Earn Big with Bluehost Affiliate Program

I can safely presume that you have joined the online world to make big money.

Isn’t it so.

If I am not wrong then stay with me, as here, I show you how to make money with Bluehost Affiliate Program. Yes, you can make money with Bluehost Affiliate Program.

Well, there are quite a many methods to make money online.

However, Affiliate Marketing is by far the best way to make big sums of money in the online world.

The most surprising element is the fact that many bloggers and webmasters don’t take the benefit of Affiliate Marketing. Add to that, many of them don’t even know that web hosting affiliate is one of the highest paying affiliate programs available.

In fact, almost every web hosting company offers affiliate programs. Bluehost affiliate program is probably the best as it offers one of the highest commissions to affiliate marketers.

Let me tell you that Bluehost is one of the most reputed and popular web hosting companies. Anyone setting up a website would need the services of a web hosting company.

So, it makes a lot of sense to know how to make money with Bluehost Web Hosting Affiliate Program. Moreover, if you are new to Affiliate Marketing and can’t figure out what to promote to earn a decent amount, let me tell you that Bluehost Affiliate Program give you a serious opportunity to make big sums of commission.

But before I go into the details of Bluehost Affiliate Program, let me introduce – What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is for the benefit of those newbie bloggers and webmasters who are new to Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing methodology wherein website owners promote third party products on their websites or blogs. When the website owner registers a sale, they earn a commission out of those sales. This is how Affiliate Marketing works.

For example, you choose Bluehost Affiliate Program and promote it on your website. Whenever a visitor to your site, clicks on the affiliate link and buys Bluehost web hosting service, you will get a commission on that sale. It is called Affiliate Marketing.

So, you see that Affiliate Marketing is immensely rewarding. You get a handsome commission for promoting third party products on your website whenever there is a sale through your affiliate link. It’s so simple.

How much Bluehost pays to its Affiliate per sale?

Bluehost web hosting affiliate program offers one of the highest affiliate commissions. Its offers $65 per sale as commission to its affiliates.

Yes, it is $65 per sale.

It is just for a single sale through your affiliate account.

So, if you make ten sales through your affiliate account in a month, the amount that is payable to you would be $650.

And if you double that figure, that is 20 sales per month; the amount would be $1300.

For 30 sales in a month, the amount would reach to a figure of $1950.

This is a good amount considering it’s a commission on referral.

Moreover, if you are making 5-10 sales per month, they can even increase your sales bounty to over 100-125$+.

In fact, in 2015 alone, Bluehost had paid over $5 million to its affiliate.

So, you stand a good opportunity to make a big sum of money by joining Bluehost web hosting affiliate program.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Why Bluehost pays such a high commission to its Affiliates?

You must be wondering why Bluehost pays such a high commission to its Affiliate. It is as much as $65 per sale. And that is a good amount by any standards.

Well, you should remember that it is a one-time payment that they make to the Affiliates for a lifelong customer that you gave to them.

Although in the first year of providing web hosting services to its customers, Bluehost earns roughly around 25-35$ per customer, but that’s not going to stop. A customer who has taken web hosting services from Bluehost is most likely to continue the service in the second, third and consecutive years.

So, Bluehost is getting a lifelong customer by just paying $65 to Affiliates. It is termed as the cost of acquisition. Other than that, they have not done any expenditure in acquiring the customer.
Thus, if you calculate the actual profit that is coming in from one customer, it would amount to a good figure. Plus, they are also successful in expanding their customer base. So, the Affiliate Model proves profitable to Bluehost in the long run.

That’s the reason; they are willing to pay $65 per sale to Affiliates.

How the Sales get tracked?

Once you become Bluehost Affiliate, you are provided with a dedicated (unique) affiliate link.

It is this affiliate link (that is provided to you by Bluehost) which goes on to track the sales made by you.

When you share this affiliate link with your readers, and when someone clicks on this link, they are redirected to Bluehost’s website.

Now, if the visitor happens to buy Bluehost web hosting (by going through your affiliate link), the sale is counted on your name.

You get an email from Bluehost confirming that you have made a sale.

You can see all the statistics of your sales from the Bluehost Affiliate Dashboard.

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How to sign-up for Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Signing up for Bluehost Affiliate Program is pretty easy, and it just takes few minutes.

To become Bluehost Affiliate, you need to have a PayPal Account to get paid. Plus, a new partner is required to provide his tax information.

To become Bluehost Affiliate, head to this link:


Here, you will see a signup button.

Click on the Signup button.

You will be directed to Affiliate Signup Form.

Here, you will need to fill your username, password, email address, and PayPal Account information.

Bluehost Affiliate Signup

After filling the signup form, you will be redirected to your newly created dashboard. Here, you need to submit your tax information.

Your application then goes for approval.

Once your application is approved, Bluehost will inform you via email. You can then start creating your affiliate links and banners.

How to withdraw your Bluehost Affiliate Earnings?

Bluehost Affiliate Earnings can be withdrawn via:

1. Paypal
2. Wire Transfer

How to increase your Bluehost Affiliate Earnings?

1. Use banners on your blog/website. You can choose from tons of free banners from Bluehost’s Affiliate Section.
2. You can write high-quality Bluehost reviews on your blog and use Bluehost Affiliate Link within the post.
3. Usually, Bluehost offers huge discounts on occasions like Christmas, Black Friday, etc. So, you can write instant reviews on sales on your blog and can get a good spike in your affiliate sales.
4. You can even announce the prizes for every new customer.
5. You can run your affiliate campaign on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.


So, Bluehost Affiliate Program provides you a good opportunity to make big sums of money. You should capitalize on this opportunity. It would be better if you set a goal for yourself. You will then take the desired steps to market Bluehost web hosting program in the right manner. I hope the presentation on, How to make money with Bluehost Affiliate Program proves immensely useful to you.

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