation and keep on adding people.

As your Facebook Group grows, you get to have numerous new ideas for your blog. Their very questions and posts will serve as a guideline for new content ideas for you.

You can also join other Facebook groups related to your website niche to get some more content ideas.

3. Use Blog Search Engines

Blog search engines like Technorati and BlogCatelog can help you with niche-specific content ideas. You can segment your search according to your niche and find blogs matching your category or niche.

You can derive inspiration from all the related blogs in your niche, and then it becomes easy for you to create new content ideas from it.

4. Search for Infographics

Infographics can serve as a great starting point for new blog content ideas. You can get lots of infographics related to your topic on Pinterest.

So, if you are searching for content ideas on social media, you have to type in the search term (here, social media) followed by infographics, and you are bound to get hundreds of awesome infographics on your topic.

5. Use Forums

Forums are a storehouse of information. In Forums, people come for solutions to their problems. They ask questions and get relevant and useful answers for them.

Forums can be your goldmine for new content ideas too. The information supplied in Forums can be used for creating blog content ideas. You get to know what people are asking and looking for so you can frame your content ideas and posts around it.

For this, you have to search Google to find out forums related to your topic. You need to key in “(your topic) forum” in Google and hit enter. Check out the top results, which have loads of views and replies. You can then use this information to create new blog post ideas for your blog.

6. Check out Quora

Quora.com can be another great place where you can find hundreds of content ideas related to your niche. It presents several articles related to a topic, so you get to have diverse points of view.

Your knowledge is enriched, and you feel encouraged to come up with unique and new content ideas. So, you need to look for Quora topics that relate to your niche.

7. Read Other Blogs in Your Niche

One of the key techniques for becoming productive and creative is to read other blogs in your niche. This helps to enrich your knowledge and thus makes it easy for you to come up with new content ideas regularly.

You should develop the habit of visiting new blogs (in your niche) daily. This way, you come to know what topics the other bloggers are writing about and also get a chance to connect with their owners.

8. Blog Comments

It is another place where you can get blog post ideas.

So, you should make a point to go through the blog comments, whether they are from your blog or related to other blogs.

Blog comments are filled with users’ views and feedback and can serve as a starting point for new blog posts.

9. Content that you have already shared on Twitter

Find out which of your blog posts have got the most number of tweets or retweets. Carry out further research on such posts and topics and come up with entirely new content based on them.

10. Do Keyword Research

You should research low-competition keywords in your niche and base your articles or blog posts around them. You can take the help of free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner.

11. Use Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon provides the “Discover” option, which you can use to find the latest trends and content specific to your niche.

12. Check out Speaking Events

Speaking Events can be considered a goldmine of the latest information. So check out webinars, workshops, and podcasts, which can be a source of endless content ideas for you.

13. Use LinkedIn

You can join groups on LinkedIn which are related to your niche. They can help you with various topics in your niche. It will be most appropriate for you if you join LinkedIn Groups with many members and active discussions.

14. Search for Top Blogs in your Niche

Finding the top blogs in your niche helps tremendously to come up with new blog post ideas. So, do a little bit of Google and find out the top blogs in your niche. Then search for such posts which have lots of comments and interaction, which signifies that they are popular and be used for content creation ideas.

15. Recycling Your Content

The Internet is fast-paced and changes quickly. It might happen that the content you had created earlier might have become outdated and needs an update.

It is a good idea to recycle your content so that it remains relevant for your visitors. You can update your blog post, do a podcast on it, including a video, etc.

16. RSS Feed

You can also subscribe to the RSS Feed of some of the top bloggers in your niche so that you always have fresh content ideas with you.

17. Yahoo Answers

It is a very good source of information. You can check out which questions have been answered and use them further as new content ideas.

18. Guest Posting

If you do not wish to do research or lack the zeal to write, then you have another viable option: Guest Posting. You can invite friends in your niche to do guest posting for you. This way, you can get new content for your blog.

19. YouTube

You can embed videos from YouTube into your blog. You can even add a summary to it and go on to enumerate the important points discussed in it. In this way, you can get a content idea and relevant video for the content.

20. Study the Leaders

You can study the top leaders in your industry. They are a storehouse of information. You can learn many important aspects related to your niche. This way, you can enrich your knowledge.

So, you see that there are numerous ways by which you can get content ideas. However, you should be selective in choosing the techniques for finding new blog post ideas to take full advantage of the methods with a minimum investment of your time and effort.

You have to make sure that you never run out of content ideas. The different ways of getting content ideas, as described above, will help you to be full of content ideas at all times. This way, you will be able to deliver unique and quality content and that too regularly.

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How to Copy Blog Post Idea?

So, how can you copy the blog post topic?

The answer is simple: Read other blogs related to your blog niche, see what they are writing, and get post ideas from those blogs.

Copying post topics can’t be a good idea for a lot of bloggers, but it is the easiest way to get blog post ideas.

Copying blog post topic is not about writing the same things as other bloggers have written but getting an idea of what else we can write on the same topic.

Have you watched any movies from the Harry Potter series? I think everyone has watched at least any movie from the Harry Potter series.

The movie topic is the same, but are all those movies a copy of each other? No, the topic is the same, but every series has a new story.

The same applies to copy article topics.

You are just getting the idea for an article topic, but that article can contain different aspects, it can share your knowledge about that topic.

For example, you are searching for a topic idea and visiting blogs in your niche. You found an article on “How to boost Twitter traffic.”

You also have some good knowledge of Twitter, generating a lot of traffic from Twitter, but your strategies are different from those you had read on another blog.

Now you have an article topic, and you can write a unique article that can give good value to your visitors.

You have just taken a topic idea, but the article is not a copy of a different article. It is what you want, just a topic idea, and when you write on that topic, everything is new, so it can’t be a copy of a different blog.

Another example: you read an article on a different blog, which is about “New Google Algorithms Changes,” and that blog post does not agree with an action taken by Google and feels that algorithms are useless.

Your view is Google is taking the right steps to improve search quality. Now, you can get a good idea for your next blog post, and you will write on “How Google Algorithms can Improve search results,” which will talk about good things, not negative ones. It can be vice versa also.

Getting post ideas from other blogs is not copying if you are writing it with a different aspect and different style or for a different purpose.

Copying post ideas can be a good way to write a quality blog post. However, ultimately it’s your decision. We have shared several methods to get content ideas for your blog(s).

Now, you need to figure out which method(s) suits you. You can even use the blog post ideas that we have shared above. It will ensure that you never run out of blog post ideas.

Ultimately, you want to dish out quality content for your target audience. Herein, we have shared many options with you that can prove helpful to you.

So, get going.

It’s your turn to rock and make the most out of these blog post ideas!

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